How to make Tamil Nadu special degree filter coffee at home-Easy Guides

The Kumbakonam DEGREE COFFEE is also Known as FILTER COFFEE which is more milky and got from the dark roasted coffee beans. The Kumbakonam Degree filter Coffee is very famous in the southern states.

When a cup of hot Coffee makes your day brighter and fresher, Kumbakonam Degree coffee can be the right choice to you.

If you visit Tamilnadu don’t miss having this Tamil Nadu special DEGREE FILTER COFFEE.

I wanted to post this recipe long back but waited as I thought of presenting in authentic way. So got the complete set in brass recently to enjoy this traditional south Indian filter coffee daily at Home.

so, u also buy a complete set in brass and enjoy your DEGREE FILTER COFFEE daily in the morning .

Ingredients for Degree Filter Coffee:

For the DecotionFor the Coffee
Coffee Powder : 3 heaped tspStrong Decoction : 1/4 Cup (adjust according to the Strongest you want )
Water : 3/4 CupMilk : 1.5 Cups
Sugar : 2 tsp

Step to prepare Degree Filter Coffee :

  • Boil water, Add a good Quality Filter Coffee to the upper cup. Place the pressing disc and pour the hot water .Close the lid and keep aside for 15-20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile boil the milk in a pan. Once it comes to boil, reduce the flame and keep boiling until the decoction get collected to lower compartment. Take care not to burn the milk at bottom.
  • Now, add sugar and pour the required amount of decoction of the Deborah ( usually more quantity of decoction gives a strong coffee).
  • Add the boiled milk to the decoction. Now mix everything by pouring the coffee to the tumbler and back to the Deborah. Forth it well
  • The Kumbakonam degree filter coffee with all its flavor and aroma is ready.


I hope the process of the recipe is easy to make for you, may your morning going brighter and fresher after a cup of degree filter coffee.

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