Top 11 Mysterious Places In India – Full Of Myths And Miracles

India is a Country steeped in History and Spirituality. As a result, there are several Mysterious Places in India to discuss. In this article, exploring the mysterious places of India can be an exciting and immersive experience, providing a deeper understanding of the country’s culture, history, and traditions. These places are often shrouded in mystery, with legends and folklore surrounding their creation and purpose. Some of these places are believed to be cursed, while others are considered to be the abode of gods and goddesses. These are just a few of the many mysterious places in India that continue to fascinate people with their intriguing legends and stories.


In the state of Kerala, there is a village named as KODINHI in Malappuram district. This Village of Kerala is famous for highest birth rates of twins. In India, Kodinhi has the largest number of twins. This village is also known as “Village of Twins”. In every 1000 deliveries there is 45 twins are born. As compare to the rest of the world is 9 twins per 1000 deliveries. So, the village is one of the Mysterious Place in India.

The Village Of Twins, Kodinhi the Miracle Village

The phenomenon of high rates of twining in certain geographic areas is not unique to Kodinhi, but the high number of twins in the village has piqued the interest of researchers and visitors alike. Some experts suggest that genetic factors may be at play, as there is evidence that twining can be influenced by genetic variations. Others speculate that environmental factors such as diet or water quality may be a factor, or consanguineous marriages (marriages between relatives) may play a role.

The village is situated in the foothills of the Western Ghats, which is a range of mountains that runs along the western coast of India. The village is surrounded by lush greenery, with coconut palms and rubber trees dotting the landscape. The village also has a rich history with temples, mosques, and churches that reflect the diverse religious traditions of the region.

Twin Town full of Myth

For visitors interested in the phenomenon of twining , a trip to Kodinhi is a fascinating and unique experience. To promote the welfare of twins and their families , a Twins and Kinfolk Welfare Association has been established in the village. The association provides support to families with twins and promotes research into the causes of twining.

The Mystery

  • Once you visit to this village, you will seeing twins of almost everyone. Konidhi is currently home to over 400 pair of twins and two sets of triplets.
  • And thats not everything, Kodinhi’s women who are married outside the village also having twins or triplets.

2. Roopkund  (The Skeleton Lake ) Uttarakhand

The Skeleton Lake Full Of Myth

Roopkund is a lake is situated at the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Scientists reveal that, in 9th century many people died due to heavy hailstorms. Scientists have concluded that the skeletons of 200 hundred people were discovered near the frozen lake. In 1942, the skeleton were found by a British forest guard. Roopkund locally known as Mystery lake or Skeleton lake. This lake is high altitude frozen lake located in Himalayas. The skeletons remain visible when the snow melts. So, Roopkund lake is a Mysterious Place in India.

The Mystery

  • Around 400-600 skeletons can be seen beneath the surface of the frozen Roopkund lake every year when the ice melts at this Mysterious place in India.


3. Shani Shingnapur, The village without doors

Doorless Village Mystery In India

In the state of Maharastra, the village Shani Shingnapur is situated in Ahmednagar district. The people of this village worshiped Lord Shani. The villagers have abundant security because of  their faith in Lord Shani. They believed that, Lord Shani protects their village from any trouble. So, they don’t built front droor in any of their houses. It is one of the Mysterious place in india.

The Mystery

  • In Shanishingnapur, None of the houses, schools, and even commercial buildings in this village have a door, or even a door frame and not a single crime has ever been reported here.

4. Karnimata Mandir, Rajasthan (Temple of Rats)

Temple Of Rats at Karnimata (Mystery)

In the state of Rajasthan, Karnimata Mandir is situated in Bikaner district. The Rajputs worshiped Karnimata as their Kuldevi. It has become the most pilgrimage site for devotees.  Karnimata Temple is one of the most holy sanctums, with over 20,000 rats. These rats are considered to be highly auspicious and are worshipped.  The rats are believed to be the family members of Karnimata.

The Mystery

  • The Mystery is surrounding the temple lies in the thousands of rats that inhabit it. These rats also known as Kabbas, are considered to be holy and are worshipped by the devotees who visit the Karnimata Temple. It is the Most Mysterious Place in India.

5. Floating Stone Mystery (Rameswaram)

Floating Stone Mystery In India

According to Hindu mythology, Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu is a holy place where Lord Rama’s Vanara Sena built a floating stone bridge all the way to Sri Lanka. In Ramayana, the bridge was built of this floating stones that would stay afloat once the name of Lord Rama was written on it. The floating stone are still found there and a major tourist place in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu.

The Mystery

  • According to Ramayana, the bridge was built of stones that would stay afloat once the name of Lord Rama was written on it.
  • As it turns out, this was not just a story. The bridge was actually made of such stones, as they are still found around here and are a major tourist attraction in Rameshwaram. So, the place in Mysterious in India.

6. Shetpal (The village that slithers)

Slithering Village Mystery In India

Snake worshipped happens to be ancient and sweeping practice in India, but there is one town in Maharashtra that follows the way religiously. For every household, they establish a custom to having a resting place for Cobra. It is mandatory for every household.

The Mystery

  • The Mystery surrounding this tradition lies in the fact that there is no scientific explanation for why the snakes do not harm Humans.
  • In India, it is one of the mysterious place, that there is no snake bites have ever been reported in this village.

7. The Ghost Light (West Bengal)

Ghost Light Mystery Full Of Myths

The marshes in West Bengal, where we can get spooky in the dark night. The Mystery is, there have been many sighting of unnatural twinkling lights with different colours in the marshes of West Bengal. The unnatural lights are called Ghost light or Aleya. The fishermen community of this area spotted these. For many years, the Aleya lights confusing the fishermen at night and they would loosing their way. Many fishermen even lost their lives too. Till now, the Place is Mysterious in India.

The Mystery

  • In the marshes of West Bengal, there have been many sightings of unnatural twinkling lights of different colors.
  • It is also known as ‘Aleya Lights’, these lights are a nightmare for fishermen community, as they usually end up confusing them and they would lose their way too.
  • In many cases reported till date and many fishermen have even lost their lives due to these strange lights.
  • The Ghost Light are a mysterious phenomenon reported in the marshy areas of West Bengal’s Sundarban region. So, the place is Mysterious in India.

8. Living Tree Bridges, Cherrapunji

In Cherrapunji, the Khasi and Jaintia Hills’ gradients have an interesting arrangement of trees. A rubber tree with 3000 foot long roots can be seen creeping over the slope. Natural bridges between the rivers are created by the trees’ adherence to the higher area and their lengthy roots that reach the riverbed. Tourists are instantly mesmerised by this Mysterious place In India.

The Mystery

  • The mystery lies in how the indigenous people discovered this technique and have been able to perfect it over the years.
  • Some claim that the technique was passed down from generation to generation through oral traditions, while others believe that it was discovered through trial and error.

9. Great Banyan Tree, Kolkata

The Great Banyan Tree

The Big Banyan Tree is a large tree that can be found in Kolkata, India’s Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden. With a canopy that covers almost 4 acres, it is considered as one of the largest trees in the world (1.6 hectares). The tree is old, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any older, and it’s still doing well. It has endured a number of weather-related disasters, such as cyclones and lightning strikes, and even the disastrous cyclone of 1864, which largely destroyed the garden where it is situated. It is Mysterious in India.

The Mystery

  • The Big Banyan Tree’s age and longevity are what make it mysterious. The tree’s actual age is unclear, although it is thought to be at least 250 years old, and other estimates put its age as high as 500 years.

10. The Hide And Seek Beach, Odisha

Odisha’s “Hide and Seek Beach,” also known as the Chandipur Beach, is a rare natural phenomenon that has confused tourists for a long time. This beach is famous for its vanishing sea, which during low tide fades away up to 5 kilometres, displaying the bottom and giving the impression that the sea is vanishing.

The Mystery

  • The Hide and Seek Beach still creating interest from all over the world who come to see this natural wonder despite the mystery surrounding it.
  • The beach also presents an excellent chance for tourists to explore the seafloor and find a variety of marine life that is typically found near the water’s surface.

11. Hanging Pillar Mystery, Andhra Pradesh

Hanging Pillar

The Veerabhadra Temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh, is the site of the mysterious hanging pillar in India. The temple, famed for its beautiful carvings and architecture, was constructed in the 16th century during the Vijayanagara Kingdom. One of the temple’s pillars, which seems to be hanging in midair without any visible support, is the source of the mystery of the hanging pillar. Visitors can pass a small piece of paper or cloth beneath the pillar in the temple’s main hall to make sure it is not touching the ground.

The Mystery

  • Other, more technical ideas claim that the hanging pillar was built by supernatural forces or that it is the product of long-extinct technology.
  • Despite the mystery surrounding it, Veerabhadra Temple visitors continue to come to the hanging pillar, which they find fascinating due to its apparent defiance of gravity and the creativity of its builders.

Legends, Stories and Mythology may claim many Mysteries and Miracles, But India is full of actual places that force you to stop and reconsider your beliefs . Over the years, many mysterious places and phenomena have been reported in India, and while some have been explained through scientific investigation, others remain shrouded in mystery. Many of these phenomena can be explained through natural causes or scientific investigation, and it’s important to separate fact from fiction and avoid perpetuating myths or urban legends.

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