29 Traditional Famous Food Of Indian States

India is a country in south Asia. It is the second most populous country. Indian’s people most important thing is culture , traditions And Traditional food become a life line, a common connection for all.

No matter where are you stay , there is always that one particular food item that will remind you of your hometown one delicate food that defines ‘home’ for you.

I write our traditional food in spotlight here are the most famous dishes from each state of the country you must try.

29 Traditional food list :

1. MAHARASHTRA : Misal pav

misal pav
Misal pav

Misal pav is a popular street food in maharashtra , it is the great breakfast recipe in maharashtra .

The main ingredient- Sprouts, mutter,chick peas and chile powder gravy.

2. PUNJAB : Makki di roti and sarso da saag

makki di roti annd sarso da saag
makki di roti and sarso da saag

Makki di roti is a corn meal Indian bread that tastes fabulous with sarso da saag. This dish is prepare as the traditional way, You can served topped with makkan (butter).It is very Traditional food in India.

Makki roti is good for weight loss and good for diabetics and heart.

3.WEST BENGAL : Kosha Mangsho

kosha mangsho
kosha mangsho

The spicy Bengali mutton curry alternative name is Kosha mangsho. This dish is prepare from Goat meat and Vegetables.

Main ingredients : Goat meat , tomato , onion, garlic, glinger, coriander leaves.

4. GUJURAT : Dhokla


Dhokla is a vegetarian dish that is made in state of Gujurat And it is parts of states. This dish made from a fermented batter of rice and split dal.If you eaten for breakfast, Main course and side dish.

Main Ingredients : Rice , chickpeas

5. KASHMIR : Rogan Josh

rogan josh
Rogan josh

Rogan Josh is an aromatic curried neat dish of kashmir origin. It is made with meat , traditionally lamb or goat . It is one of the signature recipes of kashmir cusisine.

Main ingredients : Lamb , dyer’s alkanet, garlic, Tomato

6. TAMIL NADU : Pongal


Pongal is a popular south indian rice dish in Tamil. It is also a comfort food and very easy to make for breakfast.

Main ingredients : Milk , jaggery, coconut water, pepper, rice, Tamarind

7. ASSAM : Papaya Khar

Papaya Khar
Papaya khar

Papaya Khar is an Assamese recipe which is cooked with traditional ingredients. Khar is very healthy dish of assam .

Some of people believe that khar is good for stomach as it cleanses stomach.

Main ingredients : Papaya , watergourd (pain lau)

8. BIHAR : Liti Chowkha

Liti Chowkha
Liti chowkha

Liti Chowkha is made from the state of bihar, But it is also popular in Jharkhand.

Main Ingredients : Vegetables,Ghee , spice , gramflour, wheat flour



Dham is a traditional feast celebrated in Himachal pradesh . It is usually served on every Joyful event and celebration in the family

10. ANDRA PRADESH : Pootharekulu


Pootharekulu is a popular Indian sweet from the Andra pradesh . The sweet is popular for religious festivals and weddings in the Telugu States.

Main ingredients : Jaggery , sugar , Ghee , rice flour

11. TELENGANA : Biryani


Biryani is popular food in all india, Just like it is a Brand , But biryani more famously the Hydra badi version.

Main ingredients : Vegetable , spice , Meat , Dried fruit , Garlic , Rice , Egg

12. GOA : Fish Curry

Fish curry
Fish curry

Those Curry is in kerala- style curry with Vegetables. It is served with Rice , Naan , Bread.

Main ingredients : Curry , Vegetable , Rice , Naan , Bread

13. UTTARAKHAND : Kafuli


This is easy to make curry recipe , If you more spices add garlic , Ginger, green chilles , curd, rice paste. Kafuli is served as Main dish.

Main ingredients : Palak , methi , Green chilies

14. TRIPURA : Chakhwi


Chakhwi is very traditional and delicious of the Tripura .

Main ingredients : Bamboo shot , Green papaya , Verities

15. MANIPUR : Kangshoi


It is the healty vegetable famous food of manipur , This dish is popular in manipur .

Main ingredients : Spring onion , dried , fried fish pieces

16. MEGHALAYA : Jadoh


“Ja” means Rice , “Doh” means meat . It is the Khasi version of Biryani. It is very tasted food of meghalaya.

17. KERALA : Appam


Appam is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk . The origin of Appam is Srilanka but most famous in Kerala, It is usally served for breakfast And Dinner.

18. MADHYA PRADESH : Bhutte ka kees

Bhutte ka kees
Bhutte ka kees

Bhutte ka kees is very to made and just 10-15min cook only. It is very delicious food , This recipe is street food , If you want to made home style . Main ingredient only Sweet Corn .

19. RAJASTHAN : Dal Baati Churma

Dal baati churma
Dal baati churma

Dal baati churma is most popular in Rajasthan, It is very traditional food . It Treat with the Spicy dal with Churma with Fried Chunchy batis.

20. HARYANA : Bajre ki khichdi

Bajre ki khichdi
Bajre ki khichid

It is most popular in Haryana. There are more recipe like Bajra-roti , parathas vada , rice also.

It is most delicious recipes , Bajra is very good for diabetic people And high protine food. Those food is

It is most delicious recipes , Bajra is very good for diabetic people And high protine food. Those food is Traditional Food.



Thukpa is a noodle soup , most of the people of nepal is eat those recipe. But it most famous in arunachal pradesh.

22. SIKKIM : Momo


Now time, all time favorite food is Momo. This food is North east Indian regions of Sikkim , Momo is served with spicy saues.

Main ingredient : Chicken, vegetable,meat,wheat flour , Garlic

23. KARNATAKA : Bisi bele bath

Bisi bele bath
Bisi bele bath

Bisi bele bath is a dish , which is the sambar dal and rice are cook together . It is originated in the maysore palace which is Karnataka.

24. NAGALAND : Pork with bamboo shoot

Pork with bamboo shoot
Pork with bamboo shoot

Pork with bamboo shoot is a dish which cooked with dry bamboo shoots, chilies. This dish is very taste with boiled rice.

25. MIZORAM : Misa mach poora

misa mach poora
Misa mach poora

Misa mach poora is the excellent recipe from mizoram, It is also grilled dish. You can served as a started as a side dish with rice.

26. ODISHA : Chhena Poda

chenna poda
Chenna poda

Chhena poda is from the Indian state of odisha. Chhena poda is roasted cheese in odia. It is made of well-kneaded homemade with fresh cheese chhena, sugar , suji and baked for several hours until it browns.

27. CHATISGARH : Chila


Chila is a North-indian recipe made out of chickpea flour . Your chila with chutney or roll it around a stuffing like tofu crumble.

28. JHARKHAND : Dhooska


Dhooska is a popular snack eaten all over Jharkhand. The main ingredient of the dhooska are rice, chana dal and boiled potato are added to savory dish. It is served with sauce or chutney.

29. UTTAR PRADESH : Tunde ke kebabs

tunde ke kababs
Tunde ke kababs

Tunde ke kebab also as buffalo meat, those kabab dish made out of minced meat which is popular in Lucknow, india. It is part of Awadhi cuisine and incorporate 160 spices.

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