Famous places to visit in Namchi (Sikkim)- Lets Enjoy the natural Beauty

Whether it is alone ,with friends or with family members traveling very good for health and for the mind, running gives comfort to the heart, we are fresh in mind and we can understand things better.

When we go for nature walk, we come across the charisma of nature, which directly affects our heart and our heart becomes happy.

When we go to Namchi, we get acquainted with nature, enjoy the sight of nature and we realize how beautiful the rest of the world is.

Namchi is completely filled with natural scenery, completely filled with mountains which attract a lot of tourists every year.

So let’s know which are the places in Namchi where we can roam and enjoy the natural scenery.

Natural beauty of Namchi-Famous places to visit in Namchi

Places to visit in Namchi

1.Samdruptse Hill

2.Tendong Hill

3.Doling Gompa

4.Ngadak Monastery

5.Solophok Chardham

6.Serdup Choling Monastery

7.Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

1.Samdruptse Hill

Samdruptse Hill Namchi

Samdruptse Hill ”Wish Fulfilling hill” Every year tourists come here, they enjoy the scenic views and do they ask for something for their family, that’s why it is called Wish Fulfilling hill. Samdruptse Hill is only 5 km far from namchi.

There is a 45 meter tall statue here.This place is ornamented with a goliath statue of the Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche); the benefactor holy person of Sikkim who has been showering its endowments since over 1,200 years.

In this place there was a panoramic view of Mt. Kangchenjunga among the luxuriously forested hills under the sky.

Whenever you come to Sikkim, you will definitely get a beautiful feeling to visit this place.

2.Tendong Hill

Tendong Hill Namchi

This place is one of the beautiful place in Sikkim.This place is completely filled with mountains and natural scenery, where you can only do trekking, which strikes many tourists.

Situated at an altitude of 8530 feet, Tendong Hill provides a spectacular view of mountains and its surrounding plains.

After going to its top, you will get to see a very beautiful view which will give pleasure to your eyes and visiting at a special time also dose snowfall here which makes this beautiful place more beautiful.

3.Doling Gompa

Doling Gompa Namchi

Its also a another beautiful place.Doling Gompa is offered with the vista of compelling mountains and thick woodland differentiating the inconsistent blue sky distending striking beams of the sun. 

its is only 4 km from Ravangla.This place shows the tradition of Sikkim, you can go here and get a little acquainted with the additional of Sikkim, it is a traditional place where you will definitely feel a good.

4.Ngadak Monastery

Ngadak Monastery Namchi

This is a traditional place of Sikkim, where you can know more about the tradition of Sikkim, here you will get peace of mind, there is a bit of peace in this place.

This monastery situated at a short separation from the primary town of Namchi was worked amid the rule of Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal by Tensung Namgyal as the castle for Her Highness Pendi Ongmu.

Whenever you come to Sikkim, then definitely visit this place and get to know a little more about their tradition.

5.Solophok Chardham

Solophok Chardham Namchi

This place comes inside South Sikkim, it is a very beautiful place, here there is a 26 meter statue of Lord Shiva, which is very amazing to see and creates a different atmosphere, you must go here and visit Lord Shiva.

The Lord Shiva Statue here is a wonderful in itself, perhaps by seeing which you can feel yourself in a different world, it is like one of those four Dhams and it is Sikkim’s Must Visit Aid. Whenever you come, you must go around once and ask for something from the heart in front of Shiva.

6.Serdup Choling Monastery

Serdup Choling Monastery Namchi

Namchi’s other play stores are very good but this please is also very good, here there is a very big statue of Buddha and here it is a symbol of peace.

This place is surrounded by mountains from all sides, is full of natural beauty and here the idol of lord Buddh , which is a promise of peace in itself, makes you feel at peace.

Many tourists come here every year, they visit Buddha, they enjoy the natural beauty and go there by making their mind happy.

It is situated against a grand setting of Mount Khangchendzonga separated by priests’ quarter.

7.Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary Namchi

Those who are connected to nature or want to connectwith nature, this is the mast visiting place for them because here you will get a chance to enjoy the natural beauty, here it is full of natural beauty from all sides, you have come here to see nature more You can know a little closer, you can expressions nature a little better.

The asylum sits at a height of around 10,600 feet and spreads across a zone of 36.34 sq. km. 

Where you can see many animals, you can enjoy the natural beauty here, you can see the birds here, here you will get a lot of opportunity to connect with nature.

Here, you can discover types of the calm backwoods, for example, Serow, Goral, red panda Barking Deer, Leopard-Cat, Marbled-Cat, Civet-Cats, and winged creatures like Common Hill Partridge, Blood Pheasant, Magpies, Blue necked Pita, Sunbird and Black Eagle.


Sikkim is a beautiful place, a part of Sikkim Namchi is also a very beautiful place, the mountains here, authentic food, everything will make your mind happy.

You must visit ones Sikkim and whenever you are thinking of visiting Sikkim So try to visit each of the above selected famous places and get acquainted with its authentic food ,tradition and culture.

If you are visiting sikkim then these places should also be on your bucket list and I claim that whenever you leave from here, you will carry many good express and many sweet sweet memories.

Thank you.