5 Most Beautiful Bioluminescent Beaches in India to visit: Glowing Beaches

Have you ever wondered how dreamy it would feel to be walking under a moonlit sky with the glowing blue waves crashing on your feet? The curious ones may ask, how does that really even happen? Well.. it’s a phenomenon known as Bioluminescence. Simply put, when the coastal waters are warm, some aquatic species like algae, jellyfish and fungi happen to emit lights when the water is disturbed and dims once steady. To experience this we have a few Bioluminescent Beaches in India.

So.. fasten your seat belts as we check out the list of these special beaches. Let’s explore more about one of the majestic creations of nature, right here in India!

    1. Juhu Beach, Mumbai

One of the busiest beaches in our country has also witnessed the sea of stars. It was first seen in the year 2016. After that, there have been several occurrences of these glow-ups every now and then. Typically, these organisms are present far into the sea shore but sometimes the huge waves crash them closer to the bay, thus surprising us with their magical presence.

  • Best Time to Visit – November to January, after 9.30pm in the night
  • Other Attractions – Parasailing, Jet Ski rides, Fly Fish rides, Banana Boat rides and Bumper Boat rides
  • Nearby Places to visit – Holy Cross Church, Prithvi Theatre, Bandra-Worli Sea Link
Juhu Beach, one of the Bioluminescent Beaches in India
Image Source: Whats hot

    2. Betalbatim Beach, Goa

The paradise for beach lovers has one mystical reason to be called so apart from all its natural beauty. Betalbatim beach, also known as the Lover’s beach has a clean shore, spectacular views of sunrise and sunset, and a peaceful getaway to offer. It’s Situated between the two famous beaches of south Goa, Colva beach and Majorda beach. This golden beach is best explored during the winter when the weather is just right in Goa. At night you can observe this blue sparkling beach across 1 Km of its shoreline. The beach has many other attractions like watersports, dolphin spotting and serene pine trees. It also has amazing views for photography lovers and great nightlife for that adventurous soul of yours.

  • Best Time to Visit – November to February
  • Other Attractions – Parasailing, Paragliding, Windsurfing, Waterskiing
  • Nearby Places to visit – Colva Beach, Our Lady of Remedios Church, Vasco Da Gama city
Bioluminescent Beach of Betalbatim
Image Source: Reddit

    3. Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep

Bangaram island is one among the Lakshadweep cluster of islands floating in the Arabian sea on the south-western side of India. The water of this coastline is filled with light radiating algae making the sea glow in the night. The island is uninhabited soo its beauty is still kind of undisturbed. Along with the bioluminescent beaches, it is also rich in marine life. Plan your next trip here and enjoy the island resorts, watch the sun set by the horizon, have dinner by the bay and indulge in the water activities. Winter and monsoon are best believed to be the vacationing season here because during summers the weather gets too hot and humid.

  • Best Time to Visit – September to November
  • Other Attractions – Try Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Dinner at the Beach
  • Nearby Places to visit – Tinnakara, Agatti Island, Lagoon Beach
Bangaram Beach in the night
Image Source: Whatshot

    4. Andaman Islands

The Andaman islands have always been in the spotlight for all the attractions it has in stock for travel enthusiasts. Charming beaches, underwater coral reefs, once in a lifetime scuba diving experience are only a few of what it has to offer. The best thing to observe in these islands is the glow-in-the-night bioluminescence phenomenon.
For the most wonderful experience go on night kayaking on the Havelock island beach on the night of the new moon. You will be kayaking around the mangroves to see the tiny organisms lighting up under the water.

  • Best Time to Visit – November to February
  • Other Attractions – Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Scuba Diving, Sea kart, Banana Boat Ride
  • Nearby Places to visit – Radhanagar Beach, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Chidiya Tapu Beach, Mount Harriet National Park, Barren Island
Night Kayaking in the beaches of Andaman Islands
Image Source: go2andaman

    5. Mattu Beach, Udupi

The occurrence of the bioluminescence phenomenon on this beach is quite recent. It is known to be one of the unexplored beaches along the coastal lines of Karnataka. To enjoy this stunning sight you might want to relax, soak up some evening sun and stay back till the sky turns dark. Be assured to see every wave illuminate with bright blue color. Only 10 Kms of drive from the city of Udupi, it makes the beach perfect for seafood lovers, picnics and swimming.

  • Best Time to Visit – November to February
  • Other Attractions – Scuba Diving, Water Sports, Drive along the Backwaters
  • Nearby Places to visit – St. Mary’s Islands, Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt, Kapu Beach, Maple Beach
Night view of Mattu beach of Udupi
Image Source: Bangalore 247

If the article has convinced you to go and see this mystical behavior, then wait no further and pack your bags. Because you have to see these Bioluminescent Beaches in India to believe them – mother nature in its full glory.

Do let us know about your experiences of all these beautiful beaches once you visit them. Till then, keep exploring the world through our eyes.

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