Top 5 traditional food of tamilnadu|||That you should try||

traditional food of tamilnadu

The unique flavours of south indian food make it popular throughout the world. Tamilnadu has 32 districts and many small villages . Each location is famous for its authentic food . The native people have magic in their hands that make these recipes world famous . Tamilnadu food is not just about dosa and vada .There is a big list of Traditional Food of Tamilnadu.

On special occasion , traditional tamil dishes are prepared in almost the same ways as they were centuries ago.

If you are planning in travelling to tamilnadu , Get ready to experience!! In my experience tamil dishes are one of the best food in the world ! my guide to restaurant in tamilnadu will give you some idea of what and where to eat when visiting this south indian state.

5 best traditional tamilnadu dishes you must be try .

  1. Sambar
  2. Degree filter coffee
  3. Biriyani
  4. Idly
  5. Fish curry

Lets go to see about tamilnadu dishes!!!!

1# Sambar

Sambar is one of the most popular traditional dishes. That is not only healthy and nutritious but also tastes is delicious.


Sambar is a south indian lentil and mix vegetables stew that is eaten along with breakfast or meal as a side dish. Most people enjoy this with some hot SOFTIDLI , DOSA , VADA or with plain RICE.

  • FAMOUS PLACE : Taminadu state is famous for sambar .
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS : Triplicane high road , Triplicane , Chennai , Tamilnadu , 600005\
  • VISIT AROUND RESTAURANT : Porur lakes , Easwari gardens , Gopalakrishna Theater.

If you want this recipe then must visit How to make Tamil Nadu Style Sambar at home

2# Degree filter coffee( kumbakonam )

Degree filter coffee is one of the special drink for most of the south indians . The coffee beans nicely roasted and added with chikri makes it is a strong tonic for lazy brain.

Degree filter coffee

The speciality of the degree filter coffee lies in the coffee powder itself. The coffee powder meant for the purpose is brewed using two cylindrical metal cup like contraption. The cylindrical cups are placed one on top of the other and the cup on the top has bottom. The cup which is kept on the bottom is empty as it has to receive the coffee.

  • FAMOUS PLACE : Kumbakonam
  • FAMOUS RESTAURANT : Kumbokonam degree coffee shop , ( OPEN & CLOSE : 9.00 A.M TO 8.00 P.M )
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS : Kumbokonam bypass road , Pillayam Pettai , Moopanar Nagar , Chettimandapam , Ullur , Tamilnadu 612001
  • VISIT AROUND RESTAURANT : Mahamaham TANK , Kashi viswanath temple , Adi kumbeswara temple.

If you want this recipe then must visitHow to make Tamil Nadu special degree filter coffee at home

3# Biriyani ( Ambur )

Biriyani is one of the most famous traditional recipes made with some easily available ingredients. If you want to eat on some different and yummy biriyani then, this ambur chicken biriyani is best for you.


Ambur in tamilnadu , what’s special about this biriyani is that , One of the most well known south indian variety is this ambur star biriyani . The two main differences of this dish with the other biriyani recipes. it is cookd using short grain rice. Its got a unique and delicious aroma and flavour to it .The texture of the biriyani is so different. The othr difference is that there is no spic powder used.

  • FAMOUS PLACE : Ambar
  • FAMOUS RESTAURANT : Zaitoon restaurant , ambur ( open & close : 12.00 p.m to 11.30 p,m )
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS : Highway R.F , Ambur plantation RF , ambur , Tamilnadu , 635802
  • VISIT AROUND RESTAURANT : Yelagiri forest hill ,Jawadhu hills , Krishnagiri fort.

4# Idly ( kanchipuram)

Kanchipuram idli are a well known variety of idlis . These are idlis spiced with cumin , pepper and ginger powder. Traditionally they are made and offered as naivedyam to bhagwan vishnu in the varadharaja temle in kanchipuram , Tamilnadu.


Traditionally kancheepuram idlis are stamed in a bamboo basket which is lined with the leaves of the bauhunia plant . It is very delicious and also very easy to prepare. It can be had for breakfast or for dinner.

  • FAMOUS PLACE : Kancheepuram
  • FAMOUS RESTAURANT : Sri Annapurna Bhavan ( open & close : 7.00 a.m to 8.00 p.m )
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS : Kamakshi Amman Sannathi St. periya , kancheepuram , Tamilnadu 631502.
  • VISIT AROUND RESTAURANT : Kamakshi amman temple , Kailashanathar temple , kancheepuram temple.

5# Fish curry

It was one of the most important trade centers of the ancient tamil state, nagarcolli is , and has always been famous for its fishing village.dry fish curry is famous in nagarcolli .

Fish curry

If you love sea food take a trip to nagarcolli till the kanyakumari belt to get a taste of some delicious nanjil nadu cuisine. There are many versions of making this curry.

  • FAMOUS PLACE : Nanjilnadu
  • FAMOUS RESTAURANT : Nanjil nadu – The Heritage Restaurant ( OPEN & CLOSE – 12.00 P.M TO 10. 00 P.M )
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS : Main road changai , Marthandam , Tamilnadu 629155
  • VISIT AROUND RESTAURANT : Vivekananda Rock Memorial , Muttom Beach , Gandhi mandapam , Tsunami memorial.

From the above article i really hope this guide to traditional food of tamilnadu and i hope helps you create your own exciting food. when you are in tamilnadu.

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