Srikhola- the Clean & Secret Village of West Bengal You must Visit

Srikhola or Sirikhola is a small picturesque mountain village in the Darjeeling district. Located at an altitude of 6,900 feet, it is approximately 87 kilometers from Darjeeling. There is a small river called ‘Sri’, which flows over this village and in the Lepcha language, the word ‘Khola’ is used for river. Therefore, this place is called Srikhola. Lots of beautiful things to see in Srikhola village.

It is one of the secret cleanest villages of West Bengal.

This is a quiet, calm, serene, and impassable place. So, this beautiful town is not for all types and ages of people. To get to this place, you must not only be a nature lover, but you must also be physically strong enough. Hikers usually stop at this place to get to Rimbik from Sandakphu or Phalut, as from Rimbik, cars are available for Darjeeling or Siliguri.  

It is a secret place, but don’t be worry, I will provide a complete travel guide below.

How to get to Srikhola:

First, check the route for the location of Srikhola.

By Road-

1. Take the bus from NJP, Siliguri, Bagdogra, or Darjeeling and access via Mani Panchan From Manebhanjan take the Dhotrey and Rimbik route, sometimes reserved.

2. Taxis from NJP Airport or Bagdogra Airport may not reach Srikhola. In that case, change it to something else at Manebhanjan.

3. Alternatively, you can take a shared jeep from Siliguri at ‘Darjeeling More’ (departs at 1 PM). It is also available from Darjeeling (6 am – 7 am, 11 am – 2 pm). Note that shared jeeps from Siliguri usually go up to Rimbik. But if pay a little more, it will be delivered to Srikhola. However, from Darjeeling Shared jeeps are always on board.

Time Taken and Fare-

1. Siliguri/NJP to Manebhanjan takes about 4 hours and goes through Mirik [fare approximately Rs. 3,500 for a car and for a taxi around Rs1800}

2. Darjeeling to Manebhanjan takes around by car about 1 hour 15 minutes

And from Manebhanjan to Srikhola, about 50 km away and it takes another 2.5 hours to reach by car.

Previously, there was a paved road until Sepi (village 2 km before Sikola while approaching

from Rimbik) Next up is a tough dirt/mud road for small cars to negotiate. (A big car-like Sumo to Srikhola)

However, motorized paved roads are nonexistent. outside the city of Srikhola Although there are ongoing efforts to create roads here, it takes time to build roads in such terrain.

There is no bridge over the Sri Kola River. On the other side of the river is a road split in two.

Ascend through the upper Srikola to Kurdum. (Under construction) Another way (Jeep mud road) to Daragaon heading to Rammam.

Temporary bridges are often built on rivers and only Marshal and Land Rover 4WD vehicles can do this.

On that path in the dry season, I recommend not trying to use any vehicle. on that path, Srikhola is extremely risky and can be fatal.

Activities and Attractions in Srikhola:

  1. The Srikhola River is the main attraction here. You can spend quality time on the river bank. Fishing in the river … lots of trout fishing. Private hotels can offer fishing.
  2. Srikhola is a great place for bird watchers. This is a paradise for many mountain birds such as the blue-capped stone martin, flycatcher, tail-tail, etc. I recommend bringing a good pair of binoculars for birdwatching in Srikhola.
  3. There is monasteries and temples nearby. Ask the locals and get directions if they need it.
  4. Beautiful landscape with wooden huts by the river and in the mountains. So bring a good quality camera for landscape and nature photography.
  5. See the beautiful scenery of the colorful mountains during the blooming season. During April and May, Rhododendrons begin to bloom, and therefore many tourists love this season especially.
  6. Get outstanding views of the starry night sky with a telescope. Flying with camera drones and taking amazing photos can be a great idea at Srikhola. This place is perfect for drone photography.  
  7. Enjoy the atmosphere of wood canopy and pine forest.
  8. Visit cardamom (large), pea and maize gardens

Dine at Srikhola:

You won’t get the variety of food in Srikhola that you would expect in most cities or towns. But if you are planning to trek through Sadakphhu or Phalut. There are almost no other food options up to Srikhola. Along the way, there is almost non-vegetarian food. But when it comes to Srikhola you can find a variety of food for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

  • For Vegetarians – rice, roti, Bhaji, vegetable curry, dal, etc are available
  • For Non-vegetarians –chicken momo, curry, fried rice, noodles, fish

Best Hotels and Homestays in Srikola:

There are some homestays run by local people and homestays/hotels run by landlords or property owners. I am sharing the details of the top 3 hotels/homestays/housing below.

1.Hotel Shovraj, Srikhola

Shovraj Hotel is run by the Sengupta family. Mr. Sengupta is the only Bengali who owns a real estate there. When you get there You will be warmly welcomed and have all the basic amenities.

All management is run by a family of four with two double rooms. Two triple bedrooms One four-bedroom One six-bedroom and one eight-bedroom, therefore, you should plan and book in advance during the peak season.

  • Location – Located on the banks of the Srikhola River
  • Booking Site –
  • Contact Details – 9933488243, 9832375526, 9932216197

There are stairs from the hotel leading to the banks of the Sikhola River. This is a great place to spend a good time. It’s also a great place for bird watching.

2.Lippohochha Homestay, Srikhola

The homestay has been run by the Rai family since 2013. The most interesting thing about the homestay is the 100% organic home-grown vegetables from their own farm. The food is great. The management of Lippohochha Homestay is very aware of plastic pollution. They have a unique garden with used plastic bottles to plant plants. The rooms are very nice, clean. The homestay staff is very well behaved and helpful. However, the only downside of the homestay is that it is located high up from the river, but the viewpoint near the homestay is great.

  • Location – Located at the end of Srikhola Village.

3.Goparma Hotel, Srikhola

Mr. Tsering Sherpa, the owner of Goparma Hotel. The location is very good to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. With humble and modest behavior you will feel at home. The rooms and food are good and tasty. The local drink “Tomba” goes well with delicious homemade snacks, it is a must-try.

In addition to these 3 hotels/residentials, I would also like to mention Trekker’s Hut. I would recommend staying in the above 3 stays.

  • Location – Located near the old Srikhola Bridge and very close to the river.

Srikhola weather in one year:

December to January5° – 9°C
February to March8° – 18°C
April to May12° – 22°C
June to September15° – 29°C
October to November10° – 20°C

Final Tip:

If you are planning a trip to Srikhola, October, November, April, and May are the best months. During these times the weather is fine with little or no rain. Make sure to wear good trekking shoes and carry a comfortable backpack to get to Srikhola.

The hotels or Homestays I mentioned are the best in terms of hospitality, delicious food, and great locations. You can contact the owner via the link I shared above. Enjoy the natural beauty of Srikhola and admire the riverside moments. Have a wonderful journey!

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