Mawsynram village – The wettest place of earth

Mawsynram is a town in a east Khasi hills district of Meghalaya state in northeastern India. Mawsynram village also known as the wettest place on earth. It receives an average annual rainfall of 11,872 milimetres. According to the Guinness Book of World Records , Mawsynram village received 26,000 milimetres of rainfall in 1985.

Its name is derived from the Khasi words “maw” meaning Stone and “synram” meaning Vast. The culture and language of this place is quite different from the rest of India.

scenery of a village named Mawsynram of Meghalaya state

Best time to visit Mawsynram

The best time visit Mawsynram is between the months of September and November. At this time the rainfall is little lower. If you want to enjoy the rains then you can visit Mawsynram in rainy season to witness the beauty of nature.

Must visit places in Mawsynram

There are so many places in Mawsynram , Meghalaya to visit once in a life time. Such as Mawlyngbna , Mawjybuin cave , Nohalikalai Falls , Krem Liat prah cave , Mawsmai caves , Mawsmai Falls.

Nearer cave picture of Mawsynram

Must try food in Mawsynram-

when you visit to Mawsynram there are some traditional cuisines of khasi people. You can try Pork rice , Ja Shulia (Sticky rice), Pu Khlein (Fried rice cake), Pu Maloi (Steamed rice cake), Pu Sla (Rice cake steamed in a leaf), Pu doh ( Steamed rice cake with pork strips).

some traditional cuisines of Meghalaya like Pu Sla (Rice cake steamed in a leaf),Pu Maloi (Steamed rice cake).

Despite the challenges posed by its extreme weather conditions, the villagers have adapted the thrived, embodying the harmony between humans and their environment. These traditions, passed down through generations, serve as a treatment to the enduring bond between the people of Mawsynram and their environment. So let’s go and seize this unforgettable journey, Adventure awaits.


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