Best Tea Points in Ooty- A Taste of Tradition and Innovation

Hi this Nirakar Kar. If you are looking for best tea points in Ooty then this article will provide you some places in Ooty which will likely give you the best experience of tea in Ooty. As you know Ooty is a small town in Southern India’s Tamil Nadu state which has best tea gardens and some places you will get outlets of tea gardens which will provide you the excellent taste of freshly brewed tea.

List of tea points in Ooty

  1. Tea Factory and The tea museum
  2. High Hill Tea
  3. Nilgiri’s tea shop
  4. Buddies café

1. The Tea factory and the Tea museum

image of tea factory and the tea museum Ooty, Tamilnadu.

This is a tea factory where you can see tea manufacturing process. Basically this place have many tea plants in such an immense range which make this place looks fascinating for peoples. Secondly in the museum you will see some of the history of Ooty’s tea. This factory have a outlet where you can enjoy the fresh brewed tea. As i mentioned it’s a factory so you can buy some fresh tea leaves which you can savour at your home.

2. High Hill Tea

Image of High hill tea shop in Ooty

It is a tea shop in Ooty where you will indulge the fabulous taste of fresh Nilgiri tea because as i noted Ooty is famous for it’s raw and fragrant aroma of tea. It has different varieties of tea including ginger, lemon, cardamom, chocolate tea and many more which you can enjoy accordingly and not only this place provide tea but also it has some hand made chocolate, tea powder which you can purchase.

3. Nilgiri’s Tea shop in Ooty

Image of Nilgiri tea shop in Ooty

It is tea shop in Kalhatty Ooty near road side. Here you can have variety of tea with coffee but most importantly you will find here the white Nilgiri tea and also you can buy fresh tea leaves packet. Meanwhile the eye catching nature side to this tea shop is most alluring for you and the picturesque environment is worth travelling for you people.

4. Buddies Café

Image of Buddies cafe and nature view of Ooty tea Garden

It is café near to the botanical garden. If you’re a tea lover then this place has several varieties of tea with coffee. This place is close to garden road, pudumund Ooty. This is a small place where you can enjoy the raw taste of tea as i have mentioned earlier Ooty is a well known place for it’s tea plantations and the natural tea production. The tea costs are available from low range to high range which will suitable for you people to order as per your interest and make some memorable moments with your loved ones.

Thank you so much for reading so far. I hope through this article you will get some ideas on best tea points in Ooty. It’s a great experience for both of us about the insight of Ooty for tea points. If you’re ever travelling to Ooty make sure to follow some online reviews about these tea points that i have mentioned in my article for better updated about the latest outcome.

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