Top 13 Street foods in Kolkata you must try

Hello my friend !! Are you planning for a trip to Kolkata and want to get the exact list of the delicious and mouth watering street foods out there ? Well, I must say you need to have a correct and exact plan.

Kolkata, also known as the cultural city of India is really a heaven for foodies. Whether it may be the delicious sweets or the spicy and tasty dishes this place will make your taste buds feel delightful everytime. This city really has the charm in food making and never leaves its visitors unsatisfied.

In this article you will get the list of top 13 street foods in Kolkata along with its best place to try and its respective price. So you must note down every item mentioned if you want to travel to Kolkata and come back with huge foodgasm. So here we go !!

1. Puchkas

Kolkata's street food named puchkas

This can be called as the king of Kolkata’s street foods. Its aloo chutney is made with the right balance of stuffed potatoes, salt, spices, chutney and pudina which really reflects a nice taste. When the puchka is stuffed with the aloo chutney, dipped in the pudina water and goes to the mouth omg you will really be amazed. This flavour actually makes kolkata’s puchkas different from the other regions of India. Dont even think to miss it.

Best place to try – Vivekananda market, Vardan market, Victoria Memorial, Russell Street, New Alipore

Cost – 3 Puchkas at Rs.10

2. Churmur

Kolkata's street food named churmur

Although this street food is in a way similar to Puchkas, it is in a crushed form and also the perfect blend of spices makes it different from Puchkas. This is particularly a mix of mashed potatoes, crushed Puchkas, onions, tamarind pulp and lots of spices. Its texture really different and of course its easier to eat.

Best place to try – Maharaja Chaat Centre at Southern Avenue and Bhawanipore

Cost – Rs. 40/plate

3. Kathi Roll

Kolkata's street food named kathi roll

Its time for all the lovers for roll to unite. Well, there is not even a single chance that these rolls taste like the basic rolls you get in your locality. Chicken, egg, mutton, paneer, whatever you name they will give you. A flaky flour paratha is rolled up with your chosen stuffing laced with irresistible sauces, spices, and veggies. One kathi roll is enough to fill your tummy and make your taste buds feel satisfied.

Best place to try –  Zaika and Hot Kathi Roll at Park Street, Badshah and Nizam’s at New Market

Cost – Starting from Rs. 50 to Rs. 150 (According to your stuffing)

4. Keemar Doi Bara

Kolkata's street food named keemar doi bara

Going simple it is the Kolkata version of Dahi Bada. Instead of the basic dahi bada its meat Dahi Bada dropped in sweet curd sprinkled with panch phoron, that is – cinnamon, a pinch of red chilli powder, cumin, black mustard seeds and fenugreek.. With the ingredients listed and the dish formed you really would be understanding what level of creativity this item reflects. This really attracts a lots of people especially the North Indians.

Best place to try – Burrabazar

Cost – Rs.30-40/plate

5. Luchi – Aloo Dum

Kolkata's street food named luchi aloo-dum

Luchi Aloo Dum is known as the rendition for Bengalis. Luchi is a tastier version of Puri and Aloo Dum is same as Dum Aloo but with a Bengali touch on it. The Aloo Dum has a scrumptious taste of the heavenly combination of mashed potatoes and bengali spices. So simply you can take it as a Bengali version of Dum Aloo and Puri. This food item can be eaten at anytime of the day.

Best place to try – Fairlie Place, Central Business District

Cost – Rs.10/plate (4 luchis and aloo dum)

6. Ghugni Chaat

Kolkata's street food named Ghugni Chaat

This street food has all the reasons to be one of the important item of the list. The Ghugni is made mainly of boiled yellow and white peas – mixed with onions, coriander, chillis, tomatoes, spices, and topped with tamarind pulp. This food is really popular among the local residents and the visitors.

Best place to try – Dacres Lane, Shibuji and New Market

Cost – Rs.10/plate

7. Aloo Kabli

Kolkata's street food named Aloo kabli

I would say its one of the best form of potato snack to munch on if you need something flavoursome. Boiled potatoes are tossed with tamarind pulp, onions, tomatoes, chilies, chickpeas, and a magical combination of masalas. You must not miss Aloo Kabli if you are in Kolkata and you are craving for something hot and spicy.

Best place to try – Kalika Mukhorochak at Surya Sen Street

Cost – Rs.10/plate

8. Chhanar Jilipi

Kolkata's street food named Chhanar jilipi

First things first. Not a regular jalebi. It tastes way better than jalebi and really a huge treat for the people with sweet tooth. This sweet street food is juicy, chewy and soft which makes this dish even more tempting. Chhanar Jilipi is a Kolkatan jalebi made of cottage cheese.  It is thicker than a normal jalebi and the texture is similar to Gulab Jamun. That’s basically goodness of two sweets in one.

Best place to try – Golpark and College Street

Cost – Rs. 15 / piece

9. Samosa

Kolkata's street food named Samosa

Now comes the time for all the samosa lovers. Of course this item needs no introduction. Its famous all around India. This triangular shaped fried snack is prepared by adding different spices to mashed potato which is used as a stuffing. But hey !! What’s so different in Kolkata ? The fun part is here the stuffing is not just limited to potatoes. You can have Chicken, Mutton, Moong dal and what not.

Best place to try – Tiwari Brothers at Burrabazar

Cost – Rs. 10-20 / plate

10. Tela Bhaja

Kolkata's street food named Tela bhaja

This is one of the popular fried snacks made in almost every occasion. Tela Bhaja is really a game changer when it comes to satisfy your mood while rainy days. The crispy snack is prepared by frying besan or cornflour batter covering various items like onion rings, potato, pumpkin, and eggplant. In fact, that’s not all for this Kolkata street food! There’s even Telebhaja made up of raw mangoes, coriander leaves, and Bombay duck.

Best place to try – Kalika Mukhorochak at College Street

Cost – Rs. 10-20 / plate

11. Mughlai Parantha

Kolkata's street food named Mughlai parantha

If you are fond of Mughlai foods, so here is you you go. This food is one of the delicious item you will get to explore in Kolkata. Mughlai paratha is actually a roti stuffed with chicken keema and broken cutlets, onion and eggs. This stuffing is well packed in rotis and which are fried in oil. Of course you will gain a lots of calories but you will also get a delicious dinner which you won’t forget ever.

Best place to try – Anandi Cabin

Cost – Rs.50 to Rs.100 (According to your stuffing)

12. Mishti Doi

Kolkata's street food named Mishti doi

Ahem Ahem !! Here comes the authentic sweet dish of Kolkata for which this city is widely known among all the regions of the country. If you are in Kolkata its completely impossible if you don’t head towards a sweet shop and look for Mishti Doi. It has a creamy, pudding-like texture with a deep, rich flavor of dark caramel and a touch of acidity that makes it refreshing. Mishti doi is elegant yet comforting, sweet, but not too sweet.

Best place to try – Balaram Mullick & Radharam Mullick, Bhawanipore

Cost – Rs.30 / plate

13. Jhalmuri

Kolkata's street food named Jhalmuri

Well this street food always acts as a go-to snack. It is easy to make and could be your best companion for munching. The snack is a tossed-up mix of puffed rice, namkeen, peanuts, coriander, onions, tomatoes, spices and chillies. It is also a healthy option for a snack as it is completely oil free and doesn’t need much of cooking. So if want something tasty and healthy, go for it.

Best place to try – Triangular Park, Lord Sinha Road and Jawaharlal Nehru Park

Cost – Rs.10-20 / plate

So that was the list of top 13 street foods in Kolkata you need to explore. These are really so tasty, so delicious and mouth watering no one could ever think of regretting after trying these. The uniqueness and charming taste of Kolkata’s street foods actually makes the city a top player on the basis of its food culture among all the other regions of the country. So make sure you try almost all the dishes listed above and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section. We will be very glad to hear that from you.

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