5 Elegant and Unexplored Places in Ranchi with Details

Ranchi, Capital city of Jharkhand, also referred as “City of Lakes”, has very attractive tourist places within the country. Ranchi is not only famous for its lakes but there are so many elegant, beautiful and unexplored places also available in the city.

So let’s forget about the guide book and get ready to explore the Unexplored Places in Ranchi.

1.Amadubi Village

Amadubi Village, Unexplored places in Ranchi

Amadubi village is a place of tribal people from ancient India. It is famous for Paitkar scroll painting which is India’s oldest tribal art culture. In this art they present secret messages which can be understood by their community. There are a total 54 Chitrakar families living in this village. The Village lies in Dhalbhumgarh block of East Singhbhum and is a hub of ethnic artists of Jharkhand.

How to reach:-

  • Nearest Railway Station is Dhalbhumgarh (7k.m), Ghatshila (20k.m) & Chakulia (25k.m)
  • Nearest Bus stop is Dhalbhumgarh(7k.m).
  • Nearest Airport is Ranchi (180k.m)

Best Time to Visit:- Any season

Timing:- 10 A.M to 5 P.M


Itkhori, Unexplored places in Ranchi

Itkhori is famous for it’s ancient Buddhist center. Various Buddhist sites were discovered during 200 B.C and 1200 A.D. Most popular attraction of this place is Maa Bhadrakali Temple. Another attraction point is grand Shivlings, which is adorned with cravings of 1008 Shivlings. It is believed that the aunt of Lord Budhha, who failed to distract him from his meditation, gave up in this place. As she was lost in this place, this place is named after this incident. “It” means place and “Khoyi” means lost – Itkhori.

How to reach:-

  • Nearest Railway station is Kodrma (50k.m)
  • Nearest Bus stop is Itkhori (1k.m)
  • Nearest Airport is Ranchi (150k.m)

Best Time to Visit:- Any season 

Timing:- 6 A.M to 9 P.M

3.Betla National Park

Betla National Park, Unexplored places in Ranchi

Betla National Park is one of the earliest national parks which is spread over 250 sq km. It is the house of animals like Panthers, Leopards, Cheetahs, Sloths, Wild Bear, Sambar, Mouse Deer & Langurs. The park is spotted with pristine waterfalls, natural hot springs and some monuments. Elephant ride is best way to visit the national park.

How to reach:- 

  • Nearest Railway station is Barwadih (12k.m) & Daltonganj (25k.m)
  • Nearest Bus stop is Daltonganj (25k.m)
  • Nearest Airport is Ranchi (170k.m)

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Timing:- 5 A.M to 5 P.M

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4.Angrabari-Amreshwar Dham

Amareswar Dham, Unexplored places in Ranchi

Amreshwar Dham is famous for it’s Shivling, which was self originated under a mango tree. It is situated in Khunti village near Ranchi. It is also famous for it’s iconic Shivratri festival which is held during the month of March month each year. Apart from another attraction time is July/August during Shravan. 

How to reach:- 

  • Nearest Railway station is Ranchi (50k.m)
  • Nearest Bus stop is Khunti (10k.m)
  • Nearest Airport is Ranchi (50k.m)

Best Time to Visit:- March & July/August

Timing:- 5 A.M to 5 P.M

5.Surya Mandir

Surya Mandir, Unexplored places in Ranchi

Another attraction point in Ranchi is Bundu Surya Temple. It is designed in the form of a chariot with 18 wheels and 7 horses. It has a sacred pond, it is believed that if a person takes a dip then they will get relief from all the sins. Best time for local people or outsiders is during Chhath Puja also monsoon as this place is situated near hill area.

How to reach:- 

  • Nearest Railway station is Ranchi (40k.m)
  • Nearest Bus stop is Bundu NH (1k.m)
  • Nearest Airport is Ranchi (40k.m)

Best Time to Visit:- Winter,Monsoon & Chhat Puja 

Timing:- 9 A.M to 5 P.M

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For my fellow explorer from India and other countries, Ranchi’s unexplored places is ready to explored. These unexplored gems offer not just a break from the routine but a chance to connect with the essence of Ranchi – its natural beauty and cultural richness. So share this articles with your near and dears. Always remember there is no end to traveling. So  pack your bags and get ready to explore the Incredible India.