Mechuka (Menchuka), Arunachal Pradesh- Everything you need to know

mechuka valley: view from the top

Mechuka is a beautiful valley located in the northern part of Arunachal Pradesh, India. Just 30 km from India China border, Mechuka is one of the upcoming popular destinations in Arunachal.  

Mechuka offers several experiences from breathtaking landscapes to Snow-capped mountains, from crystal clear rivers to scary hanging bridges, from the Mopin festival to hiking in the mountain, just you need to figure out what’s in your interest.  

If you’re planning your first trip to mechuka then this guide may answer many of your  Question that you have. We’ll talk about the best destinations in mechuka, travel facts, and how to reach there. 

Top destinations in mechuka 

This place is a paradise with unseen natural beauties. Due to its mesmerizing landscapes, exotic tribes, natural lake, snow-capped mountains and Siyom River, and many more things to discover. 

1. Samten Yongcha Monastery  

samten yongcha monastery

Samten yongcha monastery is around 400-year-old monastery located 14 km away from mechuka town and one of the most visited places near mechuka. The monastery is famous for having Godden statue of buddha, scripture, buddha artefacts, etc. 

2. Dorjeeling Village

beautiful dorjeeling village

Dorjeeling village located in West Siang district in Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is not a tourist spot but it is suggested to sit there and observe this small village with wooden houses and wild horses running gives feeling like you are in paradise. 

3. Hanuman Camp

hanuman camp

Hanuman camp it is also very popular in mechuka because hanuman (Hindu god) is visible on the mountain hill. There is also a hanuman temple and permanent army camp located there. 

4. Hanging Bridge

hanging bridge

This bridge right there is a life line for the people of mechuka. while crossing this bridge it felt scarier just an advice doesn’t look down while crossing 😀  

5. Siko Dido Waterfall

siko dido waterfall

Siko dido waterfall while coming towards mechuka it comes in the way located in irgo village and gives very great view. 

6. Mopin Festival

celebrating mopin festival

Although it is not a travel destination, but visiting Arunachal and not seeing the Mopin festival will be unfear. This is an important festival for the Galo tribe which is celebrated in the month of April for the harvesting season and is also believed to bring wealth and prosperity to all households and all communities.

 Intersting facts about Mechuka 

  • Mechuka is also known as Menchuka, which is made of three words: “Men” means “medicinal”, “Chu” means “water” and “Kha” means “ice” in local language.  
  • it is a small town nestled 6,000 feet (1,829 m) above sea level and is recognize the last village before the McMahon Line which spread India and China. 
  • Mechuka Valley is home to the people of the Memba, Ramo, Bokar and Libo tribes. The memba tribe are in the majority in the locals.  
  • The languages spoken in Mechuka are Tshangla, Adi, Tagin Hindi, and English. 
  • Main religious practice hear are Mahayana Buddhism, Donyi-Poloism, and Christianity. 
How to reach there
route of mechuka

 As mechuka is an under-discovered destination in India there is no rail or air connectivity available there. The best way to reach mechuka is by using the road, you guys can make a road trip or hire a cap from Assam but make sure clear LLP (inner line permit) it is very important for tourists who are visiting Arunachal Pradesh.  

Route: Assam- Pasighat-Along-Mechuka 


Back there in school days we all have drawn once, where white mountains and a river coming out from it, blue sky, green land and a small colorful hurt, that’s how Mechuka look. So, if you are planning go for it. Hope you like my blog, if you like my content or helped you some aspect then let me know in the comment section.  

Have a save journey, good bye.