Famous Iconic Street Food Items In Ranchi That’ll Make You Drool

I Started my site Famous Street food in Ranchi With almost 120000 population this, in this city I am gonna explore a lot of delicious street food. This is the capital city of Jharkhand that is Ranchi or You can say that its caption cool’s city. being surrounded by hills and climate is definitely one of the reason to be here but other than climate you will also find some smooth traffics busy roads street markets richness of life and tons of food option to eat.

Here is a list of the best street food in Ranchi that will satisfice your inner foodie keep scrolling down and road along to know all about these Scrumptious delight.

1.Litti Chokha Street Food.

Litti chokha at Ranchi
Litti Chokha

‘Litti-chokha’ , the staple meal of Ranchi . An uncomplicated recipe wherein wheat and gram flour knead in little curd and water is rolled into balls stuffed with some spicy-garnished sattu is barbequed and served with mashed potatoes and eggplant which are sauteed in mustard oil and condiments. Chutney ‘fcourse !

Since Ranchi is a part of this region, the original delectable generally match this dish. However, they will noway forget to offer you a Litti Chokha, If you have any relative in Ranchi or if you meet any locals from the megacity. For any kind of rubberneck, it’s cheap food.
Though the people of Ranchi are humble, they will Noway allow anyone to take a single bite of their own litti. So make sure you get a bite of your own!


2.Momos Street Food.

Its Ranchi street momos
Momos Street food

If you a real food lover will not give a miss to try the delightful such as momos and Thukpa (Tibetan noodle-soup) which are near by on the streets of Ranchi. Momos are famous in the hill cities of the Himalayan region of India. the people in Ranchi over-eat these snacks owing to the taste and low-calorie content within it. There are many places available any types of Hatke momos like Veggie momos, Chicken momos, paneer steamed momos, Tandoor momos, cheese tandoor momos etc….

Variety Moms

Even its price is much more affordable than the other crowd favorites, Chinese noodles and chilli chicken.

Some places I want Share you that you feel it’s a fantastic Good variety Momos Available.

 LOCATION: 88R8+P8X, Unnamed Road, Vodyanagar, Shyamali Colony, Doranda, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834002.

3.Golgappas at Ranchi

Gupchup at Ranchi
Gupchup at Ranchi

In several parts of India, PANIPURI is also known as FUCHKA, GUPCHUP, or GOLGAPPA. And in Ranchi, it’s called Fuchka. A sour and sweet snack that many people enjoy. Either it is a kid or an old person, no one says No to fuchkas.

You must have also eaten golgappas numerous times in your life but this place is different from the rest. We often come across memes and funny videos featuring people preparing and selling Fuchkas with dirty hands and filthy water.

Fuchkas sold in this place is quite hygienic and of a unique manner that you may have never seen before. The puffed puri is stored in a big steel container that protects it from dust and pollution. The seller uses plastic gloves for better hygiene and the ingredients are of good quality. They serve many more different snacks that are lip-smacking.


4.Bhola Dhuksa Street Food.

Dhuska At Ranchi
Dhuska At ranchi

Dhuska is a thing of Ranchi. A fiery dish, dhuska is served with racy potato curry and fried chillies. this is a must- try dish, If you be to be in Ranchi. They serve it hot in aneco-friendly splint coliseum. It has an infectious smell that will pull you towards itself. It’s an affordable and satisfying mess. Sanjeev Kapoor, a well- known cook, has also visited this position.



Chat- Crowd pleaser

Chaat was 1st originated in Uttar Pradesh in India. It’s a quick, easy and modern way to prepare a savory snack. But is now eaten across the Indian sub-continent. It includes many varieties:

Aloo chaat – A humble variety of chaat in Ranchi and all of Northern India. It consists of fried pieces of steamed potato mixed with chickpeas and chopped onions and is garnished with spices and chutney.

Aloo Chaat
Aloo chaat

Aloo Tikki Chaat – Slightly different from Aloo chaat, it is made from mashed fried potatoes covered with curd (dahi) and chutney and sprinkled with sev. It is a combination of sweet, sour.

Aloo Tikki chaat

Dahi vada –The origin of this chaat is unknown as it has been called differently in different cities. Dahi Bhalla in Punjab, Haryana & Delhi, Doi Bora in West Bengal & Bangladesh, Thayir Vadai in Tamil Nadu, Mosare Vada in Karnataka & Perugu Vade in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.It is a popular snack where lentil dumplings are dunked in a creamy whipped yogurt topped with spicy and sweet chutneys.
The name of a chaat speaks for itself ?

indian snack dahi vada served in a bowl
Dahi vada

Papdi Chaat – Made from a mixture of papdi(crunched golgappas),curd, chopped potatoes, onions, chutney and garnished with coriander leaves. This variety of chaat originates from Mughal courts and is popular all over northern India today.

I'ts papdi chat
Papdi chaat

Samosa Chaat – Consisting of smashed samosas doused in curd, tamarind chutney, mint chutney. It has many varieties and its origins in most cosmopolitan cities.

Samosa chaat
Samosa Chaat

Location:98CC+MQ8, Rangrej Gali, Saraswati Market, Upper Bazar, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001

7. Rolls


A day will not pass where a household in Ranchi will not have chicken or eggs in their meals, which is made in many different forms. This shows their obsession for non-veg & what better way to eat them in their form of rolls! Chicken and egg rolls are locally called Kathi Rolls in Ranchi, & is also a perfect snack for a picnic and school tiffin. This snack is prepared by stuffing a regular sized roti (flour-based indian bread) with stir-fried chicken, yogurt and a variety of vegetables. One roll is sufficient to fulfill anyone’s Appetit.

Location:989R+82C, Circular Road, Near Pantaloons Mall Dangratoli Chowk, Dangartoli, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001


Chowmein, an indo-chinese noodles dish popular in Ranchi is found in every nook and corner of the city.

Location: near Shree Gopal complex, where a plate will cost around Rs.55.

If you are visiting Ranchi, these are the sites that you must visit with your friends and family. Live, eat, and enjoy life to the fullest extent possible, and the best way to do so is with delicious food