5 Best Biriyani Places in Mangalore- Where Taste Meets Tradition

Hi i am Nirakar Kar come with my new article that is 5 best biriyani places in Mangalore. As we hear about biriyani we always vote for the best quality and taste. Mangalore is city in Karnataka State of Western end of India has a special place on Indian food. Biriyani is a flavorful dish originated in Indian subcontinent.

If you are travelling to Mangalore then checkout the full article to know some best biriyani places in Mangalore where you can fetch extremely delicious biriyani with some different types biriyani.

So let’s start with the article…

5 Best Biriyani Places in Mangalore

1. Bombay Lucky Restaurants, Mohammed Ali Road

Image of chicken biriyani from Bombay Lucky Restaurant

This is a kind of earliest restaurants in Mangalore. The chicken biriyani of this restaurants is so delicious. The cost of dish also fair. The restaurants place at Mohammed ali road, Mangalore. Other items has different ratings but this place is famous for it’s biriyani. With biriyani they provide chicken soup with curd which add up some elegant taste to the plate. so go ahead visit this place if you want to experience a tasty flavorsome biriyani.

  • Address: Mohammed Ali Road, Bunder
  • Items to Try: Chili Chicken, Chicken fries
  • Average Biryani Price: NA
  • Delivery Options: Online & Take away

2. Pallkhi Restaurants

Image from chicken dum biriyani form Pallkhi Restaurant Mangalore

This is a restaurant have excellent biriyani dish. The ambience of this restaurant is really impressive for you to visit. The mouth watering biriyani dish of this restaurants really satisfy you. Here you can have varieties of biriyani with also many delicious food items according to your preferences.

  • Address: Tej Towers, Balmatta Rd Jyothi Cinema, next to Kasturba Medical College
  • Items to Try: Ghee Roast Chicken, Mutton Biriyani
  • Average Biryani Price: NA
  • Delivery Options: Online & Take away

3. Parika Restaurant

Image of a plate of bone less chicken biriyani from Parika Restaurant

This restaurant serve remarkable fresh foods. The chicken dum biriyani of this place is really amazing for you. It have different varieties of biriyani like kadai biriyani, dum biriyani, Chicken ghee roast biriyani, mutton biriyani etc. With this they provide one egg with chicken soup and curd which makes it’s biriyani plate fully amazing.

  • Address: Pearl Complex, near Bank of Baroda, Nandi Gudda
  • Items to Try: Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Chilly Manchurian, Hyderabad Special Biriyani, Fried Chicken Biryani
  • Average Biryani Price: NA
  • Delivery Options: Online & Take away

4. Bamboo Restaurant

Image of bamboo biriyani from Bamboo restaurant

If you’re looking for less spicy with good quality this restaurant’s biriyani will fulfil your desires. The biriyani come with bamboo stick has different level of vibe in itself. Even though all restaurants in Mangalore has a better quality of biriyani but at the same this restaurants stands with good ratings as compared to others.

  • Address: Bhoomika Towers, circle, Bendoorwell, Kankanady
  • Items to Try: Bamboo biriyani, kizhi biriyani, arabic mandiĀ 
  • Average Biryani Price: NA
  • Delivery Options: Online & Take away

5. Royal Treat Family Restaurant

Image from chicken biriyani with curd from Royal treat family restaurant.

As i mentioned above biriyani is basically a most appetize food by comparison to other foods. This restaurant undoubtedly provide topmost biriyani in Mangalore. The surrounding of this place is well maintain. This restaurant have limited food menu but the biriyani dish mark as significant taste value for biriyani lover’s.

  • Address: Bendoorwell, Bendoor
  • Items to Try: chicken tandoori arabica, peri peri tandoori, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, paneer makhani, kucha, carmel custardĀ 
  • Average Biryani Price: NA
  • Delivery Options: Online & Take away

Thanks for reading so far my article regarding 5 Best Biriyani places in Mangalore. The purpose of my article is to providing you some best places where you can experience a good quality food. Mangalore is worth visiting for it’s alluring environment and it’s food category which you have to acquire once in your life time.

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