8 Bucket List Trekking Destinations in Madikeri

If you are in the pursuit of some exciting adventurous activities, try trekking in Madikeri, which provides trekking for enthusiastic individuals. This is the best way you can get around exploring the vastness of the famed outdoors of the Western Ghats. As you walk these trails, most of which are flat and covered with lush greenery, you concur that they constitute unwatchable experience for every nature devotee. These trekking trails unquestionably offer an amazing sight of nature in the woods. There are some particular trails that are not much explored. It’s time to shake off the tiresome shackles of City life and make an escape to the hills. A recommended place to go to is Madikeri in Kodagu District of Karnataka State. Its refreshing air, greenery, and towering mountain ranges await you. This hill station in Karnataka State draws adventure lovers, who flock here for exciting treks and fun camping experiences. If you’re keen on trekking or camping, then here are 8 Bucket List Trekking Destinations in Madikeri that you simply must visit together with your friends and family members in order to explore yours adrenaline spirit.

(1) Mandal Patti Hills

Mandal Patti Hills is a place that never fails to mesmerize whoever visits it. Located at a height of 1800 meters above the sea level, this awesome view offering place will make you drop everything that is worrying you with every step upward. It is the ideal place to soothe your senses and enter bliss mode. There are two ways to reach the hilltop, either by trekking or by sitting in a jeep. Trekking to the hill is a thrilling experience. Taking a jeep ride has its own joy as it takes you through the winding path between the coffee plantations and the forests. The route is extremely scenic with aerial views of lush green mountains of the Pushpagiri reserve forest area. While you can ride to most of the park area, you will have to trek the last 3 km or so. The jungle is moderately dense and the ride is best experienced on a jeep that costs around ₹1500 for a group of 6. There is no public transport that travels to this point. Tourists must carry plenty of water and some food for the trip since there aren’t many stopovers.

How to Reach: The nearest town to Mandalpatti is Madikeri. From Madikeri, Mandalpatti is around 20 Kms. Out of these 20 Km, one can easily drive 17 Km on their own. However, no one are allowed to drive for the last 3 Km because of the restriction put by the Mandalpatti forest department. One need to park their vehicle near the Mandalpatti forest checkpoint and from there, either walk up to the hill if some one are a trekking enthusiast or one can take a Jeep to reach the Mandalpatti top. One need to pay a nominal fee of 25 INR per head to reach the top summit of Mandalpatti.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Mandalpatti is during the months of November to January. Generally covered with mist but Mandalpatti promises captivating scenic and refreshing atmosphere.

Mandal Patti Hills

(2) Tadiandamol Peak

Situated at an elevation of 1748 meters above the sea level, Tadiandamol Peak is the highest mountain peak in Kodagu District. It is also the second highest peak in the state of Karnataka State. This place is one of the most sought after destinations, especially among the trekkers. There are moderate and difficult trekking routes here, but the view from the top is simply breath-taking. The climb to the Rock Point is especially a bit difficult and the trail becomes narrow from there. With its green hills and misty weather, low-rise mountains surrounded by milky clouds, it is a heaven for nature lovers. Tadiandamol trekking trail is about 7 kms one way, categorized as ‘Easy’ and can be completed in one day. Camping is not allowed on hence trekkers need to return before sunset. Trekkers will be treated to blissful views of Shola forest.

How to Reach: Tadiandamol Peak is 41 kms from Madikeri via Napoklu Road on the Karnataka State Highway Number 90. One may also drive down from major cities like Mysore and Mangalore directly to the Kodagu District and get access to reach this highest peak in Karnataka State. Regular Buses are available every 30 minutes from Bangalore bus depot and take approximately 6 hours to reach here.

Best Time To Visit: Tadiandamol peak can be visited at any time of the year except for the monsoon months. However, a few tourists enjoy trekking in the rain when the hills are much greener and fertile thus looking splendid. The best season to do Tadiandamol trek is from September to February.

Tadiandamol Peak

(3) Nishani Motte Hills

One of the lesser known places to visit in Madikeri Taluka is Nishani Motte Hills, which is an ideal weekend trekking trail for the trekkers. Situated at an elevation of 1270 meters above the sea level, Nishani Motte Hills is part of Tala Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to many wildlife animals like elephants and leopards. Since this is not an isolated spot, it is recommended one can take the trek in the company of a trekking guide. The ridge walk on the sides of the dense forest on the way is the best part of the trip. Trekkers journey on foot begins right after the jeep trail amidst the Shola forest and passes through soft ridges, sprawling meadows, spilling water and thickets of varied plantations. Trekking to Nishani Motte Hills includes a number of adrenaline charged activities including river rafting, wildlife photography, jungle hiking, campfire and nature gazing. The mixed aroma of cardamom and coffee from the plantations on either side of the trail is bound to intoxicate your senses as you climb up. The final Blue Ridge uphill trek of 1 Km is a bit challenging and not very well marked.

How to Reach: Nishani Motte Hills is 40 Kms from Madikeri via Tala Kaveri Road and 9 kms from Bhagamandala forest range at Cherangala Village in Madikeri Taluka of Kodagu District in Karnataka State. For this trek, trekkers need to obtain entry permits from the Forest Office in Bhagamandala by paying Rs 200 as nominal fees. From Bhagamandala Forest range, it takes 7 kms dirt road by jeep to reach Talacauvery, which is the base camp of the trek. One From there you can hire local transport to reach the Forest Office at Tala Cauvery. The rest of the journey is through the forest and has to be undertaken on foot. Since it is a long-distance walking trail amidst dense forest, it is recommended that you start around 9 AM from the Tala Cauvery base camp, so that trekkers can reach the summit at around 4 PM when there is still some light around. In between, rest for a while and have some refreshments with your packed lunch at 1 PM. Average timings for reaching this Peak from the base camp is between 6 AM -6 PM.

Best Time To Visit: Since it is a long-distance walking trail amidst dense forest, hence it is recommended that trekkers must start around 9 AM from the Tala Cauvery base camp so that you may reach the summit before 3 PM. The trek difficulty level is medium if trekkers are trekking during Monsoon Season from July to September and easy trek during Summer. But during monsoon season, the trek experience is little frustrating because most of the time trekker would be engaged in removing the blood sucking leeches.

Nishani Motte Hills

(4) Tavoor Gudda Hills

Tavoor Gudda Hills is one of the lesser known treks at Bhagamandala in Madikeri Taluka of Kodagu District, which makes this place one of the perfect weekend getaway destinations. Situated at an elevation of 61 meters above the sea level, Tavoor Hills is also known as Dumchi Gudde by the locals. The trail here has everything that a trekking enthusiast might look for. On one hand, it has dense forests and streams and on the other there’s a beautiful ridge walk towards the peak. Standing tall on the Tavoor Gudda Hill Peak, one can also see the beautiful Kopatty Hill Range. So, get set to have a truly wild trek while you pass by gurgling streams, making your way through forest areas and clambering up over rocky parts. But the most exciting part comes with the ridge walk where one can walk by with the green landscape path.

How to Reach: Start point of the Tavoor Gudda Hills Trek is about 32 kms away from Madikeri Town, which is well connected by road till Bhagamandala Village. From Bhagamandala Village, this moderate trekking trail is about is 10 km long, which will take trekkers about 4-5 hours to hike on the summit of the Tavoor Gudda Hills, however this also depends on the fitness levels and trekking experience of a trekker.

Best Time To Visit: Since it is a long-distance walking trail amidst dense forest, hence it is recommended that trekkers must reach on the summit of the Tavoor Gudda Hills by 9 AM and must leave before 5 PM. Best Season to explore Tavoor Gudda Hills is during Winters from October to March. The weather is pleasant through this season and temperature drops down to a comfortable 14°C.

Tavoor Gudda Hills

(5) Kopatty Hills

Kopatty Hills is one of the lesser-known trekking destinations, located at Kopatti Village in Madikeri Taluka in Kodagu District of Karnataka State. It is the myriad landscapes that such a short trail offers and lends the trek its appeal. It is a relatively simple route that traverses vast expanses of coffee plantations, rolling grasslands, peaceful streams and dense forests of Western Ghats. The trail going through jeep trails, dense jungles, water streams, outspread meadow and lush green grassland towards the peak, which is one the best experience for the trekking passionate and the distance from Bangalore makes it the most convenient trek for a weekend. At an altitude of 1375 meters above the sea level, Kopatty is one of the tallest peaks in the Talacauvery Range. The hills are tucked amidst unbeatable serenity prevailing, which is home to a variety of flora, especially the wild herbs that are endemic to this region.

How to Reach: The Start point of Kopatty Hills Trek is 25 Kms from Madikeri Town on the Bhagmandala Talacauvery route. One can take the KSRTC Bus that leaves directly to Bhagmandala and get off at Charambane Village, which is base camp of Kopatty Hills and about about 3 kms from Kopatti Village. Now from Charambane Village, the total trekking distance to the Summit of Kopatty Hills is 12 kms, which would take 5-6 hours, depending on the trekkers experience.

Best Time To Visit: Kopatty Hills promises a delightful ambiance full of serenity to all its visitors and thus, it can be visited throughout the year. However, the visit gets rewarded during October-February, when the misty blanket enhances the visual appeal of these hills on the Western Ghats.

Kopatty Hills

(6)  Soma Male Mallamma Betta Hills

Soma Male Mallamma Betta Hills is a picturesque Hills, situated inside Kakkabe Forest at Kunjila Village Base Camp in Kakkabe Hill Station in Madikeri Taluka of Kodagu District in Karnataka State. It is situated at a distance of around 30 km from Madikeri Town. At an altitude of 909 meters above the sea level, Soma Male Mallamma Betta Hills in Kakkabe is a well-known destination for adventure sports. It is a trekkers paradise and an ideal spot for people who love nature and seek serenity. There is a range of small and medium treks, although the same should be avoided during the months of monsoon. The town is known as the largest producer of sweetest honey in South-East Asia. Located on the beautiful Western Ghats, this beautiful hill station lying under the silhouette of Thadiyendamol Peak in the midst of densely populated rain forest and coffee plantations. Still mostly unspoiled and unexploited Soma Male Mallamma Betta Hills in Kakkabe is noted for its natural scenic beauty and this beauty is further enhanced as the place is enclosed by thick forest and coffee plantations, sprinkled hamlets and paddy cultivation lands all around. The place has amazingly pleasant climate throughout the year and the best time to visit Kakkabe is during the months of September and May. Kakkabe is an ideal place for bird watching. A popular base camp for rain forest trekking, which tourists can undertake activities like trekking and rock climbing.

How to Reach: Road Distance between Madikeri Town to Kunjila Village is 32 kms via Napoklu Road on the Karnataka State Highway Number 90. There are regular buses plying from Madikeri Town. From Hunsur, you can head to Kushalnagar, then to Madikeri, Bettageri, Napoklu and Kakkabe. From Kunjila Village Base Camp, Kakkabe Hill Station is 2 kms by road. The village is famous for the Soma Male Mallamma Betta Hills treks, it has a range of wildlife species and plants that dominate the rain forest. The rain forest is famous for various species like barking deer, flying squirrel, Pangolin and a wide range of birds. Though most trails are parasite infected during the monsoon.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Kakkabe is from September to May. The ideal period for bird watchers is post monsoons. The local temples celebrate festivals during the month of March and April.

Soma Male Mallamma Betta Hills

(7) Galibeedu Peak

The trek to Galibeedu Peak is one of the lesser known treks at Galibeedu Village in Madikeri Taluka in Kodagu District of Karnataka State, but it is a perfect trekking destination for beginner trekkers as the ascends here are less steep. It is also perfect for those looking for a relaxing getaway from the rush of the city life. On this trip, you will experience the blissful beauty of the Western Ghats and the sedate Coorgi lifestyle. The Galibeedu peak is located at an altitude of 1372 Meters above the sea level, and is one of the off-beat locations for trekkers. On this trek, one would get to experience the rich biodiversity of this not-so-explored region and also its unique culture. Trek to the Galibeedu Peak through lush forests, coffee plantations, and meadows. With a lot of greenery around, the chirping of birds and the flow of water with the rustling of leaves, the trekking would truly be an amazing experience.

How to Reach: Galibeedu is 7 kms from Madikeri and has an easy to moderate trekking trail, but can get a little tricky at times. The trekking trail is a blend of thick forests, meadows, streams and roads made of tar. The first stretch until a couple of kms is narrow and gets steeper as you climb. The second stretch leads to a beautiful meadow with an absolute delightful view of the other peaks in the Western Ghats. The last stretch of the trail also gets steeper but the distance is very short hence, it makes the whole climb an amazing experience as you let yourselves free on the grounds once the summit is reached.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to trek at Galibeedu is post monsoons from December to April. During monsoons, the rivers swell up making the trails extremely dangerous. Also, there is the risk of leech bites which may get very painful. Summers can get exceedingly hot and scaling these heights might lead to terrible sunburns. Trekking Distance of Galibeedu Peak is 14 kms. Time taken to complete the trek is 6 hours and difficulty level of trekking is between easy to moderate. It is recommended to hire local guide.

Galibeedu Peak

(8) Kabbe Hills

At an altitude of 1303 meters above the sea level, Kabbe Hills is one of the lesser known hidden gems of Western Ghats, located at Chelavara Village in Madikeri Taluka of Kodagu District in Karnataka State. Through the journey, one will be treated to the aromatic fragrances from the numerous coffee plantations and several lush paddy fields.Unless it’s monsoon season, one can drive almost till the peak of the Kabbe Hills. For adventure enthusiasts, Kabbe Hills is a trekker’s paradise.Jeep drive to the Kabbe hills promises you with some breath-taking sceneries and an exhilarating adventure experience. The beckoning hilly stretches and the muddy path towards the peak of the hill is an adventure worthy to be explored.

How to Reach: Road Distance between Madikeri Town to Kabbe Hills is about 46 kms and Entry frees for Jeep Safari to Kabbe Hills is INR 3000. Average time required to Visit Kabbe Hills is about 3 to 5 hours.

Best Time To Visit: The Best Time to Visit Kabbe Hills is during Winter Season from October to March.

Kabbe Hills

Madikeri in Kodagu District of Karnataka State is the prized possession of the Western Ghats with some of the daunting peaks and nature reserves, making it more special as “Scotland of Southern India”.Trekkers must backpack their adventurous adreliene spirit with endearing activities, so that they can experience the excitement which they have been missing from their hectic mundane lifestyle. If trekking in Madikeri is on yours mind, then think no more! Plan a trip and unleash the adventure junkie within yourself. Here are 8 Bucket List Trekking Destinations in Madikeri. Enjoy exploring these best 8 hill trekking places in Madikeri and be prepared for a lush green treat because the grass is always green in part of the World.


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