Kayaking Expeditions On Mahanadi In Odisha

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When we hear about Kayaking Expedition on Mahanadi River in Odisha, one of the widest rivers of India, few people will be scared in their hearts; some will have their Adrenalin jumping on haywire with excitement and some will be on the railings of jumping over their fears to win over it for themselves.

Kayaking is the use of a kayak,a low-to-the-water canoe-like boat, for moving across water and can be distinguished from canoeing by its upright sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle.

Such is the kind of experience that everyone, who’s visiting Odisha, should definitely target to have for their fun and adrenalin pumping lives. Kayaking on the emerald waters brings out the immense amount of joy and pleasure one can ever ask for. And for such amazing fun experiences one can get in touch with —

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Odisha Maritime is a Dept. of Tourism of Odisha approved water-sports organization experienced with the waters of Mahanadi for Kayaking, River Snorkeling, River Swimming experiences and Adventure Night camping on the sands of Mahanadi.

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One of the best experiences one can have with Odisha Maritime is a Kayaking Expedition on the Mahanadi River and they offer expeditions to different destinations on the Mahanadi River.

Each and every expedition is carried out with proper Safety protocols along with a Safety Boat guiding along for the participants. They offer kayaking expedition to various destinations on the Mahanadi River and one can pick as per their liking when they visit Odisha.

1. Kayaking Expedition To Siddheswar Temple

Siddheswar temple is a beautiful Shiva Temple perched on a Hill approx. situated around 4.5 Kms by water from Odisha Maritime’s touchdown base at Naraj and approximately 17 kms by road from Cuttack.

Siddheswar Temple in Cuttack
Siddheswar Temple, Perched on a Hill

The Kayaking Expedition to Siddheswar Temple and back includes the following activities:

  • Kayaking to Siddheswar Temple,
  • Trekking to the mountain perched temple,
  • Visit to the Peacock Valley which houses around 100 peacocks in it,

And then Back to Odisha Maritime base at Naraj. A total of nearly 9 KMs of breath-taking Kayaking experience riding the river waves on Kayaks with some healthy snacks on the way.

A Kayaking Expedition to Siddheswar Temple approximately costs Rs. 1250/- per head guided by an expert with complete safety protocols.

Siddheswar Kayaking Expedition Route
Siddheswar Kayaking Expedition Route

2. Kayaking Expedition to Dhabaleswar Temple

Dhabaleswar Temple is a beautiful Shiva temple located on the top of an island mountain in the middle of the river Mahanadi located nearly 8 kms from Odisha Maritime base in Naraj by water and nearly 20 kms from Cuttack via road.

 The Kayak journey to this place is also magnificent as in this route you get to see a lot of River Turtles on the way and an amazing location for snorkelling or scuba diving as well.

 The Kayaking Expedition to Dhabaleswar package includes the following services:

  • Kayaking to Dhabaleswar
  • Snacks on the way to the destination
  • River Snorkeling at Dhabaleswar (According to Your Wish)

The price of this package costs approximately Rs. 1250/- per head which includes your trip back to base via road/ water transport.

Dhabaleswar Temple on Mahandi river
Dhabaleswar Temple on the top of an Island Hill
Route to Dhabaleswar Temple
Dhabaleswar Kayaking Expedition Route

3. Kayaking Expedition to Balijatra Ground

Balijatra ground is one of the most famous locations of Cuttack where every year one of the largest fairs of Odisha takes place and it is located in the Cuttack city. Its nearly 17 kms far from Odisha Maritime base via water. Kayaking Expedition to this location is a complete day long expedition with sufficient breaks for the participants and with an expert guide you are bound to feel the adrenalin pumping and the sense of accomplishment when you reach the end point. It’s a great feeling!!!!

Balijatra Ground expedition route
Balijatra Expedition Route

This package includes –

  • Complete Kayaking to Balijatra Ground, Cuttack with an expert guide
  • Healthy snacks on the way
  • A visit at the Cuttack Dear Park
  • Transport back to the base via road/ water.

The cost of the package is approx. Rs. 1500/- per head which includes all the above services.

Enjoy Kayaking on Mahanadi with your pets
Enjoy Kayaking with Your Pets

If you are an adventure junkie, want to have a great amount of fun and want to overcome your fears then get in touch with Odisha Maritime a must-try experience of Kayaking Expedition on Mahanadi in Odisha. You can get in touch with Odisha Maritime via below links:

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