Auroville: you won’t believe the city exists in India

Auroville is also known as the city of dawn, India’s first experimental township, where the international community holds a common social-political, religious, or spiritual vision that can come and stay peaceful and progressive life. The main purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. Let us take you through Auroville that you won’t believe the city exists in India

It is located in the Villupuram district in the state of Tamil Nādu, India. It’s just 13 km away from Pondicherry.

Mirra alfassa

Auroville was founded in 1968 by Mirra alfassa also known as (The mother). After that a strong collaboration with the Indian saga sir Aurobindo. People who lived in Auroville are also called aurovillans. Currently, there are around 3000 people from 59 countries living here in the township with great peace of mind.

What makes Auroville so special?

1.Mantri mandir

mantrimandir of auroville.
Mantri mandir

This place is the heart of Auroville.  It’s not a tourist site. it’s a place where you visit in a quiet physical and mental state. Before coming you have to prebook your visit for a better experience. You can explore the inner chamber in it but you can’t take any cameras and video tapes with you.

2.Auro card

aurocard use for caseless transation

Auroville has a unique cashless economy. When you are a long-term guest in Auroville, it’ll provide you with an aurocard which is smart and safe for you to the transaction. Whether you eat and shop Auroville offers you easy access to participate in Auroville’s unique cashless economy

3.Auroville guest service

Auroville Guest Service
Auroville Guest Service

Auroville guest service assists you in finding information about workshops, therapies, and programs, meeting aurovillans, and integrating into the life of aurovillans.

4.Auro beach

Auro Beach
Auro Beach

It is situated 10 km away from the Ashram and one of the best beaches in Pondicherry. it is very clean water and people be mesmerized by watching its beauty. Even though beach  eateries are available but you can carry your food as well.



Integrated transport service, Auroville has a non-profit transport service for arovillans, volunteers, visitors, and guests. ITS goal is to endeavor a pollution-free and safe transporting system by collaborating with community members by showing sustainable mobility in Auroville. It offers the following environment-friendly transportation service -sharing taxis, electric scooters, local pick up and drops, e-delivery service vehicle repair, and charging stations for EV vehicles.

6.Solar kitchen

Solar Kitchen
Solar Kitchen

it is also known as SK, and the cafeteria is also known as ‘LA TERRACE’.it is serving multicuisine snacks and food along with free Wi-Fi where the guest can browse and gain some information about Auroville. both solar kitchen and la terreca do not accept cash payments, payments accept through a financial service account.

7.Auroville Ashram

Auroville Ashram
Auroville Ashram

Auroville ashram is situated in the union territory of Pondicherry, this community has expanded with more and more disciples of Aurobindo Ghose .followers of Aurobindo joined the ashram with the same aim for seeking spirituality. this ashram has been run by 5 trustees who’ll make sure the vision and legacy of Aurobindo Ghose ll remain to continue.

What is the best time to visit Auroville?

The best time to visit Auroville is the winter session like November to march .you won’t face any flaming heat.

How to reach Auroville?

It is 13 km away from the pondicherry bus stand. It’ll take you half n hour to reach Auroville .you’ll face any problems there are so many buses there which help you to reach Auroville.

Auroville Stay:

There are many guest houses and home stays around Auroville. But If you want to stay inside Auroville guesthouse, then you have to do the pre-registration with Aurocard facility. There are 92 guest house insight the Auroville for more information you can visit there official website.

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Auroville is all about different way living and receiving the world .please do explore the unexplored place and if you already did share you experience in comment below.