10 Off Beat Holiday Destinations in Madikeri

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Are you bored of same places in Kodagu District? Want to explore new places other than usual tourist spots? Do you want to get rid of your busy schedule, phone calls, same office, boring job and Experience Mountains, coffee plantation, amidst nature of Madikeri. Read about 10 Off Beat Destinations in Madikeri. Don’t miss out to explore these beautiful places when you visit Madikeri next time. So, what are you waiting for?? Plan your trip and pack your bags. Happy Exploring!!

(1) Chelavara Falls

Chelavara Falls is originated from the Kaveri River. It is considered to be one of the most scenic falls in Kodagu District. The water crashes down from a height of 46 Meters on a huge tortoise shaped rock, hence also known as Embepare Tortoise Falls. Among the unexplored places in Madikeri, Chelavara Falls is a trekker’s paradise roughly an hour away from the Madikeri Town. From the foothill to the waterfall, the pathway is filled with Coffee and Cardamom Plantations.

How to Reach: One can reach Chelavara Falls from the Virajpet Road, which is 30 kms road distance from Madikeri Town at Chelavara Village. A mesmerizing sight dazzled with the huge white curtains of water cascading down amidst lush green surroundings. This is by far the best places to explore in Madikeri especially during monsoons. Rappelling can also be experienced at Chelavara Falls.

Best Time to Visit: Visitors can hike up to this Chelavara Falls from 6 AM to 6 PM. The monsoon is the best time to visit this falls. Although tourists are advised to tread carefully as the path to the falls tend to be slippery because of the rains. During the rainy season, the Chelavara falls are at their peak with the water rushing down from its source with renewed vigor. Winter season is also safe to travel.

Chelavara Falls

(2) Kootu Holey Dam

Kootu Holey Dam is a charming tiny dam with beautiful scenery. Drinking Water to Madikeri is supplied from this reservoir. But it is not much known in tourist circles. The Dam is just next to the road to Galibeedu. From the bridge, tourists can witness the water flowing out from the dam.

How to Reach: Kootu Holey Dam is at driving distance of 6 kms from Madikeri Town.

Best Time to Visit: Monsoon Season from June to September is the best time to visit when the green surroundings make it a beautiful place to explore.

Kootu Holey Dam

(3) Coffee Plantations, Stuart Hill

When you are in Madikeri Town, then one must visit the coffee plantations as it is the coffee capital of Karnataka State. The sight of coffee plantation and the green meadows gives delight to the visitors. Take a walk in the wonderful coffee plantations by enjoying the serenity of the place. Some British Colonial Styles Home stay estates at Stuart Hill provide a tour to the coffee production life cycle where you can taste and buy some coffee. Here you get premium quality coffee.

Madikeri is home to sprawling acres of plantations of this delectable beverage. One can enjoy a walk through the many coffee plantations and also watch the process of picking, sowing, and harvesting the beans. There is also the advantage of tasting the rich brew and packing some for home. The area is well known for its superior class coffee beans. Probably the best thing to do in Madikeri is to go for a walk through these dazzling coffee plantations. One can also taste the coffee and take it back home with you.

How to Reach: The popular viewpoint Raja Seat is less than 1 km from Stuart Hill.

Best Time To Visit: The view of Coffee Plantation and Heritage Home Stay at Stuart Hill are quite picturesque during sunrise and sunset. If you are planning to visit this place, the best time to visit this place is from October To March, when the climate remain Cool and Pleasurable.

Coffee Plantations, Stuart Hill

(4) Honey Valley

Honey Valley is a private owned resort run by Mr. Suresh Chengappa. Honey Valley is situated at Yevakapadi Village in Madikeri Taluka of Kodagu District in Karnataka State. Honey Valley is a beautiful home stay which accommodates 53 People. It started in the year 1994 and it is a base camp for Mount Tadianadamol, the highest mountain in Kodagu District. The honey valley is within magnificent rain forest of Western Ghats in which many plantations estates of Black Pepper, Coffee and Cardamom are grown. 75 acres of the resort compound provides a natural environment that is both soothing and sublime. In this beautiful mini forest one can see 50 different types of birds and butterflies within its surroundings.

How to Reach: Honey Valley Resort is 39 kms from Madikeri Town by road and situated 4 kms from the nearest Bus Stop of Kabbinkadu, from where regular buses and cabs runs towards Madikeri.

Best Time To Visit: Though the property is open almost every day of the year, the best time to visit Honey Valley is in Winter or Rainy season. Winter season is the prime time when travelers flock to Kodagu District and Honey valley is no exception. Ideally it is worth to travel to Honey Valley during the rainy season to enjoy the monsoon in its full glory. Sipping a cup of hot coffee and looking out from the Verandah into the hills is truly a memorable experience.

Honey Valley Resort

(5) Mercara Downs Golf Club

The Mercara Downs golf course, a suburban golf club located in Madikeri Town is an 18 hole, 5584 yard, Par 70 layout set on a hill at an altitude of about 1098 Meters above the sea level. It is in a secluded part and has a fine layout with parkland setting. It is among India’s old colonial golf courses established during British colonial days in the year 1814. Fast greens, deep bunkers, undulating fairways & windy conditions make it a very Scottish style golf course. The food is excellent, as is the service The rooms are a bit small especially for a family and the bathroom could be a bit bigger too.

The adjoining club house is cozy and warm and fairly new too. One of the holes particularly is interesting par 3 over a Banana Plantation. The club has an exciting plan to build 18 premium golf villas, which will provide exclusive, luxury living for eternal golf lovers thus preserving the rationale and ethos of this old golf club. Travelers can plan a trip to Madikeri to visit Mercara Downs Golf Club for an unforgettable experience. Exceptional landscapes and breathtaking views will leave you mesmerized.

How to Reach: Mercara Downs Golf Course is at 4.4 kms road distance from Madikeri Town.

Best Time to Visit: Mercara Downs Golf Club (preferred time): 08:00 am – 04:00 pm. Best Season to visit this beautiful golf course is during Winters from November to March.

Mercara Downs Golf Course

(6) Nehru Mantap

Nehru Mantap is located on the hill near Raja’s Seat which is in the Madikeri Town, on a hill. Nehru Mantap is one of the lesser known tourist spots but is worth a visit. Nehru Mantap promises tourists with some of the calm and relaxed time with refreshing natural setting to accompany you. Tired of crowd and hustle bustle, this is the place perfect place to enjoy some seclusion and privacy. The views of sunset and sunrise from here are exceptional. Along with an amazing view of the Madikeri Radio Station, one gets mesmerizing overview of the distant mountains and areas around it. Reaching the Mantap is not a difficult task either. One is required to climb only 25-30 steps so as to reach the place. Nehru Mantapa was commemorate and named after then Prime Minister of India-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had visited Kodagu in 1957 and had enjoyed the scenic beauty from the spot.

How to Reach: The isolated mantap is situated on a moll-hill behind the Madikeri Radio Station. From the mantap a panoramic view of distant mountains. Nehru Mantap is 2 kms from Madikeri Town.

Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit Nehru Mantap is from 6:00 AM-6:00 PM. Best Season to explore Nehru Mantap is during October to May. No Entry Fee required for any visitor.

Nehru Mantap

(7) Nalknad Palace

Nalknad Aramane Palace is located at Yavakapadi Village in Madikeri Taluka. Nalknad Palace has been built by Kodagu Kingdom ruler from Haleri Dynasty-King Dodda Virarajendra in the year of 1792. This was built by him after he escaped from the Tippu Sultan’s troops. Dodda Virarajendra later married Princess Mahadevammaji at this palace in 1796. In order to protect against enemy armies, Dodda Virarajendra built an underground tunnel which originated from the palace and ended at Madikeri. It is because of its location on the hilltop, it was used to provide shelter from Tipu Sultan, ruler of Mysore Kingdom. The authorities have already spent Rs 22.9 lakh for the renovation of Nalknad and there are plans to convert it into a museum exhibiting the handicrafts of Kodagu District.

How to Reach: Nalknad Palace is situated at Yavakapadi Village, which is 36 Kms from Madikeri Town by road. Nearest Bus stop is at Kakkabe. From there, tourists can hire a taxi/ rickshaw to reach here.

Best Time to Visit: Nalknad Palace is open on all days between 9.00 AM and 6.00 PM.  The Palace is easily accessible and also has no entry ticket fee. It will take visitors an average of 1-2 hours to complete your visit to the place. Tourists can explore Nalknad Palace in the months between October and June, which is considered the best time to visit this Royal Heritage Building.

Nalknad Palace

(8) Triveni Sangam, Bhagamandala

Bhagamandala lies at the foothills of Brahmagiri Hills, which is the origin of River Kaveri. At this place, the Kaveri River is joined by two tributaries, the Kannike and the mythical Sujyothi river. Pilgrims take a dip at this river confluence before going to the temple. Triveni Sangam or Bhagamandala, symbolises merger of three rivers, as tri stands for three and veni stands for streams. This holy confluence brings Kaveri River, Kannike River and Sujyoti River together.

Sujyoti River is a mythical river which is believed to be flowing inside the earth; it later merges with other two at the Sangam, eventually flowing further with them. During Tula Sankranti, thousands of devotees take a dip in Triveni Sangam and offer their prayers at Bagandeswara temple as per the age old ritual, before moving on to Talacauvery. There are small bridges on top of both the rivers where you can go and admire the Triveni Sangam from various angles. The river here is full of turtles and fishes. A lot of people choose this sacred location to perform rituals in the memory of their ancestors.

How to Reach: Bhagamandala is located around 35 km away from Madikeri. It is well connected by road from Madikeri and Virajpet Towns in Kodagu District. Tourists can either take a locally run government or private buses or travel in their own vehicles. They can also book a private cab from top car rental companies in Kodagu to reach this sacred place. Tourists can also travel Talacauvery by road from Madikeri, which takes around one and half hours. From Talacauvery, Bhagamandala is 8 km away.

Best Time to Visit: Most of the pilgrims take a holy dip in the scared Triveni Sangam, when they visit Bhagamandala. Triveni Sangam has a tropical monsoon climate throughout the year and experiences all the three seasons. The best time to visit this Sacred river confluence is during the winter season, when the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing. This Holy place is visited by travelers throughout the year.

Triveni Sangam, Bhagamandala

(9) Padi Sri Igguthappa Devastana

Located inside Aiyengeri Forest in Kakkabe Town in Madikeri Taluka, Padi Sri Igguthappa Devastana was built by Lingarajendra in the year of 1810. The architectural structure of the temple resembles ancient Keralite temples to a large extent. The temple is dedicated to Lord Igguthappa which is another name for Lord Subramanya. This temple holds great importance among Kodavas Community and influences their culture and tradition. There is an annual festival at the temple which is held during the month of March. During this time, devotees from everywhere come together to offer special prayers to the deity.

Devotees take procession of the God to the top of Mallama Betta Hill and later reinstall the same in the temple. Various ceremonial dances are performed afterwards. Here, offering are made in unique way called as “Tulabhara” where devotees weight themselves against fruits, sugar, coconuts, rice, etc. During the harvesting festival of Coorg which is called as Puthari festival, the temple plays an important role.

How to Reach: Road Distance between Padi Sri Igguthappa Devasthana to Madikeri is 34 Kms via Napoklu Road on the SH90 route. There is another route from Madikeri Town to reach Padi Sri Igguthappa Devasthana via Bhagamandala Road, which is 40 kms road distance. To reach the temple, one can take many of the private buses running from towns such as Madikeri, Virajpet and Napoklu. Tourists can hire private Cab vehicles. Autos also ply the route to the temple from Napoklu and Kakkabe.

Best Time to Visit: Tourists can visit the temple in morning between 5.30 am – 2 pm and then in evening between 6 pm – 7 pm. The devotees should visit the temple between the months of September to May.

Padi Sri Igguthappa Devastana

(10) General Thimayya Memorial Museum

General Thimayya Memorial Museum is a landmark museum which got inaugurated on 6 February 2021 by the President of India- Ram Nath Kovind. General Kodendera Subayya Thimayya, one of the most notable Indian soldiers from Kodagu, gets a befitting honor for his valuable services to the country. After years of restoration work, General Thimayya’s mansion, ‘Sunny Side’, has been converted into a beautiful war museum. At the entrance the residence, one would find stunning pieces of art depicting the bravery of the Indian infantry on the battlefield. The museum has a varied collection of art and books on the Indian armed forces as well as military uniforms and articles used by General Thimayya.

Spread across 2.6 acres on G T Road in Madikeri. The war memorial will feature a variety of antique weaponry and war relics, including a canon and a decommissioned MiG-21 fighter jet. The premises of General Thimayya Memorial Museum, you’ll notice the famous battle tank ‘Himath’ strategically placed at the entrance.Visitors will also see light and medium mission guns, self-loading rifles, rocket launchers, 32 mm and point 38 rifles, 7.62 barrel rifles, and 303 barrel rifles which have been previously used by Indian army soldiers in many operations. But one weapon that stands out from the lot is the famous Bofors gun, a huge canon which has been transported and installed by the Madras Regiment of the Indian Army.

How to Reach: General Thimayya Memorial Museum is walk able distance of 2 kms from Madikeri Town.

Best Time to Visit: General Thimayya Memorial Museum is Open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

General Thimayya Memorial Museum

Kodagu District in Karnataka State is certainly a must-visit place for family holidays. The beautiful lush plantations that extend as far as the eye can see, superb attractions, panoramic views, and more make it one of the best tourist spots for the whole family.For your next trip to this place, here is a guide to help you prepare your itinerary. Madikeri or Mercara, the capital of Kodagu is a beautiful large hill town situated in Western Ghats. The green woody slopes, colorful scenery, misty mountains, cascading falls, dense tropical forest, tea, coffee and spice plantations made this place a paradise of nature lovers.

This enchantingly beautiful place is popularly called as the ‘Scotland of South India’. The old-world charm and laid back ambiance of this quaint region, along with its cool climate, scenic attractions and adventurous terrain, make Kodagu District as the perfect weekend getaway. With so many lesser known places around Madikeri, which not many tourists have explored in the past. Here are 10 Off Beat Holiday Destinations in Madikeri. This enchanting hill station tour will give you some memorable unforgettable moments that will keep you rejuvenated through the year. Pack yours Bags and explore Madikeri.


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