Top 10 Malls in India To Have all the Fun’s.

In this busy world everyone wants to enjoy there life specially at the weekends and its quite confusing to choose whether you should go for a Romantic dinner, a new blockbuster movie, lifestyle shopping, or a live event?

Really it’s too much confusing and also we have the solution for it there is one place where you can enjoy all these activities and the place is the Shopping malls.

Now a days malls in the country are acquiring more popularity among working class families, youths, and seniors as compared to other countries, Indian malls are offering people more than the shopping experience. An impressive number of new shopping malls are opening each year and the reason behind it is now India is one of the most dominating and fastest growing FMCG markets.

If you are searching for more than just shopping and movie, then here you can discover the list of Top 10 malls in India To Have all the fun’s from, so let’s start exploring without wasting a single minute of your time.

10. Elante Mall, Chandigarh:

Elante Mall
Elante Mall

Elante shopping center is one the most famous mall in Chandigarh. The shopping center is a part of Nexus group of malls. It is situated in the industrial space of the city. It’s not only a shopping center, but there is an office complex, a luxurious hotel Hyatt Regency is a parts of the Elante tower.

Elante shopping center is the biggest shopping center of Chandigarh, it has more than 1 million square feet of retail space. It has two main entrance, three basements, one ground floor, and three upper floors. Elante shopping center has a retail space, a food court, and a yard of cafes of different Indian and international brands. In its middle there is a PVR theater of 8-screen multiplex. On the top floor, you will find restaurants, fast food joints, and a fun city for children.

9. Select City Walk, New Delhi:

Select City Walk Mall
Select City Walk Mall

Select City Walk is a shopping center in New Delhi of saket district center contains a 4-km multiplex, private lofts, workplaces, and public spaces. Select infrastructure, is a joint venture between the Select group and the Aarone Group, who has constructed the shopping center.

As compared with the no’s of retail shops across Delhi and the surrounding region, the Select City walk is unique because it maintains the charm and character of conventional Delhi by the use of balconies and columns instead of using glass and concrete box tower. ​Select City walk is one of India’s largest blended use project, which is being created with the team of DP designers (Singapore)and label by TCS Planners.

8. Phoenix Market City, Bangalore:

Phoenix Market City Mall
Phoenix Market City Mall

The biggest shopping center in Bangalore is the Phoenix Market City Shopping center designed by Island Star Shopping center Developer Private Limited(IPM). The highlights of Market City complex is hypermarkets, little shops and PVR cinemas, food courts, 5-star lodges, and retail conveniences. A large hypermarket place and more than 200 retail outlets are here to allow customers to purchase quickly and conveniently.

The PVR cinemas can fit 2700 individuals at a time with nine screens. There are not just films, ice skating, bowling alley, rock climbing, and so many activities to allow individuals to relax. Different kind of events are also conducted in the shopping center. This is a shopping destination for retailers to bring the best brands from the local and
international markets.

7.Sarath City Capital Mall, Hyderabad:

Sarath City Capital Mall
Sarath City Capital Mall

Sarath City Capital Shopping center is the biggest shopping center in Hyderabad, with 1,931,000 sq ft. Situated in the city’s Heart, Sarath City Capital Shopping center has everything from local brands to international brands that serve the customer differently.

The shopping center has AMB Multiplex, a 7 screen theater of Asian Film’s along with
two large food courts take into account right around 1000 individuals at one go, which includes various cooking styles and restaurants. The SKI capital, Tridom, Thalariya, and SKY zones are the gaming, fun and entertainment areas to spend much more time.

6.VR Mall, Chennai:

VR Mall

In the upmarket space of Anna Nagar Chennai, VR mall is the shopping hub with a capacity of 2 million sq ft. It is the biggest one in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This shopping center has premium stores, 10 PVR film screens, a wide screen PX[L], and so many F&B options. You’ll discover everything from suits, armaments, boots, appliances, and home decorator. The shopping center has a good time climate for kids, PVR Films for film lovers, and so many options to keep your entertainment level high. Step into one of the numerous food stores in the city, or go straightforwardly to Food Box on the third floor in the event that you need to fill your tank after a day’s shopping and having a great time.

The food court has each cheap food joint like momos, pizzas, burgers, juices, and grills to fulfill your hunger. A cooperate space, an outside theater, a lodge, work rooms, and adjusted suites also make a part of the VR Shopping center Chennai. The mall is also satisfied the farmers by hosting a weak end farmers market.

5.DLF Mall of India, Noida:

DLF Mall
DLF Mall

DLF Mall is the biggest shopping center in Delhi, spread over more than 2 million square feet. This shopping center introduced the unique zoning concept. DLF Shopping center of Delhi gives a perfect mix of supermarkets and it spread over five acres and six floors.

Shopping center bosses group these zones like the lower ground floor of the market square, the ground and first floor for the international brands, the second floor for the high street, the third level is Family World and the top 2 stories for leisure. Deliberately situated in the core of Noida in Area 18, DLF Shopping center of India has 350 brands, including 18 secures, more than 100 style brands, 14 design brands for kids, and 73 choices for food and drink.

DLF Shopping center of India reclassifies how retail is seen in India, with its sheer size, innovative drafting plan, and advantageous area with phenomenal network. The shopping center has more than 100 design brands and more than 50 eating outlets since February 2016. Besides, the food court the seating limit can 1000 individuals easily. The shopping center is a LEED Gold confirmed mal, which implies it’s profoundly energy effective.

4.World Trade Park, Jaipur:

World Trade Park Mall
World Trade Park Mall

World trade park Situated on JLN Marg in Pink City’s Malviya Nagar, with a region of 2.4 million square ft. The shopping center design in a modern way and got the 2012 Shopping center of the Year award. It has 11 stories and 1,100 vehicle parking capacity.

There are very good quality brands in the stores including Nakshatra, Rado Switzerland, Label Heuer, and Junarose. The design has two separate structures, one in the north and one in the south, divided by a city road. World Trade Park Jaipur incorporates a show framework in which 24 projectors make a solitary picture on its roofs. This is the world’s first shopping center of its kind and BCI of India awarded World Trade park with “Shopping center of the Year” and “Best Architecture.”

3.High Street Phoenix, Mumbai:

High Street Phoenix Mall
High Street Phoenix Mall

High Road Phoenix, recently known as the Phoenix Shopping center, is situated in Lower Parel, Mumbai, and is one of India’s greatest shopping centers. It has 3,300,000 square feet (310,000 square meters) of the gross floor territory. It fully filled with luxury brands like Gucci, H&M, and so on Other than the shopping complex, there is a five-star lodging, a multiplex, business space, and a private tower.

The shopping center incorporates the Palladium, the Sky Zone, and the grand gallery. The biggest 20-path bowling rivalry in South Asia began here in 1996. India’s first Enormous Marketplace hypermarket idea was opened at High Road Phoenix (at that point Phoenix Shopping center) in 2001. Mumbai’s High Road Phoenix Shopping center is the city’s one-stop shopping center. You will discover named outlets, food courts, clubs, bistros, diversion zones, and a food court etc.

2. LuLu Int. Shopping Mall, Kochi:

LuLu International Mall
LuLu International Mall

Lulu International Shopping Mall Situated in kochi city, Kerala. Lulu group of shopping center is Asia’s biggest shopping Mall brands, not only in the country but also outside the country. Other than a food court, it has three cafés alongside establishments from the greatest restaurant joint chains like Burger king, McDonald’s, and KFC.

There are lots of arcade games, rides, a gathering corridor, a bowling alley, 5D film and nine PVR Films Multiplex screens regarding diversion. It additionally has numerous different administrations, for example, multi-Indian bank ATMs and a couple of foreign exchange counters. It generally simple to get to the shopping center as it has an immediate walkway from the Edapally Metro Station.

LuLu International Shopping center has a different assortment of retail contributions spread over 2.5 million square feet with the stunning architecture developed with 17-section of land space! A definitive shopping objective has a remarkable collection of unrivaled worldwide collection from Kochi or Indian retail outlet.

1. Phoenix Market city, Mumbai:

Phoenix Market City
Phoenix Market City

Phoenix market city is the largest shopping center in India situated in Kurla, Mumbai. Spread over 4.1 million sq ft, the shopping center incorporates 2.1 million sq ft of retail net leasable space. It houses 600 domestic and international brand stores, PVR Films with 14 film screens, and 70 restaurants. Phoenix Market city is a customer’s heaven for amusement, eating, and shopping in the city as the number one destination.

The shopping center gives the best worldwide brands, deals, promotion, and a encompassing shopping experience. Phoenix Market city uncovers for the entire family another period for Mumbai’s shopping objective with its combination of style, food, fun, culture and atmosphere. By looking metro urban communities in India has changed over the recent years and Indian customers moved from outside shopping areas to current shopping centers with AC and also India’s retail area has developed to accept shopping centers culture.

I hope I have covered all the Top 10 Malls in India in the above list if I missed something in the above you want to know about that particular mall please suggest me in the comment box and you want to explore more then CLICK on our website

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