Top 8 Delicious Traditional food in Sikkim- That will blow your mind

What makes any tourist place better is the food that goes into our body and mind.Travel is fun only when the things found on the way are also good.

There is some food of any country or any city which remains the identity of that country or that city.

So today we are going to talk about the popular food of Sikkim, which will make your heart happy.

Here is the list of some popular food of Sikkim

List of famous food





5.Bamboo shoot curry


7.Dal Bhat

8. Phagshapa

1.Thenthuk( तेनचुक )

Thenthuk is a popular food of Sikkim. It is a noodle soup. vegetables, chicken or mutton, wheat flour are used for making it. This is the favorite food of the people of Sikkim and they eat it during dinner time. Its a healthy Tibetan dish popular throughout Sikkim. its easily available in every restaurants in the city.

Cost -approx 120 to180 rupees.

One of delicious food Thenthuk

2.Momos( मोमोस )

It’s a most popular food of Sikkim. its considered a Tibetan delicacy and influences by Nepal Cuisine. You will find momos in every street and every restaurant of Sikkim and the Momos there are something special. Its easily available in every street and every restaurants in Sikkim.

Cost– Veg, Non-veg, ( approx 50 to 120)

Note;- ( Hear i am not telling about the exart price of those food. if you eat this food in street then price will be very low but when you are going any resturant then its increase. )

Sikkim momos

3.Khapse( खाप्से )

khapse is basically s deep-fried pastry. It’s a sweet and salty flavour. It is made and eaten by the countrymen there on a special occasion. This is a kind of traditional food of Sikkim. purpose, milk, sugar, refined oil, boiling water are using for making this delicious food.

Cost-300 gm 120 approx.


4.Wachipa( वाचीपा )

Its a traditional Sikkim cousin of kirat Rai ether group. Its also a traditional food of Sikkim and also its mainly make and consume in special occasion. Its made with rice, minced chicken and powder made out of the burnt feathers of a chicken.

cost– 70-140 approx

Wachipa, traditional food of Sikkim

5.Bamboo shoot curry( बूमबो शूट करी )

Its made with a fermented bamboo. This bamboo shoot curry is spiced with turmeric to mask the bitterness of bamboo shoots. The local people called it Tama curry in Sikkim. They are used lots of vegetables in numerous Asian dishes and broths.

cost-150 to 250 approx

Bamboo shoot curry

6.Sinki( सिन्की )

Sinki is a another popular traditional food in Sikkim. They are used radish toproots to making this food. if you are going Sikkim then must try this food. Its a preserved fermented vegetable. Sinki is a preserved vegetable prepared from radish tap roots popular in Sikkim.

cost- 120 to 180 approx

7.Dal Bhat( दाल भात )

Dal bhat is a traditional meal of India. The people of Sikkim eat Dal Bhat every day because it is their main dish. Their lentils are very simple, they use a lot of vegetables to make them, which are very tasty to eat. Hear Bhat means Chawal.

Cost-100 to 200 approx

Dal Bhaat

8.Phagshapa( फग्शपा )

Phagshapa is a Favourite food of the people of the Sikkim. The major component is park eat along with radishes and red Chillies. You Must try this Dish if you go to Sikkim. Pork, onion, Dry whole Red Chillies, Ginger paste, white Radish, Red Chilli, Oil and salt are needed to making this dish.

Cost-120 to 220 approx

Phagslnapa, favourite food of the people of the Sikkim.


Sikkim is a small state and has given many such food which attracts the attention of the people and further promotes the beauty of its country, so If you go to Sikkim, then definitely try something from the food I have mentioned.

What you have just read about some popular food of Sikkim, which are popular food of Sikkim and tourists also eat them with great love.

Whenever you go to Sikkim, definitely try some of these top 8 delicious traditional food of Sikkim.

So I hope this article will be helpful for you in future.Thank you !!