Best Offbeat Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata Must Visit Once

Who doesn’t want to stay out of busy daily routines on weekends?

Kolkata is a place where you can visit hundreds of short-haul destinations by car or train. In this article, I am going to talk about the best weekend destinations near Kolkata that are mostly within 100 km. Some places within 150 kilometers are so astonishing. I can’t leave them. All of these places can be visited by family or friends.

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The Ultimate Offbeat Weekend Bucket List From Kolkata

  1. Taki
  2. Subash Sarovar
  3. Joypur Forest
  4. Junput
  5. Itachuna Rajbari
  6. Baguran

1. Taki:

Taki is one of the best parks around Kolkata, just a short walk from downtown. It is a very green area due to the presence of forests and fields. You can park on the banks of the Ichamati River, which lies near Bangladesh. Some of the places you can visit in this area are Macharanga Island and Goalpata Forest.

  • Location- Visit the Map Hasnabad, Bashirhat, North 24 Parganas
  • Distance From Kolkata- 70 Km
  • Riding Tip- By train – From Sealdah Station to Taki Road Station (2 Hours) (To get to the hotels along the Ichamati River in10 minutes, you have to ride a bicycle down the road)  By Car or Bus – From Esplanade to Taki (3.5 Hours)
  • Things To Do- Jungle Walk, Picnic, etc.
  • Best Time To Visit- October to February
  • Where To Stay- Many hotels are there. If you will visit, you must find many good hotels.

For this is a border city, you need to have an effective border security ID to check and issue an entry permit.

2. Subhash Sarovar:

Subash Sarovar is on our list of unexplored lands suitable for all those who want to live in a peaceful environment for a while in Kolkata. Surrounded by greenery and the chirping of birds, the untouched lake makes this place perfect for those who love loneliness.

lake, walking road bank of lake, buildings, tree
  • Location- Map Guide Subhas Sarobar Park, Phool Bagan, Beleghata
  • Distance From Kolkata- Up to 5.6 km
  • Things To Do- Walk alongside the lake, sit and enjoy the beauty


3. Joypur Forest:

If you like the scenery of dense forest, lush greenery, and wildlife such as deer and elephants, the Joypur Forest is probably the best weekend destination near Kolkata. The forest is covered with tall buildings such as Sal, Palash, Mahua, Neem, and Teak, and in some places, the sun is not allowed to touch the ground.

  • Location- Map Joypur, Bankura
  • Distance From Kolkata- 140 KM
  • Riding Tip- Nearest railway station-Arambagh (takes 15 min to reach Joypur Forest) and Bishnupur (takes 40 min to reach Joypur Forest).
  • Things To See- Deer, Elephant, Wilf Fox, Wolves
  • Nearest Visiting Places- Mukatmonipur, Susunia Hill, Kamarpukur, Jayrambati and others.
  • Where To Stay- Banalata resort, Banabitan lodge, Banphool, or you can book Joypur Forest Resort

4. Junput:

Junput Beach is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in West Bengal. The place is famous for its generously spread casinos around the beach. Junput beach is the ideal choice for a relaxing holiday destination that attracts tourists from far and wide with its tranquil and peaceful environment. In addition to the incredible and beautiful seaside paradise, the place is famous for its marine biology and saltwater fish culture. Go to the undisturbed beach destination, enjoy the rhythmic music of the waves and get rid of your tiredness in just a few minutes.

  • Location- Junput Beach is located in Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal. Map
  • Distance From Kolkata- 150 KM

5. Itachuna Rajbari:

Living in a century-old Rajbari surrounded by ancient monuments is a unique experience, and the place is also home to many interesting stories from the rich past and hostesses. The place is a combination of nature and the royal family. History lives here, and you can feel its existence.

  • Location- Map Itachuna, Hooghly
  • Distance From Kolkata- 75 KM
  • Things To See- a courthouse, a dancing hall, a kitchen house, a guest house and an Andar Mahal for ladies
  • Where To Stay- Booking at Itanchu Rajbari

6. Baguran:

A lonely beach with waves and strange turtles or millions of red crabs. The magnificent beauty of Baguran Jalpaiguri, a tourist map of West Bengal, invites tourists to seek peace and tranquility among nature. Because of the loneliness of this undisturbed beach, you will feel like a rocky road and still enjoy the comfort of a relaxed beach vacation. The entire length of the Gold Coast is bordered by dense Casuarian forest.

  • Location- Located in the Contai district of East Medinipur, this beautiful beach destination is new to the collective. Map
  • Distance From Kolkata- 146 KM
  • Things To See- Red Crabs, Isolated and less Crowed Sea Beach
  • Where To Stay- Only one resort is the re – Sagar Niralaya (Contact No.- 9434012200/8670547411)

Last Tip

Do you like the blog (Best Offbeat Weekend Destinations Near Kolkata)? Then it’s time to stop reading and go to these less crowded, but beautiful places near Kolkata. But most importantly, take all precautions and do not let the disease get in the way.