Bhusandeswar Temple – Asia’s Largest Shiva Linga, know the details

Good day, everyone! if you thinking on visiting Bhusandeswar Temple, you have come to the right place. To day i am going to talk about Bhusandeswar Temple that you must seen at once in your life.

We know our Odisha is land of temples. This state is known for its prominent antiquity and the arts. There are many shiva followers are there. so in this article i’m discussing about Bhusandeswar Temple – Asia’s Largest Shiva Linga. This is a Hindu religious place and it’s a nice & small temple in the middle of a small village.

In addition, I will share some tourist places near this temple in my article, as well as full tour guide.

Scroll down to know more about this temple and Shivalinga.

asia's biggest shivling

Baba Bhusandeswar Temple, ODISHA

12 Feet long Shivalinga-

The Baba Bhusandeswar Temple is situated in the Bhograi block in Balasore area, Odisha. it’s a 12 feet in long and 14 feet wide lingam that is carved out dark rock. however, one thing which will shock you is that half portion of the lingam is visible. because other half has been buride underground for quite a long time. It is Asia’s largest shivling. it is said, that the shiv linga situated here, is naturally inclined in position and the largest in asia.

The 12 feet in length lingam has three critical parts. the center part of the dark rock lingam is in an octagonal shape, which is around12 feet in diameter and almost around 4 feet in height. it somewhat inclines towards the right side assuming that you notice cautiously!

Mahashivratri Festival-

It’s a Hindu festival where Lord Shiva is worshipped all over India. it is celebrated annually in honour of Shiva as the day makes the celebration of the marriage Shiva and Parbati.

Mahashivratri Festival

Unknown facts about Bhusandeswar Temple-

There is a mythological tale associated with this temple, according to which the Demon King Ravana was granted favor by Lord Shiva and given this Shiva Lingam during the Tretaya yuga. However, Lord Shiva forbade him from putting the Lingam anyplace. Lingam was riding on Ravana’s Puspakvimanam as he traveled. The angels or Gods were dissatisfied and considered grabbing Ravana’s power, which he acquired from Lord Shiva. Ravana subsequently placed the Linga here out of desperation. Once more, he attempted to lift it, but it was too heavy. The Shiva Linga lived in the outdoors for a very long time.

Near by places to visit –

You can travel to nearby places as well such as Talasari, Chandaneswar and Digha.

Best time to visit-

The best season to visit the temple is winter season. The best month to visit are september to february.

I recommend to visit this place only during daytime.


routes from balasore- bhusandeswar
Routes from balasore- bhusandeswar
  • Nearest bus stop– The nearest bus stop is Balasore, which is located aroud 80 km distance from Bhusandeswar temple.
  • Nearest railway station– The nearest railway station is balasore , which is located around 80km distance from Bhusandeswar temple.
  • Nearest airpoat– The nearest airpoat is Biju patanik international airpoat ,Bhubaneswar. Which is around 285km distance from Bhusandeswar temple.

Baba Bhusandeswar Temple in Odisha is must visit temple! but note that it is located in small vilage. so batter head there own transport, since you may not find any public transport there.

Hope you have visit this place. if not, plan today. Also give your feedback on the places by commenting below and share with your friends.