Chill Vibes and Delicious Bites: (Best Cafes in Kasol)

Kasol is a small yet pleasant town situated in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is famous for its scenic beauty, natural beauty, adventure activities, and vibrant culture. Kasol is located at a height of 1640 m above sea level, nestled between green hills and the Parvati River, which makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. This village is famous for many reasons, including its breath-taking landscapes, culture, spiritual significance, and more.

Kasol is a popular vacation spot in India, and for a good reason. Apart from the beautiful villages and treks nearby, another reason to visit Kasol is simply for the food and café culture! There are a no. of good Cafes in Kasol that are as popular as the village itself and are major crowd-pullers. If you are planning a trip to Kasol, you will want to hit as many cafés as possible.

To help you get started, here are few Cafes which I personally recommend people to visit while visiting Kasol.

1. Moon Dance Café, Kasol

This is one of the maximum applicable cafes for tourists and yet any other interesting thing to do in the city of Kasol, the Moon dance cafe has an first-rate view of the mountains and valleys outdoor, making for an excellent region for conversations and some terrific images of the landscape. Enjoy their extremely good breakfast menu of sparkling bread rolls, scrambled eggs and a number of other mouth-watering dishes with a view to have any foodaholic swooning.

They also serve amazing European, Indian, Israeli, and Italian cuisines. Some of the most sought-after dishes at this café are waffles, crepes, and brownies. This café also serves healthy drinks like papaya juice which can be paired with their yummy Italian dishes.

Location:- Near Bridge, Kasol.

Popular Dishes:- waffles, brownies, crepes, Israeli, German and Italian cuisines

Timing: Monday to Sunday, 10:45 am to 11 pm.

Cost for 2: Rs 650-700 Approx.

2. Panj Tara Bar And Grill, Kasol

Panj Tara Bar And Grill, Kasol

Crazy live shows, fantastic food and lovely vibe. If you are around Kasol, you should definitely visit Panj Tara. This trendy restaurant, Panj Tara Bar & Grill serves multi-cuisine dishes like Dum Biryani, Alfredo Pasta, mushroom risotto, honey chilly potatoes and lamb burger.

Excellent vibe and music and with Parvati river flowing right beside, makes this the best place to visit in Kasol.

Location:- Kasol road, Kasol, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh.

Popular Dishes:- Hakka Noodles, Falafel, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Cheese Garlic Bread and Cocktails

Timing: Monday to Sunday, 9:30 am–11:30 pm

Cost for 2: Rs 700-800 Approx.

3. Yodo Cafe, Kasol

Yodo Cafe, Kasol

This cafe is recommended to Chinese and Indian cuisine lovers. Try their delicious coffee, it’s a must try while visiting Yodo Cafe. The extensive menu at Yodo Cafe has literally everything—from desi breakfast options to Italian and Chinese starters. So, when they said they serve the best food in town, they meant it.

Location:- Near Main Market, Old Bridge, Kasol.

Popular Dishes:- Chicken pizza, chilli mushroom, and Indian-style chicken

Timing:- Monday to Sunday, 10AM-12AM

Cost for 2:- Rs.700-800 Approx.

4. The Evergreen Café, Kasol

The Evergreen Café, Kasol

The Evergreen Cafe is one of the most popular cafes of Kasol which serves mouth-watering Israeli, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and multi-cuisine food. If you have never tasted Israeli and Italian cuisines, you should order a table and try the menu at this restaurant. Visiting here is like a ritual and one of the top things to do in Kasol. The intimate atmosphere of this place allows customers to relax after a hard-working day. This place is famous for great fresh juices, cold coffee, or ginger tea.

Location:-  Manikaran road, Near Forest rest house, New Kasol.

Popular Dishes:- Schnitzel, Special Hummus Mix Platter, Shakshuka, Veg Israeli Platter

Timing:- 10:30 A.M to 10:30 P.M

Cost for 2: Rs. 600 Approx.

5. Off-Limit Cafe, Kasol

Off-Limit Cafe, Kasol

This cafe claims of being the best riverside café in Kasol, Off-Limits Coffee is a special little place sitting calmly on the banks of the Parvati River. It is located is the heart of Kasol. This cafe is Kasol’s first restaurant to offer a range of hemp-infused coffee and food, promising a unique culinary experience for all who visit. The menu is designed to cater to many different palates. This cafe has everything you need for a relaxing vacation. From the outdoor seating area, you can catch some breathtaking views of the Parvati River as you relax and enjoy some delectable dishes.

Location:- Nature Park, Kasol

Popular Dishes:- Hummus Platter, Arrabiata Pasta & Iced Latte

Timing:- Monday to Sunday, 9AM-11PM

Cost for 2:- Rs.500-600 Approx.

6. Caffe’ 9, Kasol

Caffe’ 9

This Cafe is surrounded by the green terrains of Challal, a remote hamlet in Himachal Pradesh Caffe’ 9 is the place where you have a rendezvous with your inner self. After a tiring hike across the valleys and bumpy roads, you can enjoy the luxury of snuggling in a cozy corner by the fireplace and recollect the fond memories of Kasol trip so far.

Location:- Challal Village, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105

Popular Dishes:- Honey lemon tea, Pizza

Timing:- Open 24hrs

Cost for 2:- Rs 750-800 Approx

7. Little Italy Café, Kasol

Little Italy Café, Kasol

If you’re craving Italian food in Kasol, then this is one of the top cafés in Kasol in the Little Israel area, which is famous for its Italian cuisine. Even though this place serves Italian cuisine with an Indian twist, its interior matches with the vibe of the hill station. 

Location: Manikaran Rd, Kasol, Sosan, Himachal Pradesh 175105

Timing:-  8:30 A.M to 11:30 P.M

Popular Dishes:- Grilled Chicken Salad, Farmhouse Pizza, Veg Shakshuka, Mix Sauce Pasta

Cost for 2:- Rs. 1200-1500 Approx.

These multiple cafes in Kasol mentioned above are not just perfect for satisfying your hunger but are an entire experience in themselves, where you can relax, munch and vibe, even as you gaze at some of the most amazing views.
Do visit them while visiting Kasol.

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