Top 5 Odia Restaurants in Pune-To Experience the Authentic Flavour of Odisha

Who does not like to have their native flavor wherever they are in India? pune is the best place to visit in the rainy season (during the time of August and September) due to the soothing climate. In that cold climate, if you are in a crowded city like Pune, searching for hot and spicy dining with the authentic odia flavor, I can help to reach your destination.

Following the rating and review of Google, I have listed the top five Odia restaurants in Pune.

1.Odia Dalma Restaurant: wakad, pune

This is a pure Odia-style authentic restaurant in Pune. They serve Odia cuisine in the traditional style. Odia Dalma is a new restaurant specializing in a colorful tapestry of spices and flavors with an unlimited amount of dishes. The ambiance is simple and pretty with terracotta brown shades, and handprints on the wall celebrating the art of Odisha.

All– 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Must try– Chhenapoda, Dahi baigan

Serving options– Take away, Home delivery, Dine inn,Wifi

2. Oh!dia Cookhouse: Wanwadi, Pune

The organic cookhouse is a one-stop shop for all the health freaks in Pune. The name itself suggests that it serves healthy food like salad and fruit juices … This hotel in Pune is a great option for anyone looking to enjoy some delicious and authentic Odiya cuisine. The ambiance of the restaurant is cozy and traditional, with copper utensils giving it a royal feel. The staff are friendly and courteous, and the waiters can even converse in Odiya. The menu offers a variety of options including thalis, mutton kosha, fish fry, prawns masala, daalma, checha chingudi roti, and kheer. The food is flavourful and tasty, and the portions are generous. The prices are a bit high, but it is worth it for the quality of the food. 

All– 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Must try– chingudi chhecha, salads,fruit juices

Serving options– Take away, Home delivery, Dine inn

3. The Chilika Restaurant: Koregaon, Pune

if you really want authentic- odia nonveg food, this is the must-visit place. As the name sounds chilika, means most of the items are of nonveg type. Great place in Pune for Oriya food. The same taste as of home. Quality and quantity wise it’s awesome. This is a small restaurant having a good ambiance but is located in a very crowded area. food quality is very high with a little high price. Dahi pakhala and Potolo aalo vaja was nice and the combination was deadly.murg Rasha is very well even Tandoor is also good. The maacha besara is very good here. They even make chena poda . Thalis are good here. In summer pakhala is a must try dish here. The staff are well behaved. They even host the Odia buffet on weekends. You will get an Odia feeling here as the staff are Odia.

All– closes at 11 pm

Must try– Machha besara, Chhenapoda

Serving options– Take away, Home delivery, Dine inn

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4. Ajay’s Live Kitchen (Mulshi, Hinjewadi),pune

“When you are missing home, visit here to get authentic Odia home food. this hotel to serve people with the taste of Odisha. every time you go there you will find the same the same taste. here you can tried veg thali, chenapoda, and dahibara aloodum are very delicious and soulful. Snack items are also very mouthwatering like odia piaji, rasgulla, and odia lassi. chenapada over here is very nice, tasty, and delicious,at the time of Raja, Diwali, Dussehra and in all our Odia festivals people order chenapoda to make there day memorable with chenapoda Not a great ambience but the service is great. The rates are reasonable starting from 120 fish thali, 140 chicken thali, 160 mutton thali.

All– closes at 11 pm

Must try– chenapoda, dahibara aloodum

Serving options– Take away, Home delivery, Dine inn

5. Hotel Annapurna(chinchwad, pune)

In this restaurant, you will really get the taste of Odisha. The pakhala is like oxygen for Odia people in summer. They provide an authentic taste of pakhala with rohi machha bhaja, and aloo fry. Dahi bara and prawn masala is the excellent items over here. this restaurant act as a great place for team meeting and family dinners. They believe that customer satisfaction is as important as products and services.

All– closes at 10.45 pm

Must try– dahi pakhala, prawn masala

Serving options– Take away, Home delivery, Dine inn

Hope my collections of Odia restaurants in Pune will help you to the best when you are really searching and missing the taste and smell of your home.

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