Sitala Sasthi- The First Love Marriage In Hindu Culture

Shitalasasthi also known as Sital sasthi is celebrated as the marriage of Shiva and Parvati, a major festival of Utkal Brahmins and Aranyaka Brahmins since ages. It was started 400 years ago in Sambalpur after the king of Sambalpur brought Utkal Srotriya Vaidika Brahmins from Brahmin Sasana villages of Puri district. The localities of Nandapada are the oldest of these Brahmins. They first started Sitalsasti Utsav.

The Hindu festival is in the form of a carnival where people and artists from different walks of life participate, making it more beautiful and bringing out the true colors of life. Every year it is celebrated towards the end of the summer season, the aim being to call the rain Gods to give reprieve from the scorching heat of the Sun.

During the carnival period, Sambalpur attracts tourists from nearby states and abroad also.

A picture of lord Shiva with his barat heading to Maa Parvati for the marriage

Story Behind The First Love Marriage

Long time ago Lord Shiva married to Maa Sati daughter of Daksh who is the son of Lord Brahma. But Raja Daksh don’t like Lord Shiva so he always insult Lord Shiva. One day Raja Daksh insult Lord Shiva and due to insult of Maa Sati Husband Maa Sati takes Agni Snan. After many years Maa Sati reborn as Maa Parvati. Maa Parvati pray for Lord Shiva for 12 years so that she can marry him again, after 12 years of prayer Lord Shiva agree for the marriage on Tithi of Jyestha Sukla Paksa Sasthi. On that day Lord Shiva’ s barat gone to Maa Parvati place where Lord Visnu become Maa Parvati brother and the pandit was the Lord Brahma who have done puja during the wedding. That’s why we celebrate Sitala Sasthi every year as Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati anniversary. This is the story behind the first love marriage in the universe.

A photo of lord shiva and maa parvati

Ceremony Perform During Sitala Sasthi

Picture of lord Shiva during Sitala Sasthi

It’s basically a normal marriage ceremony followed in Hindu culture but the twist is here Lord Shiva don’t have parents because in Vedas is was written lord Shiva is Swayambhu who is self born and the barati of lord Shiva are the Bhoot, Pret and all Hindu god and goddess. And after the marriage over the next day lord Shiva returned to their home with Maa Parvati. In Vedas they also tell us lord Shiva waited for millions of years for Maa Parvati who is the reincarnation of ma sati.

Attraction Of the Shitala Sasthi

  • Folk dance
  • Folk music
  • Forms of other dances and music 
  • Different floats
  • Proper wedding in Hindu Culture

Why We Celebrate Sitala Sathi?

Picture of a barat ritual perform by the people in sitala sasthi

It shows how even the god of destruction Lord Shiva love story. We learn many things from lord Shiva and Maa Parvati marriage. It shows that even god has to wait for millions of years for his love to be reborn. It shows the value of true love to this modern generation people, the sacrifice, even if you are the god you have to wait for your love and many things. Its also known as the first love marriage in the Universe according to the Vedas.

Additional Information About Sitala Sasthi

Place to visit To See Sitala Sasthi

You can visit your near lord Shiva temple to view the ceremony but there are some few placed were they celebrate it like a festival for weeks like:

Time to Visit

It doesn’t have a fixed date it all depends on the Odia calendar like last year it was June 6 2022 and recently this year it was 26 may 2023. so you can see the new calendar in google for the update. Or we can tell that on Jyestha Sukla Paksa Sasthi we celebrate Sitala Sasthi.

A picture of Lord Shiva with Maa Parvati after the marriage ceremony