7 Most Famous Food in Lord Jagannath Dhaam Puri, That you Must Try

Puri is one of the historic cities of India. Being one of the four Dhaams puri has several specialties. Beginning from the culture and tradition of puri, to the food of the holy land.

Puri is famous for the Jagannath temple and the sea food in the entire state. Mostly the traditional Odia dishes are popular in puri. Puri is the place where once can find easily food without onion and garlic, as the visitors of Hindu religions from all over the glover prefer this type of cuisines only.

However, there are several place that serve you with the typical Odia food along with the seafood and non-vegetarian dishes.

Here is a list of seven food items one must try if in Puri.

1- Khaja

Khaja is one of the ‘Chappan bhog’ (56 types of food). Khaja is a sweet dish, famous in puri and is also offered to Lord Jagannath. The basic ingredients of khaja are the oil, sugar and most important, the polished wheat flour. It is said that the khaja were prepared before some 200 years ago near the place where the modern time southern part of Bihar is situated. Khaja is the sweet dish which is first fried in oil and the dipped in the sugar coatings.

The khaja of puri are being exported to various parts of the country and even to the foreign countries where these are being demanded the most.

2- Mahaprasad

Mahaprasad is the food being offered to the deities of Lord Jagannath temple. Mahaprasad is being cooked in the special corner of the temple, where there is a special corner of the temple, where there is a special kitchen located inside the temple area. The kitchen has the capacity of cooking food for lakha of devotees visiting the temple of Lord Jagannath. The food items of the Mahaprasad includes cooked rice, dal, vegetable curry, verieties of vegetables and sweet dishes. Anand Bazar is the Market place inside the Jagannath mandir premises where the Maharasad is being sold to the devotees.

3- Malpua

Another sweet delicacy served as the morning food to Lord Jagannath at the puri temple, Malpua of puri are especially famous as it is cooked very differently from the rest of India. The essential ingreadients used in the malpuas are all-purpose flour, bananas, cardamoms, coconut, milk and fennel seeds. All these come together in a sweet mixture of malpua that smell not only mouth-watering but also melts in one’s mouth.

4- Ukhuda

Ukhuda, another local sweet dish, is also serves at the puri temple in the bhog for Lord Jagannath. This is fried puffed rice that id sweetened through the use of jiggery cut pieces of coconut along with carom seed are used in the preparation to provide a distinct taste to this dish. The dish serves well in along the lanes near the temple, and one can also carry this dish as a specimen of food in puri back home for friends and family as it stays fresh for 15 days!

5- Chenna Poda

Chenna Pda, cooked for several hours, is a festival-special as it is believed to be Lord Jagannath’s favorite sweet dish. It is cooked in homes and food joints on special occasions and festivals. The taste is entirely from cottage cheese as well as caramelized sugar. The patience and time required for this dish make it a must-try for food in puri. It is available at almost every shop at puri and is famously served at the maha bhog at the temple.

6- Rasabali

Another sweet dish from the Odia cuisine served at puri, Rasabali is made of farmer’s cheese which is deep fried till it reddens. Itis cooked into the flattened but round dough so that it has enough surface to soak up the milk that is flavored with cardamom seeds. It is also another famous dish that is served at the chappan bhog at the Jagannath temple and is available at most food joints as delicious food in puri

7- Khechadi

It is the Odia version of the Indian khichdi and is a popular dish in Puri. Khechadi, as a prasad at Lord Jagannath temple in puri, the dish is cooked with rice and lentils. However, the addition of bay leaf and cinnamon with some sugar and coconut gives it a local flavor.The dish is simple, filling and satiates the taste buds with its distinct flavour.

These dishes are not only tempting for the taste buds but also healthy and easy to experiment with. Must visit the Lord Jagannath dhaam Puri and enjoy the famous food. I hope you all are getting more excited by reading this article, If you want to give any feedback you can suggest us in the comment box. Thank you