Top 5 Theme Parks in Delhi You Must Enjoy

In Delhi’s heavy and hard heat, when you don’t dare to move in outdoors, water parks are the greatest solution. There is something about a theme park’s charm that never goes out of style. Just put on loads on sunscreen before hitting them, you are good to go.

It is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes. It is a place with attractions made up of rides. The main task of the theme park is to ensure the conditions and explore the world in the process of entertainment.

Here is the pick of top 5 Delhi theme parks you must enjoy.

1. Worlds of Wonder

2. Splash: The Water Park

3. Adventure Island

4. Drizzling Land

5. Appu Ghar

1.Worlds of Wonder

Worlds of Wonder is located at the best location of all the theme parks with Mall of India and Radission within 500 metres of it. Its one of the main feature is the Hair-raising Rides. Worlds of Wonder wants you to come with your little braveheart, as it is divided into two sections—-TEEN ZONE and LA FIESTA.

Entry Fee: Children- Rs. 999/-(90cm -129cm)

Adult – Rs.1450/-(130cm and above)

Timing: Water Park(11:30am – 8:00pm)

Go-Karting(10:30am -7:00pm)

Location: Near Noida Sector 18 Metro Station

Must-Try: Rip Curl Water Slide




Worlds of Wonder

2.Splash: The Water Park

It is located within the fringes of nature. Although it doesn’t have rides but it is full of family friendliness . By The Way don’t get us wrong, with loads of high slides you will feel like hitting the pool in a split second.

Entry fee : Child(Height below 2.9ft) – FREE

Child(Height between 2.9ft & 4.6ft) – Rs.400/- (Weekdays) & Rs.500/-(Weekends)

Single Entry – Rs.700/-(Weekdays) & Rs.500/-(Weekends)

Couple – Rs.1000/-

* Prices includes: Water Park+ Joy Rides + Foods

Timing: Water Ride: 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Amusement Rides:5.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Food Timing: 1.00 PM to 3.00 PM

Location: Main GT Karnal Road,Near Pallamod Road

Must-Try: Mini Columbus

There are School Package, Institute Package, Corporates Package, Privilege Card.

Contact Info:

Mobile No: +91-9250055222

Email –

How to Reach ?

Splash – The Water Park is located on G.T. Road and is a five-minute drive from Mukarba Chowk.

Splash: The Water Park

3. Adventure Island

It is perfectly accessible for a day(or a whole weekend). The attractions of this are classic rides like Demolition Car, Free Fall and The Giant Rotating Wheel(The Twister).

Entry fee :

  • Rs. 550/- per person for Adults(Weekdays)
  • Rs. 550/- per person for Children(Weekdays)
  • Rs. 350/- per person for Senior Citizens(Weekdays)
  • Rs. 600/- per person for Adults(Weekend)
  • Rs. 600/- per person for Children(Weekend)
  • Rs. 350/- per person for Senior Citizens(Weekend)

Location: Near Rithala Metro Station, Rohini, Right Next To Metro Walk

Must-Try: Twister

Adventure Island Delhi Phone: 01147041111



Every Weekdays – 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Adventure Island Delhi Address:

Opposite Rithala Metro Station,Sector-10,Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi, 110085, India

Adventure Island

4. Drizzling Land

From the fancy name, it seems of Aquatic Adventure Park for sure with a DJ round the clock playing classics. This Water Park has everything from a special grown up’s section with rides to a section for your little companions.

Entry fee:

  • Rs.850/- Adult
  • Rs.550/- Child(90cm to 129cm)
  • Rs.899/- Stags
  • Rs.325/- Packages for Schools & Institutes
  • Rs.2599/- Rooms PackagesContacts:
    • 08882778855
    • 01202675513
    • 01202675514
    • 09650597341
    • 09650597342

Location: 8th Mile Stone, Delhi-Meerut Expressway

Must-Try: Revolving Tower

Drizzling Land

5. Appu Ghar

Being the grand-daddy of all the theme parks out there, it basically introduced the theme park culture in India. Its facelifted version, called Oysters Water Park includes a state-of-the-art Rain Forest vibe, perfect to give your little ones a history lesson on Water Parks while sliding down at 40 km/hr.

Entry fee:

  • Rs.799 Weekdays for Child
  • Rs.899 Weekends for Child
  • Rs.1299 Weekdays for Adults
  • Rs.1399 Weekends for Adults
  • Rs.799 Weekdays for Senior Citizens
  • Rs.799 Weekends for Senior Citizens

Timings: Everyday – : 11.00 am to 7.00 pm

Phone: +91-1204515253


Location: Appu Ghar Marg, Behind Huda City Centre Metro Station

Must-Try: Free Fall

Appu Ghar

A theme park can transport you to the world of Fairies, Pirates, Clowns, Astronauts and many more. You could even be an explorer in a familiar Fairy-tale surrounded by joy and happiness. In order to boost the development of tourism and hospitality, we should boost the development of theme parks and make theme parks our big hitter and an important part of the newly-risen industry and make great contribution to tourism. It helps to de stress and helps to rejuvenate the tourists and also create huge profits, generate employment opportunities. It caters to all age groups.