Night Camping On The Banks of Mahanadi

The thought of Camping brings about a surge in excitement for the ones who live for adventure. And Night Camping on the banks of Mahanadi river can be a heart unraveling experience for someone who wants a spectacular night.

People eager for an adventurous night stay away from home and wanting to go for an adventurous camping trip in Odisha can take the help of an expert organization:

Odisha Maritime logo

Odisha Maritime is a Odisha Tourism Dept. approved organization having a range of activities under its belt. Night Camping on the banks of Mahanadi river is a popular activity that is carried out at Naraj in Cuttack. They have quite exciting camping packages and various activities included in it.

Let’s have a look at all the activities that Odisha Maritime offers as part of Night Camping :

1. Night Camping

Night Camping activity is carried out on the banks of Mahanadi in Naraj on an island located in the middle of the river. While camping Odisha Maritime provides camping tents and finger licking barbecue food as well.

Night Camping
Night Camping Along Mahanadi

And the best part of any night camping is bonfire, something without which any camping is never complete.

Packages can include two to five meals according to the customer’s selects on breakfast, lunch, dinner. Meals would include popular barbecues to various camping food like Pulaos, Bamboo Chicken, etc.

2. Kayaking

As far as activities go, any camping package from Odisha Maritime includes Kayaking on Mahanadi as a privilege activity for all campers coming to Odisha Maritime.

Kayaking is one of the best kind of activity one can ever do. If you ever think about bringing your pets for a relaxation period then it’s a must try.

The Thrill of Kayaking
Kayaking on Mahanadi
Kayaking with Pets
Your Pets Can Enjoy A Great Time at Camping

Kayaking can be one of the best refreshing activities while camping on Mahanadi with Odisha Maritime. Kayaking expeditions on Mahanadi river is an amazing set of experiences one should always experience if you are in Odisha.

3. Boat Rides

Tourists and customers coming for a Night Camping on the banks of Mahanadi with Odisha Maritime can have an add-on facility of taking a boat-ride to Siddheswar Temple and Dhabaleswar Temple in a beautiful boat in the Mahanadi river.

A boat-ride can be custom made with add-on for any sort celebrations; be it Birthdays or Anniversaries. Odisha Maritime makes sure to make it a memorable one for its customers.

Birthday on Boat
Special Day Celebration with Odisha Maritime
Boat Image
A Couple On Their Trip To Dhabaleswar & Siddheswar

Hungry for some more adventurous? Then on windy days river sailing could be prove to be an amazing sport one can try. One can’t miss such an opportunity ever.

River Sailing
River Sailing on Windy Days in Mahanadi

Apart from the mentioned activities, Odisha Maritime also offers Bicycle Tour around Cuttack City to visit its tourist attractive places as an extra activity on customer’s demand.

The cost of an Adventure Camping package ranges from Rs. 1500/- per head to 3500/- per head depending upon the number meals and different activities the customer would like to go ahead with. Every package for Night Camping on the banks of Mahanadi is worth every penny to the customer.

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