Best Places for Bungee Jumping in India: Taste the Adventure

Best places for Bungee Jumping in India

Rushes for Adventure? Loves to take a dive at air? What’s in your mind about Bungee jumping? Wants to have a great feel of the Best Bungee jumping in India. Don’t worried, Here is the finest chance for you. Over the past few years India has added many features to its cap. One of the most popular adventurous sports that is Bungee jumping has been increasingly popular over the preceding few years.

What is Bungee Jumping?

We can put Bungee Jumping it in the group of adventure or also in the group of sports, In general it is an activity that involves a person jumping from the great height by connecting with a elastic cord which is tide round the feet or may be waist.

If you are in India and wanna get a feel of Bungee Jumping, Here we can help you find out the ‘6 best places for Bungee Jumping in India‘ and also some of the guides for the Jumping :

1.Jumpin Heights,Rishikesh

It is one of the highest Bungee jumping spot in India with 93 meter of height, further It is the first choice of Adventure junkies. Jumpin Heights has been designed by the experts from New Zealand. The Cantilever of Bungee is made over the rocky hill over-looking the river Ganga.

Best places for bungee jumping at Rishikesh
  • Location: District Puri, Uttarakhanda
  • Height: 83 meters
  • Cost per jump: INR 3,700
  • Best Time: March to April

2. Bungee Jumping in Goa

Goa has so many things to offer. One of the most adventurous thing is Bungee jumping. Generally when you thinks for Goa definitely at first your mind comes with Beach and parties but if you are an adventurous soul then you should look for Bungee jumping at Gravity Zone. You can easily find it around the Anjuna beach. So, next time when you plans for Goa you should never forget about Gravity Zone, As it is among the best places for bungee jumping in India.

Best places for bungee jumping in Goa
  • Location: Anjuna beach, Goa
  • Height: 55 meters
  • Cost per jump: INR 4,110
  • Best Time: August to mid June

3.Wanderlust Xtreme Adventures,Delhi

Wanderlust, is the oldest adventure sport company in India which is founded by the group of Army officer in the year of 1987. It is also provide safest Bungee jumping to the visitors. It got 9 national awards under 100% safety record. All the jump masters and ground staffs are German trained. If you are adventure lover and looking for a safest Bungee jumping spot then i personally recomend Wanderlust Xtreme to you.

Best places for bungee jumping in Delhi
  • Location: Adventure park, New Delhi
  • Height: 55 meters
  • Cost per Jump: INR 3000
  • Best Time: October to March

4. Della adventure park, Pune

In Lonavala Bungee jumping takes place in the Della adventure park. This place is close to the resident of Mumbai and pune. Those who are the age of above 10 years can be able to take a chance of Bungee jumping with the experience a speed of exceeding 100 km/h. After completing jumping here you get a certificate saying ‘you have successfully overcome ‘ fear’.

Best places for bungee jumping in Pune
  • Location: Della Adventure park, Maharasrta
  • Height: 45 meters
  • Cost per Jump: INR 2000-5000
  • Best Time: Throughout the year

5. Bungee Jumping in Bangalore

It is the capital city of Karnataka offers more among which bungee jumping is most popular one. Ozone adventure is considered most popular place for Bungee Jumping in India. It offers a unique kind of moderate weather all over the year, it will be the better to plan a trip for Bangalore.

Best places for bungee jumping in Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Location: Ozone adventure, Bangalore
  • Height: 25 meters
  • Cost per Jump: INR 400
  • Best Time: Throughout the year

6.Bungee Jumping in Jagdalpur

You can find a cheapest place for Bungee Jumping in Jagdalpur. Here you may get a thrilling experience of falling from the top of the mountain valley. This place not only delight your feelings but also saves a lot of your pocket.

Best places for bungee jumping in jagadalpur
  • Location: Jagdalpur, Chhatisgarh
  • Height: 30 meters
  • Cost per Jump: INR 300
  • Best Time: October to March

Things to be consider before going for Bungee Jumping

  • At first those peoples having any such a kinds of problem as like Heart disease, High blood pressure, breathing issues, pregnancy, injurie at back or neck are not recommended for Bungee Jumping.
  • Persons falling under the age of less than 14 or above 60 are prohibited
  • Avoid heavy foods and alcoholic substances at the time of Jumping.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, tied shoes, helmet, glasses before jumping.
  • The most important things to do is that follow the instruction given by your instructor.

At the Present time among the all the adventurous game Bungee Jumping is the first highly popular game. Although adventure gives lots of great outstanding feelings safety is also equally important, Finally if you are a adventure junkies looking for the best and safety places for the Bungee Jumping, we have provided above ‘6 Best places for Bungee Jumping in India‘ you may go with this.

Health Issues in Bungee jumping

In the present Era Bungee jumping is the increasingly adored adventure sport. Although this game make a great feel to the adventure junkies there is so many flaws related with it. The most visible drawbacks are as follows:

  • Bungee jump can cause injure the eyes. When the elastic cord pulled upward fluid flows to the head and the sudden increase in blood pressure in the eyes may cause damage to the eyes.
  • In rare cases most serious defect may be occur if the jumper hits something on the way down if the the cord breaks.
  • One of the major defect of Bungee jumping is that Spinal cord may be harmed by the intense pressure on your body when the Bungee cord pulls it back up. Most frequent injuries are broke in the back bone spaces between vertebrae.
  • Most of the time neck is at risk at the time of cord pulled up the part of your body that connected to your spinal cord and brain hampered by the pulling pressure that can be cause temporary defect at your neck.
  • Occasionally at the time of jumping if accidentaly the cord is long then there may be chance that the head of the jumper hit the ground and as a result death may occure.