Top 10 Places of Vijayawada- You must Visit in your Next Trip

Vijayawada is a city in the southeast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh

Vijayawada is considered to be a sacred place for residing one of the most visited and famous temples of Andhra Pradesh and India, Kanaka Durga Temple of Hindu Goddess Durga residing on the hill named Indrakeeladri. It also serves as the ritual host of Pushkaram (a river worshipping ritual in India) of River Krishna.

Vijayawada Formerly Known as Bezawada, Vijayawada is the second largest city in the India State Capital Region. It is the administrative headquarter of the NTR District .Vijayawada is a Best Travel Places in India. You can go with your Family and Friends to this Historical Place. The city has been described as the commercial, political, cultural and Educational capital of Andhra Pradesh.

  • 10 Places of Vijayawada
  • 1 Undavalli caves
  • 2 Mogalarajapuram caves
  • 3 Prakasam Barrage
  • 4 Victoria Jubilee Museum or Bapu Museum
  • 5 Rajiv Gandhi Park
  • 6 Subramanya Swami Temple
  • 7 Kanak Durga Temple
  • 8 Mangalgiri
  • 9 Konda Palli Fort
  • 10 Gandhi Hill, Vijayawada 
  • Here is the best places in Vijayawada you can go with your Family and with your Friends, enjoy this Places.

1. Undavalli caves, Vijayawada

Undavalli caves is the Historical Place in India.

The Undavalli Caves is the Famous Historical Place in India, it is Located in Vijayawada Road near Prakasam, Barrage, Undavalli, Andhra Pradesh. There are Many Type of Beautiful Attractive Caves, you can see, Rock Cut Hindu God in Caves, Sections of Undavalli Caves, Ganesh in the Undavalli caves, Sculptures of Rishis at Undavalli caves, Hanuman depicted on a pillar at Undavalli caves. These Caves are decided to Anantha Padmanabha and Narshimha. Some People Believe on that Jain and Buddhist Monks Used these caves.

The Undavalli caves Located in Guntur District, Vijayawada, and Andhra Pradesh.

How to reach?

Vijayawada Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station there are several state Run buses to Reach Vijayawada and Guntur. You can take a Local Transport or Private buses to Reach Undavalli caves.

  • Time – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Best Time to Visit-  October to March
  • Location – Punumaka- Vijayawada RD, Near Prakasam , Undavalli, Barrage
  • Entry Fee – 5 Rupees Per Person.

2. Mogalarajapuram Caves, Vijayawada

The Mogalarajapuram Caves, another must-visit heritage landmark in Vijayawada

The Mogalarajapuram Caves, another must-visit heritage landmark in Vijayawada, more than 1500 years old. These rock-cut temples are home to sculptures and artefacts that celebrate the culture and religious practices of old Vijayawada kingdoms. The caves are located close to the nearest city centre, so they can be accommodated into a convenient hour-long stop in your travel journey. Some of the key highlights of the caves include idols of Lord Ganesh and Lord Natarajan, five rock-cut sanctuaries, bas relief carvings, and sculpted pillars at the entrance. There is a huge idol of Padmanabha Swami in these caves which is very impressive. Some say that it was probably a statue of Buddha which was later replaced.
 Entry fee-
3 Rupees per Person

  • Time – 09:00 AM TO 06:00 PM
  • Location- Mogalarajapuram Caves, Vijayawada,
  • Siddhartha College Road

3. Prakasam Barrage, Vijayawada

Prakasam Barrage one of the most Iconic structure in vijayawada

Prakasam Barrage, one of the most iconic structures in Vijayawada, is a bridge that connects the districts of Krishna and Guntur. More than a kilometer long, it spans the Krishna River and offers splendid views of the lake. The bridge was built in the year 1957 and was named after Shri Tanguturi Prakasam, the first chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. It was designed by Sir Arthur Cotton and was built by Capt. Orr. Prakasam Barrage has a length of 1223.5 meters and was built to irrigate 5.8 lakh acres of Ayakat.

  • Entry fee- No

4.Victoria Jubilee Museum or Bapu Museum, Vijayawada

The Bapu Museum Known as Victoria Jubilee Museum is an Archaeological Museum
Victoria Jubilee Museum

 The Bapu Museum Known as Victoria Jubilee Museum is an Archaeological Museum. It Is Located At M.G Road Vijayawada. The Museum is maintained by the Archaeological Department and Has Large collection of Sculpture, Painting and Artefact of Buddhist and Hindu Relics. The Museum Was Created as Part Of the Celebration of the Golden Jubilee Of Queen Victoria in 1887.

  • Location – Bapu Museum, MG RD, Buckinghampeta, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 52002
  • Time – 10:30 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Entry Fee – No fee for all

5. Rajiv Gandhi Park, Vijayawada

Rajiv Gandhi Park has been developed by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation ,
Rajiv Gandhi Park , Vijayawada

Rajiv Gandhi Park Has Been Developed by Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, This Park Is a Prominent Place of Vijayawada. Rajiv Gandhi Park is a Beautiful Park in Vijayawada. Various Type of Colorful flowers, Plants, Trees Are in the Park. There is Other Attraction of Including Gaming zoo and Aquarium. The Park has Freshly Moved Lawns And a well Maintained Walk Way. You Can Go With Your Family and with Your Friends to Enjoy Such a Beautiful Park in Vijayawada, Make a Family Tour and Visit To Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Location – NH65, Krishanlanka, Vijayawada
  • Timing – 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM 
  • Entry Fee – Adult 3 Rupees and Child 2 Rupees

6. Subramanya Swami Temple, Vijayawada

Subhramanya Swami Temple
Subramanya Swami Temple

   Subramanya Swami Temple Is a Best Place in Vijayawada it is a Beautiful Temple Subramanya Temple Dedicated to lord of Serpents Kartikeya Is Situated at the foot hills of Indrakeeladri hills in Vijayawada. The entire Temple is constructed with White Marble and Is Beautiful Decorated. Very Good at Work has been made on the outer and inner walls of This Holly Temple.

how to reach ?

You can reach by Air Port, Railway also By Road.

  • Location – Durga Temple, Ghats Road, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
  • Time – 06:30 AM to 01:00 PM and 03:30 PM to 08:00 PM
  • Entry Fee – No                                                                     

7.Kanaka Durga Temple, Vijayawada

Kanak Durga Temple is a Hindu Temple
Kanak Durga Temple

Kanak Durga Temple Is a Hindu Temple. It is dedicated to Goddess Kanaka Durga. The Temple is Located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India on The Indrakeeladri Hills on the Banks of Krishna River. Especially Pujas are performed During – Dasara, it is also Called Navaratri. The Festival of Dasara Is celebrated here in every Year. This Temple Famous for Maa Mahalakshmi. You can visit with your Family with Friends.

Who built this Temple?

King Gopinath has built the Temple which is estimated to Be More than 500 years old

  • Location – Arjuna Street Mallikarjunpeta Indrakeeladri, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520001.
  • Timing – 05:00 AM – 10:00 PM                                           
  • Entry fee – No entry Fee

8. Mangalagiri, Vijayawada

This Town is best know for the Temple of Pankala Lakshmi Narasimha Swami

  Mangalagiri is a Town and a Mandal of Guntur District. The Town Was Known to Have Existed – Since 225 B.C. This town is best known for the Temple of Sri Pankala Lakshmi Narasimha Swami. This Temple is Dedicated to Lord Narasimha (Man –Lion) and is Situated on a hillock at Mangalgiri.The Temple has the credit of being one of the eight major holy temple (Maha Kshetram) of India. The city is the headquarter of Mangalagiri man day under Guntur Revenue Division.

  • Location – Mangalagiri Vijayawada,
  • Entry Fee – No
  • Timing – 05:00 AM to 08:30 PM
  • Place visit – Family, Friends  

9. Kondapalli Fort, Vijayawada

Kondapalli Fort Famous for historical Place. The Historical fort also known as Kondapalli Quilla
Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli fort also locally known as Kondapalli Kota, lies to the west of Kondapalli in Vijayawada the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, India of NTR district. Kondapalli fort Famous For historical Place. The Historical fort also known as Kondapalli Quilla. Kondapalli fort was built by Prolaya Vema Reddy of Reddy Kingdom during the 14 the century. You can visit to the place with your family and Friends. You will have to know about this historical Place. Make plan to visit there

   Location – JGG+57C, Ghat Road, Kondapalli, Andhra Pradesh 521228,

   Timing – 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM                             

   Entry Fee – 5 Rupees

10. Gandhi Hill, Vijayawada

The hill is Know by the name of Gandhi
Gandhi hill , Vijayawada

The Gandhi hill is a hill in Vijayawada, situated behind the Vijayawada Railway Station in the Tarapet area. A Gandhi memorial, Built on this hill. The hill is also know by the name of Gandhi. The hill was Formerly Known as ORR hill. This is the best Historical Place in Vijayawada, Gandhi hill is named after our Father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. There are many things attractive to the visitors. Here is Gandhi Memorial Library, Sound and Light show, Planetarium. Gandhi Memorial Built on this Mountain is the first Monument in the country to have seven stupa.

How to Reach ?

you can reach there by the train and bus. Nearest Bus stand to Gandhi hill is Vijayawada bus station which is at a distance of 1.8 kms

  • Location – Jawaharlal Nehru Road, K.R Market, Tarapet Vijayawada
  • Timing – 04:30 PM to 8:30 PM all day in week
  • (Tuesday close) , Entry fee – 10 Rupees per Person.

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