Top 11 Facts About The 1750000-year-Old Ram Setu -A bridge over India Ocen!!

Ram Setu or Rama’s Bridge is a causeway that was created across the sea connecting Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu, India to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. The debate about whether the Ram Setu is a natural or a man-made bridge is going on from years. Many discussions have led to some interesting things that make us astonished about the bridge. The Hindu religious theories believe that it is the bridge constructed by Lord Rama and his Vanara (monkey) army as mentioned in the epic Ramayana. Surprisingly, this causeway is visible from an aerial view even to this day. It has two prospective, One is the according to myth while other one is base upon facts and figures of new days science. Let’s know about it in the below description.

Hii !! I’m Sneha Khuntia and today I’m talking to you about the mysterious supernatural drama. According to the first prospective that is the Hindu mythology it was built by Lord Rama with the help of the Vanara or monkey army. He had to construct this bridge to reach Sri Lanka as his wife Sita was kidnapped and was imprisoned there.Surprisingly the time of Ramayana which is 5000 BCE and the carbon analysis of the bridge sink properly. We can confirm mythology only through historically evidence. According to the second prospective that the new age science believed that Ramayana the detailing of the construction in the epic can be related to some scientific theories however it is hard to believe everything through a methodological prospective. It is said that Rama’s bridge was above the sea level even some historical records suggest that it was walkable till the 15th century, and even the estimated depth is around three to thirty feet in the area of the causeway. Ram Sethu is also called as Adams bridge.According to science it’s a naturally formed causeway which connects the pump island to Minar.The oceanography suggest that the bridge is seven thousand years old interestingly the carbon dating of the beaches near Dhanush Cody and Minar island synced with the date of Ramayana.

Top 11 Facts Things About Ram Setu!!

1.What is NASA say?

NASA Says what had been captured by satellite is a naturally occurring chain of sandbanks. RAMA Setu is the Masterpiece of 1.7 Million years old Engineering. It was not just random throwing of stones. It was first Surveyed well planned and then built. The Oldest Man-Made Structure still exists and it is one of the most important shrines of the Hindus.

2.Rama Setu on Time Scale

Rama Setu was built 1.2 million years ago. Temple records say that Ram’s Bridge was completely above sea level until it broke in a cyclone in AD1480. Rama Setu was walkable till 1480 AD.

3.Is it Man -Made or Natural ?

Many Geologist says RAMA Setu is built by the natural process but failed to provide enough proofs. Apart from Ramayana, there are several facts that say Rama Setu is a man-made Structure.

4. Facts that prove it is Man-Made

The places mentioned in Ramayan exactly match the current location of the bridge. the length of the bridge matches what is mentioned in Ramayana? Its unique curvature confirms that it is man-made, and is not a Geographical Construct at all.

5.Mystery of Floating Stones

In Ramayana, it is mentioned that the bridge was built by Stones and these stone starts Floating on the water by the touch of Nala & Neel. Some such stones were scattered at Rameswaram during the Tsunami these stones Still Floats on Water.

6. It is Walkable Or not?

It is said that Ram’s bridge was above sea level. Even some historical records suggest that it was walkable till the 15th century. Even the estimated depth is around 3-30 ft in the area of this causeway.

7.What’s With so Many Names!

Ram Setu is also called Adam’s Bridge, Nala Setu, and Setu Banda.Ram Setu it built by Rama and his army. It is said Nala Setu because it was Nala who was the architect of the bridge in Ramanaya.

8. Round About For Ships!

Even though, the Adam’s Bridge is inside the water the ships cannot call on it. The water here is shallow with the level of depth varying at certain points. Hence, ships from India have to take another roundabout route to reach Sri Lanka.

9.Setu Samundar Shipping Canal Project

This Multi-Million dollar project will link Palk Bay and the Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping channel. It involves digging an 83.2 KM long deepwater channel. It will pass through RAMA Setu which is going to complete Damage RAMA Setu. It will provide easy passage b/w Indian Peninsula. But it has many Economical, Ecological, and Religious issues.

10.Religious Uproar Against Setu Samudram Project

Hindus believe that Ram Setu is a holy site and hence no other man-made bridge should be constructed over it. As seen from a scientific perspective, this might destroy the natural reefs which have existed in the sea for a long time.

11.Mysterious & Surprising

The studies of Oceanography suggest that the bridge is 7000 years old. Interestingly, the carbon dating of beachies near Dhanushkodi and Mannar Island sync with the date of Ramayana.

Is it Ram Setu real? Is it man-made? How old is the so-called Adam’s Bridge? All the questions are answered here in this article.’I hope you got all the information for which you visited our site foodntravelstory.