Taste The Delicious and Most Famous Street Foods in Patna

Patna is known for it’s rich and glorious past, numerous tourist attractions and amazing shopping avenues. Apart from these, this city has a huge culture of street foods and street vendors comes out with delicious, affordable foods at the stalls. Street foods in patna has the right ingredients to tickle your taste buds. If you search for sweet, tangy or, spicy flavors in one place then you will get all kinds of foods here. Their unique taste and exotic flavors can make you eat more and more.

There are some of the famous street foods in Patna.

1.Litti Chokha-( लिट्टी-चोखा )

Litti Chokha is one of the most flavored and, famous foods of Bihar. Mode of preparation- Here the Litti is a wheat ball made up of whole wheat flour stuffed with roasted chickpeas meal and a variety of herb & spices. It served with Chokha, which is made up of boiled potato, tomato, brinjal, onion and different spices with topping of ghee. Together, they build a flavorful food that everyone adores.

Price Range- Rs.50-80 approx.

Best Place to find- Chourasiya ji ki Purani Litti Dukan, new market station road, Patna

2.Khaja-( खाजा )

The state consists of variety of tasty food items and Khaja is one of them. The delicious crispy khaja comes up with the wheat flour, sugar and mawa, which gets fry in oil after that absolute diped in a hot sugar syrup where it absorbs all the sweetness of the sugar in itself, which gives it a wafers texture and get melts in our mouth.

This dessert is majorly popular in the various states. It is essential in the time of chhath puja and the weddings in the state.

Price Range-Rs.10-20(1piece)

Best place to find- Suprashidh Khaja shops, Ashok Rajpath, Patna

3.Chana Ghugni-( चने की घुगनी )

Chana Ghugni is considered as one of the most cheapest and filling food from the varieties of street food we get in eastern part. It made up of black chickpeas, dried green peas, peanuts with medley of spices and most important part is the garnish with some chopped onions, fine chopped green chilies, chopped coriander and lime juice. It is also serve with chapati or, rice. It tasted great.

Price Range-Rs.25-30

Best place to find- Tuntun ji ka Dhaba, front of Board Office, Patna

4.Laddoo of Maner-( मनेर के लड्डू )

Maner is small town on National Highway-30 between Arrah and Patna. Maner is considered to be the place of worship of Sufi saint Pir Hazrat Makhadun, but the laddoos here also gives it different identity. The sweetness of Maner laddoos is recognized not only in the whole India, but also many foreign countries and the British have also specially given it a certificate of World Fame.

There Laddoos, prepared from Son-Ganga water, gram flour and sugar syrup. It’s grain is so thin that it dissolves as soon as it enters the mouth. The visitors who taste it do not stop without praising laddoos. Locals and many visitors told that due to confluence of Ganges, Son and Saryu rivers, the whater coming out of the land here is very sweet. That’s why they put less sugar in these laddoos, the sweetness in this laddoos is natural.

Price Range-Rs.320-500(1kg)

Best place to find- Maner , National Highway-30, Patna

5.Tilkut-( तिलकुट )

Tilkut is another Bihari sweet-savory which is also known as Tilkutri. It made of sesame seeds and jaggery which makes its taste more flavorful. It is associated with the harvest festival Makar Sankranti because In winter season sugarcane is harvested and this is the month when Tilkut is made in most of villages and town. In this time we can find it on the street of Patna.

Price Range-Rs.200-300(1kg)

Best place to find- Gaya Streets, Patna

6.Balushahi-( बालूशाही )

Balushahi is a type of dessert that rules on the streets of Patna because of it’s amazing taste. Made with maida flour or all purpose flour then deep fried in ghee/oil and soaked in sugar syrup increases it’s aroma. It is a traditional Bihari cuisine that every Bihar loves to have.

Price Range-Rs.10-20(1piece)

Best place to find- Patna Street, Patna

7.Mutton Kabab-( मटन कबाब )

Kabab one of the most famous dishes of India. when it comes to finger-licking serve in Bihar there comes a name Mutton Kabab made from the joints of meat. Along with the joints of meat, it also consists of a variety of fried vegetables cooked on a grill or barbeque that doubles it’s delicious taste. Today it is served as one of the favorite dish or as street food in our country.

Price Range-Rs.70-80

Best place to find- Mahngu Hotel, Duhra Diara, Patna

8.Batatapuri-( बटाटापुरी )

The culture of street food in patna is very huge and the street vendors come out with delicious, affordable foods at the stalls. When we come to the delicious street foods, how could we forget Batatapuri. This is also famous in many states and it has different names in different places. It is a round shaped and filled with a mixture of flavored waters. It’s tangy and the spices gives mouthwatering taste.

Price Range-Rs.30-40

Best place to find-Patliputra Kurji Road, near P&M mall, Patna

9.Bhelpuri-( भेलपुरी )

Bhelpuri is created a special place in the street foods of Patna. It is made of stuffed rice, the blend of spices, vegetables, bhujia, papdi and sauces garnishing with onions, coriander and lemon. It’s taste sweet, tangy or spicy flavor. This is original recipe of Mumbai but it spread to various part of India.

Price Range-Rs.20-30

Best place to find- Patliputra Kurji Road, Patna

Until now, you can have an idea that the street food of Patna which gave you the wide range of flavorful foods and showcase the city’s rich food culture. Each dish you’ll find on the streets gives you so many flavors. Whether you are a sweet or savory food lover, Patna’s street food never disappoints you and makes you eat more different dishes. So don’t ever think of skipping the street food exploration from your trip to Patna, it would surely make your journey memorable and joyous.