Top 10 Tourist Places In Bihar, Top Desirability

Bihar is located in the eastern region of India, bordering Nepal in the North, West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the West, and Jharkhand in the South .Bihar is the place that gave birth to Buddhism and Jainism and helped in the growth of Sikhism Hinduism .It was the center of first republic in the world at Vaishali and the city of Pataliputra was largest and grandest in the world. Information on all aspects of Bihar including geography, history, government, districts, business, economy, travel, rivers, education , arts, culture, music, dance, festival of Bihar. Bihar is divided into 37 districts for administrative. The State is well linked by road, state highways, national highways, rural and districts roads.

Bihar stands at the eighth position as far as foreign tourist footfalls are concerned. Patna, Gaya, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Vaishali, Nalanda and Banka are major destinations.

Lalit Narayan Mithila University is also known as LNMU is located in Darbhanga, Bihar, India

Bihar State – Overview

EstablishingMarch 22, 1912
StatehoodJanuary 26,1950
GovernorPhagu Chauhan
Area94,163 square km
Sex Ratio918 females per 1000males
Literacy Rate63.82%
Language spokenHindi
Number of district38
Population104099452 crore

Planning to travel? Let us see which are the top tourist Places in Bihar to travel and visit. cities of Bihar have many good luxurious Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts where you can eat tasty food have a comfortable stay.


Gaya Also known As: The city of Enlightenment, Gayapuri, Gaya ji, Land of Vishnu and Buddhism. Gaya is an Ancient city with proof of existence as early 6th century BCE. Gaya is a busy city located on the River phalgu and it is complete with many temples and historic sites . Bodh Gaya near is the place where Gautama Budha attained enlightenment. Best place to visit: Bodh gaya, mahabodhi Temple, vishnupad mandir, barabar caves, Maa mangala gauri mandir, Azad park, Royal bhutan monastery. you also buy: wooden toys, cane basket, Tilcoot, khaja, books, madhubani painting, Bamboo articles.

How to Reach? Gaya is connected by air, rail and road from major cities of India. The best way to take a flight or a train.

2. Nalanda

Nalanda University Bihar Ruin
Nalanda University Bihar

Nalanda is the oldest university in India, most of people come to Nalanda for visit. A perfect recall to the time of flourishing Gupta and Pata period, people said the last and most famous Jain Tirthankara Mahavir spend 14 tropical storm season here, also Budha is said to have delivered lectures here the mango tree in Nalanda. The two famous Chinese traveller visited here, one traveller stayed for at least two years here, another Chinese traveller voyager stayed at Nalanda for about 10 years. it is a glory places. Today most of parts of Nalanda lie in ruins but the place is surely worth exploring.

The Major Tourist Attraction : Nalanda multimedia museum, silao, Nalanda Archeological museum, Surajpur Baragaon.

How to Reach? The best way to reach a flight/ train to Gaya(90km to Nalanda) and then book a cab/ taxi


Pillars of Ashoka with blue sky at Vaishali in Bihar, India. Beautiful scenic view of monument ancient with lion pole top in summer day
Ashoka lion pillar & Stuba- Vaishali

King Vishal of the Mahabharat Age also known As Birthplace of load Mahavira. the land of the as the land of Amarapali. so you see, one has enough to recall in Vaishali and adding to its historical charm is the well- Preserved Ashokan pillar.

The Major Tourist Attraction : Ashoka pillar, Vaishali museum, shanti stupa, Kuta garasala Bihar.

How to reach ?

The nearest airport to vaishali is at Patna (70 kms) one has the choice between flight and train, most suitable can be taken followed by booking a cab till Vaishali.

3. Patna

buddha stupa with bright blue sky at morning from different angle image is taken at buddha park patna bihar india
Buddha memorial park

Patna is situated on the southern bank of Ganga, Patna is largest city of Bihar. Patna is pilgrimage for Sikh devotees birthplace of last Sikhguru. Patna is a decent destination with most of the modern facilities available. Patna also known as – Patliputra, Azimabad, Pushpapur, kusumpur, latest riverine city in the world, patligram education hub of Bihar. The city of leaders and knowledge Patna hosted the first ever women’s KABADDI world cup in 2012.

Best Place To Visit: Sanjay Gandhi Biological park, BSPHCL Energy park, Gandhi maidan, Eco park, Takht sri patna sahib, Bihar museum.

Popular Dance: Babesia, oaika, jat jatin, jhijhian, kajari, jumari

What to Buy- Madhubani paints, wall hangings, bead jewellery, Handicraft, silk sarees

How to reach ? Patna is well- connected by rail, road and air,thus it is easy to commute to this place from all across the country.

4. Rajgir

Rajgir Glass bridge
Rajgir Glass bridge

Rajgir also known as land of jainism, The above of the king panchpahari, court of Magadha empire. The peak is the most famous place to visit in Rajgir and its sits at an elevation of 400m. it is called vulture peak. The Place hold an important position in history as it reckoned to be the spot where lord Buddha. the lotus sutra in order to convert Mauryan king Bindusara. it is also believed that Buddha started the second wheel of law and here as well as that further enhances the thrill of reaching here by a chairlift.

Best Place to Visit: Swarn Bhandar, pandu pokhar, venu van, Hiuen tsang, memorial, pawapuri, Rajgir kund, Nalanda university.

How to Reach: The fastest way to reach from Patna to Rajgir is cab to Rajgir and takes 2h 39m. The recommended way to reach from Patna to Rajgir is train to Rajgir and takes 3h 5m.

5. Navlakha palace, Rajnagar

Navlakha Palace, also known as Rajnagar Palace, is a royal Brahmin palace in the town of Rajnagar, near Madhubani in Bihar, India.
Navlakha Palace

Navlakha palace is situated in Rajanagar near Madhubani. This palace built by maharaja Rameshwar singh and said to have suffered extensive destruction during an earthquoke in 1934. This place remains in ruins now. it is a royal palace and it has been damages so much, one can still marvel at its architectural brilliance. The palace complex comprised of garden, pond and temples.

How to Reach: Mithapur Bus Stand Rd/Patna – Aurangabad Rd

7.Janaki Temple

Janaki Temple, sitamarhi, bairth place of maa sita
Janaki Temple, sitamarhi

Janki Temple build 100 years ago, Janki Temple situated in sitamarhi ,Bihar. Sitamarhi birth place of Maa sita, the consort of lord Rama. it trusted that janki temple is the place, where Sita was born. The temple has a welcoming gateway and large courtyard that can accommodate a massive number of devotees. there was a pond also called janaki pond is a place interest for devotees as well as tourists.

How to Reach: About 1.5 Kms Off the railway station and the bus stand.

8. Barabar caves, Sultanpur

Barber caves, Sultanpur
Barber caves, Sultanpur

Barabar caves is a oldest rock-cut caves in India. dating Back to mauryan Empire, its stand for Bihar. situated on twin hills- one is Barabar other is Nagarjuni, the caves are said to be used by Ajivika sect, however many traces of Buddhist and jain art can be found here. Barabar hills consists 4 caves, Nagarjuni hills have 3 caves. each of the caves are well-polished and have articulate designs.

How to Reach: Nearest Airport is Patna and Gaya. Nearest Railway station is Banavar Halt. It can be reached by road from Patna, Gaya, Nalanda and Arwal. It is 25 km south of Jehanabad.


Muzaffarpur city, Bihar
Muzaffarpur city

Muzaffarpur also known as: litchi bowl of India, the land of litch, litchi kingdom. Best place to visit Litchi Garden, Garib sthan temple, jubba sahni park, Ramchandra shahi museum. many tourist buy to- Litchi, clothes. it is situated on the Bank of the Budhi Gandak River. Muzaffarpur is considered as a melting pot of Hindu and Islamic culture. some popular food people like- litti chokha, naivedyam, chanaghugni, khaja, khajuria, malpur, khadi badi, pantua/ kala jamun.

How to Reach:

Bihar is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Patna at a distance of 61kms.

Airports: Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport

Muzaffarpur is not well connected to other major cities of the country via regular flights. The nearest airport is in Patna at a distance of 66kms.

Airports: Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport

10. Madhubani

Madhubani painting
Madhubani painting

Madhubani also known as mithila, cultural Hub of the mithilachal meaning of name madhu+ Ban. Best places to visit: Kapileshwar temple, saurath, uchaitha, Bhawanipur, Naulakha palace,

What to be buy- Madhubani painting, saree, madhubani art is unique and know all over the world. this art startes when load janak requested trhe villagers to decorate.

How to Reach:

Madhubani does not have an airport. Nearest airport is Darbhanga Airport. Madhubani 31 km awayDarbhanga airport (DBG), Darbhanga, Bihar Madhubani 177.5 km away Patna airport (PAT), Patna, Bihar. Madhubani 284.1 km away Gaya airport (GAY), Gaya, Bihar.

ou can easily get regular trains to Madhubani from other major cities of the country.

Railway Station(s): rajanagar (RJA), lalit lakshmipur (LLPR), madhubani

There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Madhubani. Bus Station(s): madhubani , madhubani.

I hope it a completely information to Top Tourist Places In Bihar. Kindly share your experience and the best place you like in the comment section.