Mangalore Food: Crab Gheerost (Enjoy the Real Sea Food)

Mangalore is a very beautiful coastal area which is surrounded by arabian sea and some hills station is near by so mostly the weather is really good neither too cold nor too hot so you can enjoy the beauty of the place. Mangalore is also famous for sea food like vangda fish ,other verity of fishes , crab curry items and there are lot of fresh sea food items ,in between them crab gheerost is the most famous traditional food of Mangalore


As i mention Mangalore weather is really beautiful and healthy as well very less pollution , you can enjoy the ocean and hill station both combination basically beauty of the nature. As like the natures beauty of that place the foods are very authentic and testy specially see food like crap ghee.

Crap Ghee Roast

Crap gheeroast

Recipe of Crap Gheerost

Two medium size crap clean and add solt ,turmeric water for 30 minutes put three table spoons ghee on kadai one diced onion fry until goldenbrown add few curry leaves one tsp ginger garlic paste add one tomato diced half tsp turmeric powder add crap and some salt mix well cover and cook low flame for 10 minutes .Add masala with little masala water then cook for five minutes with low flame till the masala should try then add garam masala then cook for two minutes here the crap ghee roast will ready.

The best place for Crap ghee roast in Mangalore

The best restaurant for crap ghee roast in Mangalore is Macchi family restaurant where you can get proper authentic crap ghee roast there are other many hotels and restaurants also you can get a crap ghee roast too.