How to make Virgin Mojito Mocktail at Home (Orange and Watermelon)

Mojito mocktail is a quick refreshing drink with a sweet fizz. In summer with this drink that’s guaranteed to cut through the summer heat and a perfectly satisfying drink for a hot day. The flavors of this refreshing mix rejuvenate calm your senses at the same time. It’s very suitable for kids and adults avoiding spirits, It is a perfect drink while you are attending guests too and can be served during parties, picnics and road trips to delight everyone. This recipe can be prepared in no time without much efforts.

If you want to relish one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in India, this easy virgin mojito recipe is the way to go. Virgin mojito is something that you would end up making very often after trying it once, this drink is also steeped with the goodness of mint leaves. Mint can work wonders for the digestive system, this makes mint a flavorful and beneficial ingredient to use for this and many other drinks, Here is how to make it at home.

Virgin Mint mojito mocktail

Ingredients of Virgin Mojito-

  • 8 Fresh mint leaves
  • 30 milliliter Fresh lemon juice
  • 20 milliliter Sugar syrup
  • Ice cube as required
  • 30 milliliter Club soda
  • 2 Lemon wedges or wheel

How to make Virgin Mojito

step 1 – Shake all the Things Together

Take a shaker and add mint leaves, lemon wedges, sugar syrup and fresh lemon juice. Use a wooden or marble pestle to crush everything inside the shaker. Then add required ice cube in it, shake well until all the ingredients release their flavors, especially the mint leaves. Then pour in a Glass.

Step 2 – Add Club Soda to the Drink and Serve Immediately

Add club soda to fill up the glass and Garnish with lemon wedges or wheel and mint leaves, then served it.

Orange Mojito-

Orange mojito is refreshing summer drink, this is also simple and easy to make. you can serve this mocktail to your guest and in your parties. Try a juicy Orange mojito to kick the winter blahs and to cut through the summer heat, it surly brings a sparkle to your day! With all that Orange mojito you’ll be taking in a bunch of Vitamin C, Let’s start the recipe.

Orange mojito mocktail

Ingredients of Orange Mojito

  • 1/2 Orange
  • 1/2 Lime
  • 2-3 Springs Mint Leaves
  • 150 ml Orange juice
  • 60-70 ml Soda
  • As required Ice Cubes
  • Sliced Orange Wheel for Garnishing

How to make Orange Mojito

Step 1 – Add Ingredients in a Shaker and Shake

For making Orange Mojito, add orange chunks, mint leaves and lime wedges in a shaker, muddle all the ingredients using a wooden pestle.

step 2 – Add Ice, Orange juice, Club soda and serve Chilled

Fill the shaker with ice, orange juice, lime juice and sugar syrup, shake the ingredients perfectly. Pour it in a glass top it up with soda, Garnish with fresh mint and Orange wheel then serve it.

Watermelon Mojito-

This refreshing drink recipe is ideal to have on a hot summer day, Watermelon mojito is an interesting mojito recipe made using watermelon, mint and lime juice. This watermelon recipe give you yet another option to prepare a healthy and non-alcoholic drink, it’s a amazing way to give twist to fresh watermelons. Anyways let’s go to our refreshing watermelon mocktail recipe.

Watermelon mojito mocktail

Ingredients of Watermelon Mojito

  • 1 Cup Watermelon pieces
  • 4-5 Fresh mint leaves
  • 1 tbsp Lime juice
  • 3/4 cup Sparkling apple cider chilled
  • As required ice cubes
  • Slice lime or slice watermelon for garnish

How to make Watermelon Mojito

step 1- In a small bowl or jar add watermelon pieces, muddle the watermelon to extract juice, then add fresh mint leaves and again muddle for few second. Transfer the watermelon mint muddled mixture into the serving glass.

Step 2- Add ice cubes followed by lime juice and chilled sparkling apple cider and shaken well. Garnish with mint springs and lime slices or watermelon slices and serve to enjoy a glass of fresh watermelon mojito.

Notes- Sugar and water are used to make sugar syrup or simple syrup. For the soda you can use something like 7-up, sprites. If you want less sugar then you used club soda seltzer or sparkling water. It is best to use Fresh lemon or lime juice while making mojito.

I hope you enjoy these three mojito recipes, Mojito mocktail is a quick refreshing drink it’s suitable for kids and adults, That’s a non alcoholic drink. Please read this recipe and make virgin mojito at home and enjoy with your family, Happy Sipping.