Top10 Famous Street Food Items in Visakhapatnam(Vizag)-You Must Try

Visakhapatnam is a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh that is known for its beautiful beaches. The city is also known for its rich history, lush greenery, peaceful residents, and a diverse array of culinary delights. Except beaches in Visakhapatnam, we get very tasty and delicious Street Food Items.

I personally have explored the street food items here, I recommend you should try.

Here is the list of the Famous Street Food Items in Visakhapatnam.


Punugulu is a very popular is a popular choice among all lovers of street food. Punugulu is a tasty and filling snacks that is served hot with ginger and coconut chutneys. Rice and urad dal better is used to make this deep –fried snacks.

Punugulu(deep fried snacks)
  • Where to eat: Tenneti Park ,RK Beach, Rushikonda
  • Price: Rs 30


Egg Bonda is the one of the most popular street food in Visakhapatnam(Vizag). Eggs are dipped in a better made of gramme flour, red and green chilies , powdered pepper, and salt while they are  still boiling. Once you’ve tried them , you’ll want to try them again.

Egg Bonda(egg bajji)
  • Where to eat: MVP Colony
  • Price: around 50 rupees


It is a popular snack among all Visakhapatnam restaurants. It is a very tasty also spices .its makes with all these things like; chilies , onions ,tomatoes ,peanuts .  It’s a simple bhel puri variation that can be found all over India.

Muri mixture(Andhra Bhel Puri)
  • Where to eat :RK Beach , Tenneti Park.
  • Price: Below rs 50 rupess


It is a unique  and  different taste  you will fill while you eat and you’ll enjoying. Which is cooked directly over hot coals. Sweet corn is a variety of corn grown for human consumption with a high sugar content. You should definitely try this street food. I can say with confindence you will definitely enjoy it while you eating.

Sweet Corn(sugar corn)
  • Where to eat: Best at Main gate, Tenneti Park.
  • Price: Below 50 rupess


Tomato Bajji  is  a dish that everyone in Visakhapatnam enjoys, rich or poor. These tomato cups are filled with a sauce that is similar to Muri Mixture and it served with crunchy peanuts.Other varieties are also available like brinjal which can also be relished.These tomato cups are fried and served cut in half.

Tomato Bajji(deep-fried tomato snack)
  • Where to eat: MVP double road, besides Café Coffee Day
  • Price: 45 approximately


There are many places in Visakhapatnam where you get  a tasty dosa. But as we are talking about street food, it is unfair to not mention about this particular item. When you are in Visakhapatnam do visit street food and enjoy this delicious south indian food. Also ,the various types of dosa is available there you can also try .

  • Where to eat: Opp to Railway station
  • Price: 250 for two people(Approx.)


There are many places in the city which offer top class idli but a railway station idli is a delicious last resort food option for those hungry college students and employees  who burn the midnight oil and are looking for something to eat. If you have belongs there and you have hungry you should go and try something delicious street food which is called idli.

  • Where to eat: Opp railway station
  • Average cost: 100 per one order(approx.)


This chicekn is not widely available in the city of Visakhapatnam,this is a popular dish in Araku , a hill station near Visakhapatnam Which is famous for its thick forests and valleys.Those who has chiken lovers they should must try this am sour u will be enjoying while you eat. Bongu chicken is totally worth its price.

Bongu Chicken(Bamboo Chicken)
  • Where to eat: Araku
  • Price: INR 90 approximately


If you momo lovers ,if you want enjoy momos this is the best place of Visakhapatnam you get tasty and delicious momos. Here you can choose from a variety of momos. The  momo sauce that is served here is delicious .This is something you should explore.

YMCA Momos
  • Where to eat :RK Beach
  • Price: Aroound 30 rupess


Kebab is a versatile dish usually made from lamb, goat or Chicken meat. There are variety of mouthwatering treats like liver kebab ,Chicken kebab ,boneless fish fry, and mutton kebab .You should arrive hungry so that you don’t have any regrets about missing out on some of the city’s most popular street foods.

  • Where to eat: MVP Circle
  • Price: INR 100 Approximately

Hope you liked my collection of the Famous Street Food Items in Visakhapatnam. If you visit to this place, try these items and let me know in comment sections.