Authentic Punjabi restaurant Garam Dharam Murthal Dhaba

Murthal is the Dhaba capital of India with more than 20 small and big Dhaba’s. Murthal is a village in the Sonipat district of Haryana.

Among the plenty of Dhaba’s in Murthal, Garam Dharam stands out as an unique destination. It has won the heart of NH-1 travelers and food lovers across the India with its taste in dishes, rustic ambiance, delectable food.

Garam Dharam in Murthal Haryana was launched on 23 Feb 2018 by legendary Bollywood actor Dharmendra with founders Umang Tewari and Micky Mehta It has a huge capacity and parking area which can accommodate seating for 1200 people at a time.

Ambiance at Garam Dharam Dhaba

You will find yourself in a different era after entering the Garam Dharam Dhaba. The Dhaba name is taken from the name of 90s Bollywood super star Dharmendra

The walls of Dhaba are adorned with posters and paintings of Dharmendra’s movies. Dharmendra movie’s iconic dialogues are written on the walls of Dhaba.

Food at Garam Dharam Dhaba

The Dhaba offers a wide range of delicious North Indian cuisine, they offer South Indian food, Chinese and Italian dishes too. They have a huge menu with large number of pure vegetarian dishes, including parathas (Indian stuffed flatbreads), Dal, Sabji, rice, fast food and much more.

Dhaba has its signature dish named “Garam Dharam Paratha”. These parathas are stuffed with a combination of potatoes, paneer, and other spices. Theyserve their special Aloo Paneer Paraha with creamy white butter and a side of tangy pickle.

Information for Visitors

Garam Dharam Dhaba is situated in Murthal village of Sonipat district of Haryana state in India. And the by Road distance from Delhi to Murthal is 44.4Kms and it takes about 1hr to visit from Delhi to Murthal by road.


   OWNER- Harinder Singh Yadav

    Adress:- NH-1 Murthal, Sonipat, Haryana, India, 131039

This Restaurant is having the perfect Punjabi Swag & Swad in it. This restaurant is best for friends and family for gathering and late night food. The restaurant is one of the most recommended for food in Murthal Sonipath in Haryana.