5 Hidden Places in Gwalior to Visit Before You Die

You may have traveled extensively in India, but I’ll provide information about a particular city with many hidden gems—Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. This city houses numerous ancient Hindu temples, ports, and surprising palaces that many people are unaware of. That’s why I’m sharing this with you; most people are unfamiliar with this place.

Get ready to add these unknown wonders to your travel bucket list and make your visit to Gwalior an extraordinary adventure.

1. Dr Hanuman Temple -Dandraua Dham

Dr Hanuman Temple


  • Timings: 8am-5pm
  • Location: Dandraua Dham in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh
  • Distance from Gwalior: 60 K.MS
  • Ideal for: Doctor Hanuman Temple, Cure your own disease

Would you believe that there is such a temple where people’s diseases are cured? Won’t you believe it? Many people have also cured their cancer. I am talking to you about a hidden temple in Gwalior named Dr. Hanuman Temple.

There, Hanuman Ji has been standing like a doctor, and people are recovering through his blessings. It was a long time ago when a saint named Shiv Kumar, suffering from cancer, encountered Hanuman Ji.

One day, Hanuman Ji appeared before him in the form of a doctor, with a stethoscope around his neck. After seeing Hanuman Ji as a doctor, the saint’s cancer was cured. Since that day, people gained confidence. There is some miracle here. After that day, this place became famous with the name Doctor Hanuman.

2. Bir Singh Palace – Hints From The Bygone Era

Bir Singh Palace – Hints From The Bygone Era


  • Timings: 8am-5pm
  • Location: Next to the Duttiah Lake
  • Distance from Gwalior: 75 Kms
  • Ideal for: History, symbol of friendship bond

There is a palace on top of a mountain in a hidden place in Gwalior, which you have never seen before. Let me tell you. This is a very ancient palace situated on top of a mountain. It was built by Raja Bir Singh Deo in 1614. The artwork inside the palace is so impressive that it will surprise you. If you are coming to Gwalior, make sure to include the name of this place on your list. This palace is located in the middle of Gwalior Jhansi Highway.

3. Chanderi – Scenic Escape

Chanderi – Scenic Escape


  • Ideal for: History, Textile, Shopping
  • Distance from Gwalior: 210 km from Gwalior

Places to Stay

  • MPT Kila Kothi
  • MPT Tana Bana
  • Hotel Shri Kunj
  • Hotel Sandeep Garde & Anand Residency Delux

There is a very beautiful city named Chanderi, 300 kilometers away from Gwalior.You have many beautiful views here like hills,forests and lakes.Let me tell you. This place is one of the best tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.Chanderi is famous for its old buildings and is important for the Jain community.Let me tell you one more thing about You can find the world-famous hand-woven fabric sarees right here.

4. Shivpuri – Picture Perfect Retreat

Shivpuri – Picture Perfect Retreat


  • Distance from Gwalior: 121 km from Gwalior
  • Ideal for: Nature lovers, family

Places to Stay: 

  • Peacock Valley Camp
  • Hotel Dev Raj
  • Hotel Grand Tapovan
  • Bull’s Retreat
  • Sant Sewa Guest House

If you are a mountain lover, you will enjoy this a lot. Here, you will get to do your favorite things. If you are bored with your city life, you can sit here in Sant’s mind. Here, you can have fun at the waterfall with your friends and family, climb the mountains, and also visit the forest. You will enjoy it more. If you are going to visit during the rainy season, you will find greenery all around. Along with that, you will also enjoy waterfalls

5. Bhind – For Fertile Land

Bhind – For Fertile Land


  • Ideal for: Family, thrill seekers
  • Distance from Gwalior: 78 km from Gwalior
  • Location: N.A
  • Timing: N.A

There is a small Town named Bhind, 77 kilometers away from Gwalior. Do you know this place important tourist places for agriculture. The soil of this place is so good that it is very beneficial in agriculture. There are big mountains and green forests all around this small town. This place is so beautiful you can put name of this list .

These five hidden places will give you a better experience and along with them you will be able to explore and reach history, architectural Marvels and natural beauty. These hidden places will give you a new way to have fun while visiting.