Top 7 Waterfalls in Ranchi-“The Enchanting Waterfalls of Ranchi”

Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand in India, is often referred to as the “City of Waterfalls.” This title is well-deserved, as Ranchi and its surrounding regions are blessed with numerous breathtaking waterfalls that captivate the hearts of both nature enthusiasts and tourists. These cascading wonders are not just a sight to behold but also play a vital role in the region’s ecology and culture.

1.Hundru Falls-Nature’s Spectacle

Hundru water falls

One of the most famous waterfalls in Ranchi is Hundru Falls. Located around 45 kilometers from the city center, Hundru Falls stands at a towering height of 98 meters, making it one of the tallest waterfalls in the state. The sight of water gushing down the rocky cliffs and forming a foamy pool at the base is nothing short of mesmerizing. During the monsoon season, when the waterfall is at its full glory, the view is absolutely Breathtaking.

Location: Faul, Hundru, Malghonghsa, Jharkhand

Total height: 98 meters (322 ft)

Open timing: 8 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday,Friday, Saturday Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday

2.Dassam Falls-The Thundering Beauty

dassam falls

The name “Dassam” means “ten” in the local dialect, and it is believed that the falls got its name because of the ten streams that converge to form this magnificent waterfall. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the falls from a designated viewpoint and also explore the lush forested area surrounding it. Situated about 34 kilometers from Ranchi, this waterfall is renowned for its thundering sound, which can be heard from a distance. Dassam Falls cascades from a height of approximately 44 meters.

Location: Tarub, Jharkhand

Total height: 44 metres (144 ft)

Open timing: 8 am to 6 pm

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday exclude Thursday

3.Jonha Falls-The Gautamdhara Experience

johna falls

Jonha Falls, also known as Gautamdhara Falls, is another jewel in Ranchi’s treasure trove of waterfalls. Located around 40 kilometers from the city, this waterfall is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its religious significance. The falls are named after Lord Gautam Buddha, and a temple dedicated to him stands nearby.The picturesque setting and the serene atmosphere make it an ideal spot for meditation and reflection. Visitors can also trek down to the base of the falls and take a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

Location: Sita Falls Rd, Guridih, Jharkhand

Total height: 43 metres (141 ft)

Open timing: 8 am to 4 pm

Thursday, Friday ,Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

4.Pahari Mandir Falls-Pahari Mandir Waterfall

pahari mandir falls

Location:Shiv shanti path pahari mandir, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Total height: 12 metres (2140 ft)

opening time: 4:30 am to 9 pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

5.Hirni Falls-Hirni Waterfalls

Hirni Falls is situated in a dense forest area, making it an ideal spot for trekking and nature walks.These waterfalls showcase the natural beauty of Ranchi and are popular destinations for both tourists and locals seeking a peaceful escape in the lap of nature.The waterfall, though not very high, is surrounded by lush greenery and is a peaceful retreat.

Hirni falls

location: Mamla, Jharkhand, Ranchi

Total height: 37 metres (121 ft)

opening time: 6 am to 6 pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

6.Sita Falls-Sita Waterfalls

sita falls

Location: Guridih, Dumargarhi, Jharkhand ,Ranchi

Total height: 43.90 metres (144.0 ft)

opening time: 10 am to 4 pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

7.Panch Gagh Falls-Panch Gagh Waterfalls

panch gagh falls

This waterfall is a series of five streams that converge, creating a breath taking sight. It’s a serene place for nature lovers.

Location: Bamhari, Jharkhand,Ranchi

Total height: 500-700 metres (2,300 ft)

Open timing: 9 am to 5 pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

I hope my article will help you to find out the top7 waterfalls in ranchi.Ranchi is blessed with a multitude of beautiful waterfalls, each with its unique charm. Whether you seek adventure, history, or simply a serene getaway, these waterfalls offer a diverse range of experiences for tourists and nature enthusiasts alike.