Territy Bazar-Small Chinese Town of Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its Mishit Doi, Rasgulla, songs, and culture. But did you know that it is also famous for its 5:00 am morning market? If not, visit the Territy Bazar-small Chinese town of Kolkata. As its name suggests, the area not only provides delicious Chinese food but also protects the national heritage of Chinese immigrants.

big crowd at Territy bazar , selling vegetables and fish .

Real food is not available very early in Kolkata(about 6 AM).

That is until you reach Territy Bazaar (also known as Trinity or Trinity), an interesting route in Chinese but Indian at the same time. If you want to have a truly satisfying breakfast, the market opens at 5.00 AM.

How to reach Territy Bazar:

Sunyet Sen Street is near Poddar Court behind LalBazar Police Headquarters and near Central Metro Station Bowbazar, Kolkata. The best way to get to Territy is by bus, get off in front of Central Metro Station and walk a few steps.

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a large number of people buying foods from Territy Bazar

If you are driving, you can find parking in front of Poddar Court.

However, if you will arrive early you will find fresh fare vegetables and you will find parking until it is converted into an office parking lot. On Sunday it is suitable because of the holiday.

Foods of Territy Bazar:

Here you will find an interesting food combination of Chinese Indians and Indians.

The most popular items you will find here are Momos or dumplings stuffed with meat, pork, chicken, seafood, or vegetables.

These can be steamed and served with plain soup or fried sweetly and served with sauce. Other foods you will find on the busy streets include handmade sausages made with pork, painted buns, pork rolls, and wontons.

Momo (Steamed/Fried)-

It is also found in pork, chicken, or fish. Both fried or crispy momos tasted good and they also served the soups and sauces.

a man eat momos


Wontons are almost identical to fried momos but differ in shape and size. Used only in sauces.



It is a bun filled with pork or fish. Although the bun tastes a little lighter, the filling in the Pau definitely surprises you. Just add a sauce and eat.


Pork Sausages-

These sausages are fresh and delicious and anyone can taste pork fat in them. Even though fat, this sausage is must-have in Territ Market.

pork sausages

Zung (Sweet Rice/Meat)-

Sweet rice or meat Zung is mainly steamed with a sticky rice lid in bamboo leaves.


Khwai choi pan-

These are the kind of pancakes stuffed with vegetables.

Pork Rolls/Pork Chops-

Sometimes the simplest recipes have the best flavor and are perfect for pork rolls and pork. This deep-fried crispy dish is a great delight for pork lovers. It is also available in a variety of fish.

Meat Boll Soup-

Add some sauce and eat. It is very tasty guys.

a glass of meat boll soup

Last Advice:

On Sunday, Bazar opens a little late. So, if you are visiting Kolkata, try not to visit this early Chinese breakfast experience in Kolkata”s own Chinese town-Territy Bazar.

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