‘Top station’ for Summer Vacation(Budget friendly)

Greetings lovies! 

There are few destinations I have been to  in the  past 6 months that I have really, really loved . If you are looking for Summer vacation then, it has everything you are looking for.

I am writing about ‘Top Station’ which is located at a distance of 35.3 km from the heart of Munnar and I want to persuade my readers that they should visit too. 

  • Top station Munnar. It is a morning sun rise view.

Top station Munnar, Kerala is a visual desert for tourists, especially when it comes to hill stations and  unspoiled beaches, art forms and spices. I am pretty sure it will give you an exotic experience.  

It is a place located on Munnar. Some people are playing here.

Best time to visit Top Station

I think summer is the perfect time to enjoy sightseeing and visiting hill stations. The weather remains pleasant and temperatures range between 19 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius .

Summers are coming  and very soon we will start keeping ourselves carefully restricted within the walls of air-conditioned rooms. Because the summers in maximum of the places in India stay for a long length, the general public folks lose interest and discover ways to keep ourselves pepped up. In case you too are someone who seems for numerous ways to experience even all through the summer months, then one of the first-class options is to move for road trips to the hills stations in India.

This is a lush tea plantation estate.

 The quality component is that India is full of several terrific hill stations that offer the fine scenic views and alternatives of remains. choosing the destination in large part relies upon on the point from that you are beginning your journey or the type of locations that you want to explore. let us take a look at the street ride destinations in summers in India that you may encompass for your bucket-list. In Munnar, the moist season is muggy and overcast, the dry season is partly cloudy, and it’s far cozy 12 months spherical. 

How to Reach

Well, my first impression of Kerala as I walked down that narrow road, I saw all the tea plantations and stuff like that. It was really nice . I couldn’t help myself but to mention how pure and scented that air was. 

This picture was taken during sunrise . You can see clouds here.

Reaching Munnar Top Station from the town’s city center is fairly simple. You can hire a private car, book a taxi, or board the local bus that’ll drop you off right to your destination.

This is a picture of bus stand .

positioned at the Munnar-Kodaikanal road, top Station is the very best factor of Munnar. As you stand at the height you’ll observe how superbly Munnar’s attraction is encapsulated through the view factor at pinnacle Station. Being approximately 32 kms from the heart of Munnar. The journey will take a minimum time of 1 hour (if you’re early) and a maximum of around 2 hours with a bit traffic. My guide advised me that during top seasons you could be ready all day to get up there because of heavy congestion.

Timings:  Being a height that necessitates a stroll backward and forward with now not a good deal improvement around, the appropriate time to go to top Station is among 6 am to six pm. At 6 am there’s normally extensive daylight, so navigating the roads is less complicated. Make certain you head again from the peak before 6 pm, so that you’re on the foot of pinnacle Station before it gets too dark. Staying there past due might be risky, however attempt to be there to observe the sunrise or sundown, to revel in top Station’s splendor at its excellent! the very best and most convenient way is to self-pressure to pinnacle Station or hire a automobile to get there if you don’t plan on using.

Things to Do There

  • Take photos of the township of Munnar below and the panoramic view of the surroundings.
  • You should try out the fun games that are hosted at this tourist point.
  • Have plenty of tasty local dishes and homemade chocolates that would leave you with a desire to return to this place again and again.

Well, that’s all about Top Station, Munnar . Pretty cool, right? It is a beautiful place which is waiting to be explored by many tourists. Get ready to explore the unexplored beauty! Interested to visit Top Station? I bet you are. Do comment below for any queries. Follow this page https://foodntravelstories.com/ for more interesting travel and food contents. Let’s travel the world together.