Top 10 Places to visit in Ranchi on your next Vacation.

Ranchi, the state capital of Jharkhand, surprises most visitors due to its undiscovered beauty. With its simple way of life and natural heritage, this megacity is inexplicably heartwarming and glamorous. The megacity, which is home to numerous falls, tabernacles, and scenic shoes, has a plethora of places to explore.

More information on this palace can be found at: Queen of Chotanagpur: a popular hill station. This location has been the natural habitat of a tribal community for centuries. Borden works beautifully with the national park. This location is best known for the rising and setting suns.

To make things easier for you and to help you plan your vacation.

 Here is a list of the top places to visit in Ranchi.

1.SUN Temple Ranchi

this is the sun tample, Ranchi
Sun temple, Ranchi

The Sun temple is located Bundu in Ranchi -Tata road. The theme of temple is same as Konark temple of Puri. The temple looks like a chariot. There are eighteen wheels on it and seven horses are pulling it There is a pond near the temple. the temple is best in terms of architecture and you will get a peaceful and soothing environment. The road is beautiful, surrounded by trees in both sides. The temple is located on a hill. From that point entire view can be watch. The temple is also great.

  • Distance from Ranchi: 20 km
  • Timings: 6:00 am to 7:30 pm
  • Travel Tip: Another popular shrine Deori Temple is located on the same path and can be visited on the same day.

2.Ranchi Lake Ranchi

This image , Ranchi lake
Ranchi Lake, Ranchi

Ranchi Lake is located on the centre of Ranchi and at the bottom of Ranchi hill. This is the well liked voyaging spot of Ranchi. It’s located at a height of about 2140 bases above the ocean position. The lake is vacated and created by the British leader Colonel Onsely in the time 1842. The water of this lake is veritably pure and calm which has come the land for utmost of the water foliage and fauna. The amenities of voyaging are offered in this lake which will really be a sweet experience for the people who visits Ranchi Lake.

Location: Near Upper Bazar.

Timing: Open 24*7.

Best time to visit: Mornings and nights.

3.jonha falls Ranchi

Jonha falls, Ranchi
Jonha Falls Ranchi

The Jonha Falls is a beautiful cascade located in the Ranchi quarter in the Indian state of Jharkhand. positioned at the edge of the Ranchi table, the cascade is an illustration of a hanging vale falls. falls from a height of 43 measures to produce a mesmerizing picture. The Gunga River and Raru River have formed the cascade. There are 722 way that one must descend for an amazing view of the surroundings. The cascade is a popular sightseer magnet in the city.

How to Reach: By Air-The Nearest Airport is Birsa Munda Airport which is almost 45km from here By Train- Ranchi Railway station it is near about 39 km .It is situated between Ranchi -Muri Route. By Road-From Birsa Munda Bus Terminal Kantatoli it is near about 36 km.

4.Dassam falls Ranchi

This image Dassam Falls, Ranchi
Dassam Falls,Ranchi

Located a few forty unusual kilometers from the city, Dassam falls is one of the maximum famous spots for vacationers in Jharkhand. The cascading waters of the autumn are enthralling and a deal with for photographers and nature lovers. A putting characteristic of this waterfall is whilst it’s miles at its most glory, you may additionally see 10 streams of water falling into the plunge pool. Owing to the slow upward push in tourism, some of eating places and easy restrooms have arise within side the area, making the go to a long way greater handy than it turned into earlier.

Location: 41 km from the City Center.

Best time to visit: Sunrise.

5.Rock Garden Ranchi

Rock Garden, Ranchi
Rock Garden Ranchi

Built from the rocks of Gonda Hill, the Rock Garden is one of the maximum visited traveler locations in Ranchi. It is placed on a small hill through the Kanke Dam, which similarly provides to its desirable charm. You ought to now no longer leave out the uncommon iron footbridge right here which stands at the aid of handiest poles and is a sight to behold. The lawn additionally encompasses small waterfalls, stunning sculptures and statues which make for a adorable putting to revel in a picnic.

Timings: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm

How to Reach:

By air. Birsa Munda Airport which is almost 15 km away from Rock Garden By Train Rock Garden is situated in Kanke and it is almost 9 km away from Ranchi Railway Station By Road Rock Garden is almost 9.5 km away from Khadgadha Bus Stand

6. Hundra Falls Ranchi

Hundru falls Ranchi
Hundru Falls Ranchi

Among the 50 maximum waterfalls in India, Hundru Falls in Ranchi needs to be a part of your itinerary. Similar to the myriad falls within side the region, this one too maintains the vacationers enthusiastic about its scenic splendor. It`s one of the maximum famous locations to go to in Ranchi, particularly at some point of the monsoon because the waterfall is in all its glory. But even within side the dry season, you could head to this stunning web website online for a picnic and to experience a number of the nice perspectives of the Chota Nagpur Plateau.

Distance from Ranchi: 48 km

How to Reach: By Air The Nearest Airport is Birsa Munda Airport and it is almost 47 km away from Hundru By Train From Ranchi Railway Station it is near about 40 Km By Road It is 45 kilometers from Ranchi, off the Ranchi-Purulia Road and has to travel 21km from main road

7. Birsa Zoological Park Ranchi

Zoological Park,Ranchi
Zoological Park, Ranchi

The Birsa Zoological Park is a outstanding region to go to in case you are traveling with children. The park is domestic to a huge form of faunal species inclusive of tigers, lion and deer. If you’re a natural world enthusiast, you could get all styles of records approximately the natural world of the place from right here or even turn out to be part of the animal adoption program. The zoo has a small canteen at the doorway which serves snacks and beverages.

  • Distance from Ranchi: 26 km
  • Timing: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (Closed on Monday)
  • Entry fee: INR 30 (Adults), INR 15 (Children)

8. State Museum Ranchi

State Museum
Ranchi Museum

Originally called Ranchi Museum, the State Museum Hotwire showcases ethnographic displays, arms & ammunition, artefacts and jewelry which hint returned the records of the state. The clean winner of the museum is the sculpture gallery, which functions beautiful portions and a set of exciting pix of the architectural web sites throughout Jharkhand. Taking you on a adventure of the state`s dynamic records, this museum is a center of expertise for records enthusiasts.

Sunday to Saturday: 10.30 AM to 4.30 PM
Monday: Weekly Close

9. Jagannathan Temple Ranchi

Jagannath tample
Jagannathan temple Ranchi

The first component that moves you approximately Jagannathan Temple is its resemblance to the temple in Puri. Located approximately 10 km from the primary town, this 17th-century shrine is one of the maximum famous locations within side the town and is therefore visited through innumerable tourists. The great time to go to the temple is surely at some point of the Ratha Yatra that’s held each yr within side the months of June-July. As the temple is constructed on a hill, you may must climb numerous stairs to attain there. After in search of blessings, don`t overlook to spend a couple of minutes playing the top notch perspectives of the town from the top.

  • Timings: 5:00 am to 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Best Season To Visit : All
    Photography : Not Allowed

10- Nakshatra van in Ranchi

This image anaakshatra van image
Nakshatra Van Image

Nakshatra Van is an city park located in the front of the Governor House (Raj Bhawan) in Ranchi. Created at the specific idea of Nakshatras, the park is split into diverse sections, every of which represents a Zodiac signal and celestial bodies. Hindu astrologers additionally consider that every constellation corresponds to a tree that has medicinal, aesthetic, social and monetary value. Exploring the park in step with your signal is an revel in in contrast to some other so that you honestly don`t need to overlook on it. The musical fountain and the scenic pathways surrounding it upload to the splendor of the park. Evenings are normally the fine time to visit!

Timings: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (Closed on Monday)

I hope the above information about Top 10 places to visit in Ranchi was useful to you. Kindly share your experience and the best thing you like about your visit to the Ranchi Famous places in the comment section.