Kishangarh’s Moonland – The snowy dumping yard in Rajasthan

Snowy Rajasthan!!! Moonland in Rajasthan!!!! Dumpyard to visit!!!

Seems like a dream.Might feel strange for visiting the dumping yard. But yes there is a place in Rajasthan that makes you feel like you are in Kashmir or Switzerland.It is Kishangarh – the moonland of Rajasthan. It is near Ajmer (the marble hub of Rajasthan). It is a big area which is covered with snowy white powder (marble slurry) and the small hills of this slurry gives you feeling of walking on the surface of moon.

If you are photogenic and also looking for a pre wedding photoshoot place, then read more.

Here are the details of kiShangarh moonland- the snowy dumping yard in Rajasthan

white dumping yard

Why Kishangarh dumping yard is white

Visiting a snowy place that too in Rajasthan seems like a fairy tale but yes it is a tale that is true. This place is Kisangarh – the moonland of Rajasthan. Actually it’s a dumping yard spread upto 330 bigha land and the whole land is covered by marble slurry. This marble slurry gives a snowy appearance. If you are going through pictures of this place then you feel like getting tricked. As the locals call it (Desi Switzerland), you will have no reason to differ from them.

background scenery of mountains

A great photoshoot place

The scenery of this place is mesmerizing and specially in the mornings of winter it gives you a breathtaking panorama. If you stand at the center of the dumping yard you will see snow all around yourself and the lushy green trees in the back. There are a lot of small ponds available in the dumping yard and the water stored in them is so clear that one can see the bottom through it. The place drags the photographers towards it because of its scenic beauty.

hill shaped slurry

Hotspot in winter

As time passed, the deposited marble slurry began to take shape of a hill and because of its white color it looks like a snow hill. The best time to visit this place is in winter especially in morning. It’s a perfect place for photoshoot with friends and now a days its a hotspot for pre wedding photoshoot. This place is also gaining popularity among movie makers. Songs like ‘saiyaan ji’ , ‘samandar mein’ and ‘uski aankhon me baatein’ was also shooted here.

How to reach here

You can reach this place both by road and by air. The dumping yard is only 8 km from the kishangarh airport . You can book a cab to reach the dumping yard.


And if you are travelling by bus then the main bus stand is only 5km away from the dumping yard. You can get an auto or a taxi to the dumping yard.

bus station

Tips for visiting

Tough there are various ponds do not try to go inside or take a bath there because the water might have some chemicals which can give rashes to your skin.

If you are taking a car inside then try not to park on marble slurry because it might not be firm enough to hold.

Nearby places to visit

  • Kishangarh fort
  • Phool mahal palace
  • Sukh sagar
  • Gondulav lake
  • Mokham vilas
  • Khoda Ganesh temple
  • Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Fooding and staying places

  • Hotel Manish (6.9 km from airport)
  • Hotel Jyani Paradise (4.9km from airport)
  • N K Hallimax Hotel (7 km from airport)
  • Hotel Rajmahal (800 m from railway station)

These are the details about Kishangarh moonland – snowy dumping yard of Rajasthan. I hope you love it. If you are photogenic and looking for a great place for pre wedding photoshoot then you must visit this place. I bet it will worth your every penny. If I had missed something then do let me know .