10 Most Mysterious Places In India – Some Unknown Facts

India is a land that showcases a melting pot of culture, traditions and religions. However a wealthy beyond additionally manner that you may by no means give an explanation for each and every mystery that the land beholds.

When reserving excursion packages in India some of the human beings have the tendency to look for mysterious gem stones that hide in the middle of the most well known tourist locations in the country.

Whether it may be the thirst for journey or the curiosity that makes you search for the maximum mysterious locations in India that you may no longer be disappointed. From haunted locations to locations that defy logic and science, India is a complete package of marvels with a purpose that will leave you completely mesmerized.

So in addition to this context, here is the list of the Most Mysterious Places in India with Unknow Facts, which you can consider adding it to your itinerary.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort which is located in Rajasthan is one of the most mysterious places to visit. According to the Archeological Survey of India tourists are prohibited to enter the fort after the sunset. Once upon a time it was crowded with full of activities but after that it turned out to be an abandoned place. The structures inside the fort have been left with roof only. The people in that locality say that it is a curse while others says that the evil spirit of a magician who fell in love with a princess haunts the place. We don’t know what the story lies behind but Bhangarh Fort is considered as one of the most exciting and thrilling location to visit.

2. Kuldhara, Rajasthan – The Abandoned Village

Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara village situated in Rajasthan is another mysterious places in India. This village was the home for more than 1500 Paliwal Brahmans and the descendants of a tribe lived there for more than five centuries, but it became all at once deserted with its complete population which protected human beings of 85 villages. According to the legends, people cursed the land forbidding any destiny settlements. So this is how Kuldhara stands today with some broken buildings, temples and legends surrounding its past.

3. The Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Jal Mahal

Little facts has been known about Jal Mahal is that it was constructed 300 years ago by the Raja as the hunting lodge. The King of Amer decided to construct a dam among the two surrounding hills to save the city from floods, but an unusual incident took place is that the depression around the place started filling up with water. When you see the Man Sagar Lake you will witness that the palace is in the middle with one floor and plant life previewing above its roof. Another reason why Jal Mahal is among the mysterious places in India is because the water hides 4 more floors below it.

4. Roopkund, Uttarakhand – The Skeleton Lake


The lake was discovered in the year 1942 by a British ranger who was patrolling the area. Roopkund is located on one of the highest mountains in Uttarakhand and is also known as the “Skeleton Lake” because of the horrific remains found. The lake is covered with skeletons and bones of many people and some with flesh that is still preserved. It is truly a mysterious place in India because the remains that are found in the lake have been tested for years giving results that do not make any sense. Roopkund is one of the mysterious places in India which you cannot miss.

5. Kodinhi, Kerala – The Town of Twins


A small village in Kerala named Kodinhi is home to 2000 families, but the strange part is that the village is pretty famous for twin births. About three generations ago the ladies of the village began out by giving birth to twins, quite a few twins. A few ladies who were married and staying far away from the village also gave birth to twins. The village has been considered to have more than 300 pairs of twins and due to this Kodinhi village has been considered as one of the mysterious places in India.

6. Shettihalli, Karnataka – A Drowning Church

Shettihalli Church

Shettihalli Church situated in Karnataka is sometimes called as the floating church or drowning church. Many people say that it is deeply non violent location to discover. This church is surrounded by waters that are risen and fallen. If you want to visit this church then visit it during monsoon season as you would be able to explore it via boat. Due to the comparison with the Hindu temples a few can discover this church as one of the mysterious places in India. 

7. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

Magnetic Hill

Another mysterious place in India is the Magnetic Hill which is located in Ladakh. People find strange things happening in this place like when people parks their car and they turn their car engine off, they witness that their car automatically start moving up the hill by itself. Cars in this hill is known to reach speeds 20 kmph. Locals say that the hill has a very strong magnetic field that pulls these cars while others say that the road actually goes downhill. Some locals also say that it is a road to heaven and due to this reason it has become one of the interesting place to visit.

8. Vittala Temple, Hampi, Karnataka – The Musical Pillars

Vittala Temple

Vittala Temple has been constructed in the 15th century and it is the best structure in Hampi. The temple consists of 56 musical pillars which produces musical sounds when tapped gently. The Britishers during their rule were so fascinated by the pillars that they cut the two pillars into half in order to check if there is anything inside it. If you want to visit the temple then you can check these two pillars inside the temple complex. Over the years the visitors were so curious that they damaged other pillars by frequently tapping them. So, in order to protect form further damage to this historical site, tapping on musical pillars is now prohibited.

9. Jatinga, Assam


Jatinga a small village in Assam is a non violent excursion package. Jatinga is famous for its mysterious phenomenon that occurs in every 12 months. After the sunset when people are being busy making ready for the night, masses of migratory birds commit suicide and this happens everyday. Orinthologists explains that the dense monsoon fog and high altitude are the reason for their death. When these birds struggle to make their move towards the direction of village lights they end up hitting trees and buildings, resulting to death. Jatinga for this reason remains one of the mysterious places in India.

10. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

Lonar Crater Lake

Lonar village which is situated around 140 km from Aurangabad, is home to a meteor affect crater. It is recognized as the hyper-speed impact crater in basaltic rock in the world. This village has a lake inside which contains alkaline and saline at the same time. Interestingly, nobody knows from where the supply of the perennial springs feeds the lake and what lies in its bottom. In many parts of the lake compasses does not work and some chemical composition of its water supports several microorganisms that are rarely found. This is the reason Lonar Crater Lake becomes an intriguing destination to be on the list of most mysterious places in India.

These are the “10 Most Mysterious Places in India” which will make you thrilled and exciting to visit. So, I hope this article is turning out to be helpful in getting necessary information about these places. If you have explored some other mysterious places in India then feel free to share it in the below comment box.