Famous Food in Hyderabad !! Call me foodie because I am a foodie

Food is essential art of our life.But in India food is an emotion. Indian food culture reflects a perfect blend of various culture and ages. India is an incredible country not only in terms of religion, language and culture but also it has a Diverse culture of food. As a leading producer and supplier of spices and herbs all over the world . India provides a variety of regional and traditional dishes; Influenced by various civilisations.

Except all those who doesn’t like biriyani. Biriyani is not just a dish it’s an emotion. You will get the biriyani at every corner not only in India but in all over the world .But the best of it you will get it at Hyderabad . Hyderabad a city full of cultural heritage also boasts a rich food culture. A beautiful blend of Mughal, Nawabi and Andra cuisines, the Hyderabad cuisine is also known for it’s delectable flavours, and varieties . Legends goes that the Nizam of Hyderabad had 49 types of Biriyanis cooked in his kitchen. Whenever you will get a chance to visits the wonderful city Hyderabad don’t miss to add some favourite cuisines to your wish list.

12 Famous Mouth watering Food-Good food, good mood

1. Biriyani

For the best biryani in Hyderabad, Paradise food court is one among the finest and best restaurants in Hyderabad.This restaurants have all type of delicious food just like Chettinadu Murgh Kebab,Chicken Kalmi Kebab, Chicken Reshmi Kebab,Tandoori Chicken ,Butter Chicken, Chicken 65 etc. One of the centersof attractions of Hyderabad, Biryani should be the first item you try in Hyderabad be it Veg or Non-Veg! Be prepared to lose yourself into the scrumptious, zesty blend of spices that are perfectly cooked with long grain Basmati Rice and succulent Mutton/Chicken/Paneer pieces. Few places have been listed below and they don’t even cover 1% of the total number of restaurants that offer Biryanis all over Hyderabad.

  • open -24 hours
  • address : Begumpet Main Road Next to Pantaloons, Hyderabad 500016 India, 4.1 km from Golconda Fort.

2. Hyderabadi Haleem.

The famous Haleem, a slow cooked dish made of barley, wheat, meat (chicken/ mutton), along with herbs and spices which basically is a festival of flavors! Be it the roadside stalls or a grand 5-start hotel,his magical dish is just available for thirty days a year, during the Ramadan season. The intoxicating aroma of ghee and meat will surely a test of one’s patience. Highly recommended for a Non-Vegetarian!

Locations: Pista House, Shah Ghouse, Café Bahar, Sarvi, Grill-9

3. Kababs

The tandoori grilled chicken hung vertically on rods outside stalls salivates the pedestrians as the aroma of Garam Masala and other spices rush to their olfactory receptors, enchanting the person. This pleasing creation has been admired among connoisseurs for centuries, originating from the very Mughal Royal Kitchen itself! And Hyderabad is no stranger to kababs. Home to a wide variety of kababs like Pathar ka ghost,Shami,Galouti, Kakori kababs etc. This meat coated with numerous spices, is usually served like an appetizer, with green chutney and salads.

Location : Chef Inam’s Kob , Imperial Multicuisine Restaurant, Riwayat, 10 Dwning Street.

4. Dosa

If you have been living in India, then you won’t be a stranger to a Dosa! This crispy, golden brown, pristine dish is served usually with peanut-coconut chutney and sambar andis just pure magic. Simple yet magnificent, this scrumptious, crusty snack can be enjoyed at almost any time of the day. Be it for breakfast, lunch, snacks or even dinner!

Over the years, South Indian chefs have put their creative minds together and come up with a number of Dosa fillings like Paneer, Cheese, Onion, Corn, Mysore Masala, Butter Masala, Masala, and a plethora of other stuffings. Even a plain Dosa is appetizing! Dosa’s are available in every South Indian restaurant. But for those who want to enjoy different flavours and stuffing, the below mentioned restaurant is a strict go-go!

Suggest places: Ram Ki Bandi, Laxman Ki Bandi, Rk Tiffin Center, Pragathi Tiffin Centre, House of Dosas, Dosa Place.


Ever had the feet of an animal for food? Guess this is where we stand out. The roots of this delicacy originated in the northern borders of India but it is widely enjoyed in Hyderabad. Paya literally translates into hoofs or feet and mostly prepared using Mutton or lamb. It is cooked in a way such that it has the consistency of a soup. Known for its luxurious taste, this food is equivalent to a warm hug on a winter night.

Locations: Hotel Shadab, Shah Ghouse, Sahib’s Barbeque, Khan Saab, RayalaseemaRuchulu, Pi- Hotel Avasa.

6 .Mirchi ka Salan

The unsung hero, that made the Hyderabadi Biryani a world-wide famous delicacy is Mirchi Ka Salan, a chilli gravy served with Biryani. Don’t let it fool you with it looks, it might have a humble and innocent look but once you taste it, your mouth explodes a huge amount of flavours. A magnificent mix of spicy, salty, sweet and a touch of bitterness, this delightful gravy along with Hyderabadi Biryani will surely make your day.

7. Mirchi Bhajji

A vendor selling a Hot and spicy Mirchi Bhajji can be found almost in any nook and corner of a street in Hyderabad! This dish, made with juicy hot chillies coated with a batter made of gram flour and a few spices, and then deep fried, are a treat to your taste buds. Served with peanuts, onions and tamarind/peanut/coconut chutney dip on the side, Mirchi Bhajji is a very widely cherished delicacy especially during rains. It’s a South Indian street food, commonly consumed as an evening snack. Highly recommended for spicy food lovers!

8. Shawaram

Originated in the Midwest, Shawarma is a Levantine meat preparation where the meat is grilled for almost a day on vertical spits. This mouth-watering and tender meat is then blanketed with KubusorRumali Roti’s  that’s coated with a thick layer of Mayonnaise and other sauces, salads and finally is rolled and grilled. It is a great food for quick bites, filling and is reasonably priced. Many places do serve vegetarian Shawarma’s as well.

Locations: Grill-9, Shawarma House, Limra, Friends Shawarma, Bhukkad, D Grill

9. puchka

Most Hyderabadis cannot stomach Bengaluru’s pani puri, where the pani looks like a mix of hot soup and chana batana.

most streets of the twin cities lined with chaat bandis, visiting foodies have no cause for worry. Whether you visit Maharaja Chat in Jubilee Hills, Mayur Pan Shop in Barkatpura, Sardarji’s Dhaba in Gachibowli or Gokul Chat in King Koti, rest assured that you have entered foodie heaven.

Each of these places is popular for its pani puri, bhel puri, ragda and samosa chaat, pav bhaji, sandwich and vada pav, they all have a distinct taste, all will satisfy you, and none will disappoint you.

10. Mutton Samosas

Mutton mince sauteed with onions,spice, mint and coriander gives an amazing taste and aroma when filled in a samosa. These make the perfect snacks during any rainy season or as appetizer for any Parties along with fresh dhaniya chutney.

Also known as the Mangsher Singara in Bengali is the most popular evening snack made during Ramadan at Muslims homes as well as in snack corners too.

Samosa itself is the most loved street food in India, and when it’s Keema Samosa, this famous snack just reaches to another level of deliciousness. Mutton keema is cooked along with onions and spices and os then filled inside a pastry which is later deep fried until golden and crunchy.

11. Murg Do Pyaza

t’s high time we introduce you to the lip-smacking Murg Do Pyaza. The name itself will surely make you hungry. Prepared with onion, garlic, tomatoes and load of spicy, Murg Do Pyaza is for all you chicken fans. This recipe will melt in your mouth and take you on a journey of Hyderabadi flavours.

12. Chat

Chat is a mixture of gram beans, chana, potato pieces and spices. Most popular chat items are samosa chat, cutlet/aloo chat, dahi puri, papdi chat and pav bhaji.

Gokul chat is a popular hangout for chat items and for years it has maintained consistency and taste. When you visit this place, you will surely want to visit again.

Location : Koti Main Road, Opp Koti Women’s College,Koti, Hyderabad, Telangana 50000

Open all day : 8.30 – 11.30 pm

I hope you got all the information for which you visited our site foodntravelstories.com in the search of 12 famous food in Hyderabad if I missed something please write it in comment box and suggest me if you want to know something about a particular topic.