How To Make Cham Cham or Chom Chom (A Traditional Bengali Sweet)

Kolkata the City of Joy is known for its delicious sweets. Cham Cham or Chum Chum is one of the famous traditional Bengali sweet dishes. The word ‘chum chum’ has a beautiful meaning. The word means a close friend. It is believed that once you have this sweet, you will have a friendly relationship with it. Cham Cham sweet recipe is very easy, and it is similar to the rasgulla recipe. But both rasgulla & cham cham misti are different in shape & flavor. Rasgulla are normally round in shape but cham cham is cylindrical and often flavored differently like with coconut or dry fruits.

Cham Cham or Chom Chom Bengali Sweet Served in Plate.

How To Make Cham Cham or Chum Chum Sweet

Ingredients –

Cow Milk1 liter
Lemon or White Vinegar2 tsp
All-purpose flour (maida)2 tsp
Saffron (Kesar) strandsFew (optional)
Green Cardamom powder (elaichi)1/2 tsp
Sugar2 tsp
Water4 cups
Rose waterfew drops (optional)
Chopped pistachios or almondsfor garnishing (optional)
Green Cardamom Pods2-3

Step 1- How To Make Chena or Fresh Panner for Cham Cham Sweet

Fresh panner or chena wrapped in a white cloth.

Heat 1 liter of milk in a deep pot until it starts boiling. Once it starts boiling, add lemon juice or vinegar slowly and stir it on low flame until the milk curdles and milk solids separate from the liquid to form fresh paneer or chena. Drain the chena using a clean muslin cloth or a fine mesh strainer. Wash the chena by pouring 2-3 glasses of water to avoid the smell of vinegar/lemon. Squeeze the chena gently to drain out the excessive water. Then leave it hanging for 30-40 minutes, putting a knot in the cloth.

Step 2- How To Kneed The Chena or Fresh Panner for Cham Cham

Drain the chena out of the cloth & use your palm to kneed & mash the fresh panner or chena for 10-15 mins until it becomes a smooth dough.

Step 3- How To Make Shape for Cham Cham

Cylindrical or oval shape cham cham is served in a white plate.

Divide the smooth dough into equal portions. Then, using your palm, gently shape them into cylindrical or oval shapes.

Step 4- How to Make Sugar Syrup For Cham Cham

Add water, sugar, and cardamom pods, and boil them in a deep and wide pan for 10 minutes on medium flame. Keep stirring until the sugar dissolves and a thick consistency is achieved.

Step 5- How To Cook Chena Balls in Sugar Syrup For Cham Cham

Oval or cylindrical shaped fresh panner or chena are boiling in a black deep pan.

Add the cylindrical or oval-shaped chena to the sugar syrup one by one. Continue boiling for 15 minutes. You will notice the chena increasing in size. Turn off the flame & let it cool down.

Step 6- How to Garnish & Serve Cham Cham or Chomchom

Garnished cham cham or chom chom

Once the cham cham or chomchom has cooled, place it on a plate. Chop some pistachios or almonds and sprinkle them over the cham cham before serving. Enjoy you cham cham immediately or store in refrigerator.

Tips For Cham Cham or Chomchom Sweet

1. Make sure to use fresh milk to achieve the best flavor.
2. Shape the chena into uniform cylindrical or oval pieces for even cooking and consistent texture.
3. Sugar syrup should have medium consistency (neither thin nor thick)
4. Try adding rose water, saffron, or kewra water to the sugar syrup for a unique flavor. It is completely optional
5. Cham Cham Or Chomchom tastes delicious when it is served chill.

Cham Cham can be served as a dessert with your meals or at parties. Enjoy your homemade traditional Bengali Cham Cham or Chomchom, as a classic and beloved sweet treat!

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