Sapua Dam, New Traveler Objective On Skyline In Odisha


Settled in the midst of the quiet magnificence of Dhenkanal, where nature’s hug is felt every step of the way, lies a wonder that outfits the force of water as well as enamours the hearts of all who view it – the Sapua Dam. Like a watchman of overflow, this great construction stands tall, supporting the nurturing waters that course through its entryways. It’s not only a supply; it’s an orchestra of designing and nature, a demonstration of human creativity working as one with the unbelievable scenes that encompass it.

Dhenkanal: The tagline of Odisha tourism- scenic, serene, sublime clearly epitomizes the beauty of Sapua Dam. 

Sapua dam is located in Hindol Block. It is a 6km separation from Rasol and a 46km structure from Dhenkanal town. It is a medium water system project that is utilized for cultivating finished in the year 2006. The dam was authorized in 2006. The reason for the repository is to store water for the water system. The repository is encircled by thick sal woods, which draw in sightseers. This dam is known as a SAPUA on the grounds that its scaffold seems to be a snake.

The spot is very esteemed for its grand excellence draws in individuals for an end of the week outing in winter. Sapua project dam is one of the famous traveller places in Dhenkanal.

Sapua Dam is around 76 km distance from Cuttack and 88 km from Bhubaneswar. The most ideal getaway spots close to Sapua Dam are Saptasajya Slope Station, Raghunath Sanctuary and Tapoban Mahima ashram.

Height:- 88 feet (26.75 m)
Length:- 1,290 meters (1 mi) (total length of dam)
Flowways:- two gates

Type of spillway: Labyrinth with chute and un-gated

Spillway capacity: 18,900 cubic feet per second (535 cubic meters/s)

This spot, loaded up with the fortunes of nature, gives joy to vacationers.The Repository region is exceptionally quiet and the best spot for a cookout. Sapua dam is the most ideal getaway spot in Dhenkanal

“The footfall increased in the past few years but lacks basic facilities. The government should come forward and make the necessary arrangements,” said Sai Divya Behera, an engineering graduate and native.

People from all across the state come here with families to behold the scenic beauty of this place and to spend some quality time. The government should repair the roads as they are becoming very dangerous.” As news of the beauty of this place is spreading, many adventure lovers are rushing towards this destination to get a glimpse of this ethereal place.


In the heart of Odisha, where nature’s canvas unfolds its vivid hues, a breathtaking gem awaits the world – Sapua Dam. As this splendid reservoir emerges as a new tourist destination, it carries the dreams of wanderers and the promise of unforgettable memories. Its tranquil waters mirror the aspirations of the local community and the vibrant culture that thrives on its shores.