Why Dahi Bara Aloo dum Famous In Odisha

Dahibara Aludum originated from Cuttack Odisha.

You will find it available in all the streets of odisha no matter a city, town or village.And a huge rush for it always their to just to get the taste of it.

Dahi Bara business is providing livelihood to many peoples.Business is growing at a rapid pace and seller are opting for more hygienic way of providing Dahi Bara Aloo Dum.

Lets check some facts about Cuttack.

Here is the pic of the DahiBara Aludum see how spicy and delicious it looks.

Dahi Bara Aloo Dam

Story Behind Dahi Bara Aloo Dum Which Attracts People To Taste .

Dahi Bara Aloo Dam

Cuttack based story of Dahi Bara and Aloo Dum goes like this: Some Bara(vada) – aloo chop(aloo Bonda) vendor found his Bara getting wasted everyday .

An idea came into his mind, if he could soak those bara in the curd and serves it like a chat with spicy Aloo dum, it would probably be a good dish.

It wasn’t just any dish, it’s the most known chat and a comfort snack that people prefer in sunny summers of twin city (Bhubaneswar & Cuttack) crazily like nothing other.

Every Odiya Famlies is familiar to it and eats frequently.

Preparation of Dahi Bara Aloo Dam

Reasons To Taste Aloo Dum Dahi Bara:

There are many hawkers selling dahi bara all over the odisha and bhubneswar &cuttack and all over the odisha.

Each hawker has different variety of taste and texture qualilty.

The mouth watering street food is a spicy combination of soft spongy dahi bara covered with spicy aloo dam and ghuguni garnished with small bits of chopped onion,coriander leaves,cucumber,chutney,sev.

The four items dahi, bara,aloo dam,ghuguni are seperate dishes and different taste when its is being combined it gives a magical taste to tongue and thus its a mouth watering food.

The 1 st March is celebrated as Dahibara Aludam dibasa in Odisha.

Some of the Famous Dahi Bara Aloo Dum Stalls in Odisha:

  • Raghu Dahi Bara Cuttack
  • Laxmidhar Special Dahi Bara Bhubneswar.
  • Mitu Bhai Dahi Bara Bhubneswar.
  • Ishwara Dahi Bara Bhubneswar.
  • Babula Dahi Bara Bhubneswar.
Dahi Bara


I hope all facts related to Dahi Bara Aloo Dum is clear for you, may your morning breakfast go spicy with Dahi Bara Aloo Dum.Enjoy your Breakfast with it and add some spice to your life.????

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