Top 7 Places To Visit In North-Sikkim

You are visiting many places but there is a place in India where a slice of heaven is earned by Sikkim. The place is filled with beautiful mountains, a variety of flowers, lakes and rivers. The natural beauties of Sikkim were out of the imagination.

Sikkim, India’s 2nd smallest state and situated in the north-east of India. It has a colorful history to match its ethereal scenery.

There are some famous places you should visit when you travel to north Sikkim.

The top 7 famous places are: 

  1. Lachung
  2. Yumthang valley
  3. Gurudongmar Lake
  4. Zero Point
  5. Bhim nala falls
  6. Cholamu Lake
  7. Seven sister waterfall



Lachung is a town & hill station in northeast Sikkim. It is located in the north Sikkim district near the border with Tibet. This place is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the entire Himalayan region. It is an ideal place for those who love nature. Also this place is famous for its apples, peaches & apricots , and also known for its tourist attraction

Best time to visit: Best time to visit Lachung in the season of October-June. Heavy snowfall & continuous fog can be seen during these days.

How it is worthy: View of snowfall, mountains, Lachung river, trekking and hiking make it worthy for visitors .

How to reach: Lachung does not have its own railway station, but the nearest station is New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) where major trains from Guwahati and West Bengal are very well connected. Lachung is another 127 km away from New Jalpaiguri. Private cabs as well as public buses ply from here.

2.Yumthang valley

Yumthang valley

Yumthang valley is called the “Valley of flowers” of Sikkim. This place is amongst the most famous tourist destinations in Sikkim because of its unique location above the line where no trees grow. Each changing season changes the landscape and beauty of the place.

How to reach: Travelers may choose to travel via New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, which is located around 190 km from the capital, and is accessible through buses and taxis. From Gangtok, a cab change is required to proceed to the village of Lachung, from where Yumthang is a mere 2-hour drive away.

Best time to visit: February to June is a good time to visit the Yumthang valley as the flowers are in full bloom.

3.Gurudongmar lake

Gurudongmar lake in north Sikkim

Gurudongmar lake is one of the highest lakes in India, located at an altitude of 17,800 ft in sikkim.It is considered holy by both Sikhs and Buddhists. As per the Sikhs, it was believed that the lake was visited by Guru Nanak and was blessed by him. It also has great religious significance attached to it, and the beautiful views of Mountains are soul soothing.

How to reach: The nearest railhead is New Jalpaiguri, the distance between New Jalpaiguri to Gurudongmar Lake is 262km then to travel by road directly to this lake from New Jalpaiguri, travelers can opt for a rented cab or taxi from a reliable car rental agency.

Things to do in this place: sightseeing, Trekking, Thangu valley and more things to do in Gurudongmar valley.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Gurudongmar Lake is from March to June. As the weather is pleasant and one can see clear crystal blue skies.

4.Zero Point

Zero point

Zero point is one of India’s best places to visit. The snow filled mountains, rivers and marvelous scenic views make zero point worthy. Zero point is also known as Yume Samdong. It is the last outpost of civilization where three rivers meet. These areas are around the India-China border. Here the temperature is reduced to absolute zero.

Things to know before you going to zero ponit: Zero point stands an altitude of 15,300 ft above sea level. Since these areas are around the India-China border, it is heavily guarded by the Army. Therefore, visitors require special permits to enter into these areas under special and tight protection.

How it is worthy: The beautiful confluence of three rivers, surrounded by snow-clad mountains and marvelous scenic views make Zero Point worthy.

Best time to visit: February to June is a good time to visit zero point(Yume Samdong). That’s the Time when thousands of colorful flowers are found blooming, spreading fresh vibes, and you can witness the real natural beauty of the place.

5.Bhim nala falls

Bhim nala fall

Bhim nala falls is a waterfall near Lachung in the north Sikkim district. The waterfall is situated at an altitude of around 8,600 ft above sea level and is surrounded by green forest, mountains & Valleys. The sound of the waterfall can be heard from a distance and adds to the area a natural beauty. Bhim Nala Waterfalls is also called Amitabh Bachchan falls due to its height.

How it is worthy: View of water falling from mountains & surrounded by grenny forest make it worthy.

How to reach: The nearest station is New Jalpaiguri where major trains from Guwahati and West Bengal are very well connected. Lachung is another 127 km away from New Jalpaiguri. Distance from lachung bus stand to Bhim nala fall is approx 15 km. Private cabs as well as public buses ply from here.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit this waterfall is during the monsoon season between June and September. During this season the water flow peaks and the surrounding forest & hills are covered with fresh Grenny.

6.Cholamu Lake

Cholamu Lake

It is the highest lake in India and the 14th highest in the world. The lake is purely for nature lovers. The local people consider the lake sacred, which is believed to have healing properties. Cholamu lake can enjoy breathtaking views  of the  surrounding mountains & landscapes. The lake is also home for some varieties of birds and  wildlife.

Things to know before you going to Cholamu lake: The Cholamu lake is at a height of about 5330 meters and is barely about 4 km from the Indo China border, prior permission is required to  visit.

How to reach: This Lake is 80 Kms away from Lachen. From there a taxi would be a convenient option to reach.

Best time to visit: The months of May, June and October are ideal to visit Cholamu Lake. The roads are clear and the weather is also pleasantly warm.

7.Seven sister waterfall

Seven sister waterfall, The view of this waterfall in north-Sikkim is out of the imagination

Seven Sister is a popular waterfall located on the Gangtok- Lachung Highway. The seven different waterfalls are harmoniously arranged sideways. It is also known as “Nohsngithiang fall”. There are seven hills, with an eighth one being created by the erosion of the sea.

How it is worthy: The destination is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view. As the sun starts to set down, the long shadows of the mountains and the orange sky reflect on the Seven Sisters Waterfall, making them even more magical & worthy.

How to reach: Located 32 kilometers away from Gangtok, it takes around 40 minutes drive to travel to Seven Sister Waterfall.

Best time to visit: The Seven Sister Waterfall is best visited during monsoon in the months May – July, when its seven segments are visible in full fledged. This beautiful Waterfall also seems amazing when the snow is melting.

These are the most famous places of North-Sikkim, Where you can explore the beauty of nature with snow-clad mountains, forest and waterfalls.

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