Solo Traveling To Sikkim-A Complete Guide For Solo Traveler

Traveling leaves you speechless Then turns you into a Storyteller. Traveling solo is a nice things to do. It’s Good for our mental health.

The most important thing to do a solo travel that is you meting new people and learn new things .

In this particular article you know the cost of solo traveling, hotel booking process, the best place to visit and many more. So here are some major information below

First of all we will know why you should travel solo?

Enjoy Solitarily the serene view of mountains

Its awesome to try solo traveling because solo traveling gives you more confidence and Its gives you too many positivity. You will learn a various new things like new culture,tradition,meet new people, try new food and many more .

approximate cost of solo travel

So cost of solo traveling is totally dependent on You like how expensive are you staying in hotel how good are you eating and many more things. But i tell you the approximate amount of solo traveling below ?

Traveling cost :-

So i am Telling About 7 Night and 8 Day Packages

( Hear i am Not Telling you the Exact Amount, I’m Telling you the Appointment Cost.)

Total Cost-10k to 15k

Time Duration-7 Nights And 8 Day

Hotel Cost-1k to 1500 (Hear I am Telling About The Cheapest Hotel)

food -Depends on what you Eat

Traveling Charges – Approx 300 to 400 Per Location (its Change when the Pic Traveling Time Come)

Note :- This Cost is Increasing if You Are Buy Something or Do some other activities.

After know the cost about solo traveling to Sikkim let’s talk about traveling part. So hear are some major information about traveling below ?

A Complete Travel Guide for Solo Traveling to Sikkim

a boy walking on mountain

If you want to go to Sikkim by train then you have to get Dawn at Siliguri Junction otherwise then Newjalpaiguri Jonson. If you are travelling through airplane, then land on paying airport.

After getting off the plane or train, You take a taxi to the Gangtok. I am speaking Gangtok because it is the capital of the country, and You can easily go anywhere from this place. After reaching the hotel, take rest now and then start exploring Gangtok. You must first visit MG market(Mahatma Gandhi rode) because it is the best place in Gangtok. It is said that if Gangtok is a body, then MG market is its heart. If you are going to MG Road then you’ll do chilling, you can walk the streets,go shopping and also eat some traditional food.

After visiting MG market, you can go to the Taxi view point. Tashi view point is famous for mountains and valleys. After seeing Tashi View Point, your eyes will be relaxed because the view is such. After exploring MG market and Tasi view point Let’s talk about 10 famous places :-

Top 10 famous place in Sikkim

Enjoy your Morning  with view of sun kissed mountains

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. It’s a really Beautiful place to visit, especially in summer season due to its perfect climate, there are many places to visit in Gangtok itself such as MG road for shopping, also you can take an aerial visit of the town by rope way. Here are the other best place

1-Gangtok (capital of Sikkim)

2-Tsomgo lake

3-Nathu la lake

4-Kanchenjunga base camp

5-Lachen, Lachung and Yumthang Vally


7- Zuluk Velly

8- Teesta River

9- Gurudongmar Lake

10- Goecha La

Tips for solo travelers

-Sometimes it is good to travel alone because at that time you meet your people, you know about the new culture, If you try new things, then it is very good.

-While walking alone, pay attention to your things, pay attention to your belongings, watch like the people around you, Because you do not know anyone at that time.

-In many places, some people will tell you the price of many things very much, then you talk to these local people at that time, ask them and after that decide.

-listen to something in some place you don’t understand any other language other than your own language, then you talk to other people and solve this problem.

-In the end, I will say this much, while walking alone, you will be able to know yourself which will help you a lot in the coming days.

In Short

So now we have known what is solo travel in, How to do solo travel in, what are the things to pay attention to in a solo traveler, What things should be avoided, how to meet people and which are the top 10 best places.

The purpose behind making this solo traveling to Sikkim article is that we I can give you deep knowledge that what is Solo Traveling, How to do Sikkim Solo Travel in and what are the things that can help to a solo traveler.

Sikkim is a very beautiful place, many mountains have a lot of natural beauty present there, according to me, you must do a solo traveling to Sikkim once in your life because when you do solo traveling to Sikkim you will be familiar with nature.

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